This rpg is for real and not some final fantasy(sponsored) – electricity in indian villages


Me and fruit punches are all over the place. I like most and hate the rest. This one reminds me of the tahitian treat they sell in cans which I used to drink like a maniac when I used to work down south. Great flavor, so happy that’s the fruit punch route millennium went with. Great call. It’s sweet and the punch notes come out with each sip, don’t really know how to describe it better than Tahitian treat though. Mixed in 8 oz of water so in my workout jug it’ll be 24 for 2 scoops though so some of that sweetness will wane which is to be expected in a large water amount.

Looking at the label I love all the added goodies in here. I knew it was a bcaa/eaa product but the 2.5 grams if glutamine was great to see along with the extensive recovery matrix which includes dark cherry, nac, acerola and blueberry juice. Orotic acid I’m unfamiliar with but it’s also included.

Looking greatly to testing this out. I’ve been taking it relatively easy in the gym this week bc I had a hernia incident and have just been cautious. Was gonna take the weekend off but now that this arrived I’ll definitely get at least 1 session in either tomorrow or Saturday

First though and I’m not going to analyze this yet, bc it’s only been 1 night, but I like I mentioned earlier took 1 scoop with 8 oz. then b4 bed I repeated but with 12 oz. flavor was slightly less strong but still got that Tahitian treat vibe. Very nice. But I woke up today less hungrier than usual, upon waking is almost the only time I’m super hungry anymore. But really just felt very good, not full but not hungry like normal and outside that I felt really good in general terms. Again 1 day and could be other variables but just thought I’d report this as it could be useful if it happens consistently. Will repeat again tonight and will do the same on rest days. But don’t really want to use it all up just get enough info to truly analyze what I experienced upon waking this morning.

Ok as I said took 2 in 24 oz during workout. I gotta say that I like the taste way better 1 scoop in 8 or 12 oz. even with the extra scoop in there it was really diluted, wasn’t bad at all, and I’d even recommend it. Just reporting that the whole Tahitian treat thing waned tremendously in this way. Again still good just not the same as before.

One thing I can 100% credit to rpg was the endurance factor in terms of recovery. It’s been a long time where I’ve got to 90 minutes in and just been shot. 90 seemed to be my sweet spot where fatigue overcomes me but when I felt that today I looked up at the clock and it was almost exactly 2 hours in.

Same feeling this am. I’m thinking that I’m probably usually so hungry when I wake up is that the last thing I eat at night is usually sugar, ok . And that probably stirs the hunger pot as I sleep. But taking the full spectrum aminos prior to bed I think in a way enhances protein synthesis over the time and kinda tricks my body that it doesn’t need to feel so hungry upon waking bc it’s been fed all night. Just a shotgun analysis.

I just know myself and these work. It’s hard to quantify in words, but you just get this feeling in you that you don’t get other times or have gotten with other aminos in the past. Well I definitely get that vibe the past two workouts. Just wish the flavor tasted as good 2 scoops in 24 oz as it does with 1 scoop in 8-12 oz. that’s really my only hesitation at already picking up another tub for myself. Does it sound too quick to already form an opinion. I think so but then again I feel how I feel and two sessions two different workouts structures in terms of length and rep ranges. Yesterday mainly 6 and 7. And 2 hrs. Today volume galore in 45 min. But we’ll see if that feeling changes over the next few weeks.