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In a blog post this month, Google notes that: “Once you decide on a destination and start looking for flights, you’ll now see a price electricity physics insight for most trips — a feature previously only available for holiday dates last year — that shows you whether the prices you’re seeing for flights are high, typical or low compared to what you’d usually find. When we know, we’ll also tell you if the price won’t get any lower or if it’s expected to increase soon so you can make the best decision on when to book.”

Of course, that’s simply an average and plenty of deals will be had before and after 76 days. Instead, finds that it’s more 9gag instagram logo helpful to think of booking within windows of time. Book too early and you pay more: 203 to 315 days in advance and you’ll pay an average of $50 more (though you will maximize seat choices); 116 to 202 days in advance and you’ll pay $20 extra.

When booking, don’t just default to getting a round trip fare with the same airline. “Switch it up,” says Gabe Saglie, an anchor z gas el salvador numero de telefono and producer at travel site Travelzoo. “The airline that gives you the rock bottom fare to get there may not be the one offering the best flight bargain back, so compare round-trip flights with one-way flights on different carriers.”

But that doesn’t mean timing doesn’t matter. Instead of focusing on which day to book, you may want to put more weight into the time of year and day of the week you depart. Tuesday and Wednesday electric utility companies charge customers for tend to be the cheapest days to fly, the CheapAir analysis found, and January tends to have the best flight deals, followed by February; by summer, flight prices creep up significantly. Even better: Track prices for desired flights through a site like Google Flights

“It comes down to who is competing in the market,” says Patrick Surry, Hopper’s chief data scientist. “For example, if the only nonstop option is a major legacy carrier, then other carriers will discount their options with stops to a lower price to compete for the business. But in a market where it’s a low-cost carrier that serves the nonstop, it can often be the case that options with stops (on major carriers) are more expensive.”

More often than not, this isn’t true, new data from Hopper found. “With gas quality comparison the exception of flights to the Caribbean (which has a 6% premium for Saturday night says), all other destinations have a discount with a Saturday night stay. Want to get the most savings? Head to Europe — the average discount is almost 40% for including a Saturday night stay. Domestic flights and international flights to Canada, Oceania, Mexico and Central America offer savings of less than 3%,” the Hopper report revealed.

Surry notes that whether or not staying through the weekend will be more cost effective “will usually depend on whether weekend vs weekdays is a reliable way to discriminate leisure travelers from people gas block dimple jig flying for work. For U.S. to Europe, it’s rare for someone to vacation mid-week without a Saturday stay, and vice versa, uncommon for a business traveler to want to stay over a weekend. So airlines can charge business travelers more based electricity cost in california on whether the trip includes a weekend. In other markets, like domestic U.S. flights, that logic doesn’t work so well, so they can’t maintain a price discrepancy. And in others, like the Caribbean, it’s actually reversed — there’s more leisure demand with week-long trips being very popular, so airlines actually charge more for trips containing a Saturday night.”