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The PodRide was invented in 2016 by Mikael Kjellman. He wanted to be able to cycle to work in the winter. The PodRide was an internet hit and Mikeal was overwhelmed with requests from people who wanted to buy one of their own. So, Mikael redesigned the bike to be more efficient for mass production. Following is a transcript of the video.

This bike looks like a car. The PodRide is a four-wheeled, electric-assist bike. It’s covered by a fabric shell. The shell protects the cyclist from various weather conditions. The electric motor can assist up to 15 mph. So you’ll have to use your legs if you want to go faster.

The inventor, Mikael Kjellman, created the PodRide so he could cycle in the winter. But the PodRide works on more than just snow. It can handle dirt trails. Ice. And snowy roadways. Kjellman spent years piecing different bicycle parts together. And tested different prototypes. His final version came complete with headlights. Storage. A small heater. Air suspension. And a windshield wiper.

David Rowswell: But the problem was that PodRide had never been designed with any thought of mass production. So Mikael went back to the drawing board and set about redesigning PodRide from the ground up to be better suited for mass production.

David Rowswell: Due to U.S. and Canadian regulations, a motorized, four-wheel PodRide would not be classified as a bicycle. So we will produce a three-wheeled version for the North American market. The non-motorized, four-wheel PodRide is …read more

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