This season’s fashion and lifestyle tips for moms – simply sassy style ortega y gasset revolt of the masses


We have to admit, there is nothing we admire more than a chic and stylish mom. We are all aware how fulfilling, yet challenging motherhood can be. Therefore, we’re constantly in awe of these women who seem to be able to do it all. types of electricity tariff So, dear moms, especially those who love fashion or would love to cultivate a love for fashion, this one is for you! We’re giving you the latest skinny on trends, so you will end up looking like the chicest, most stylish mom on the planet. As a bonus, we have a lifestyle tip or two as well, because we know how important both family and ‘me’ time is. In short, you get it all in one. Enjoy! These boots are made for walking

If you haven’t had the chance to scroll through Vogue’s runway or street style section, we’re here to help. One of the latest and most hyped trends is definitely the animal print trend . All the major designers have incorporated it into their lines, and everyone is wearing something in their favorite leopard print. a gas has Now, as a mom, you need to think in both terms of practicality and style, so if you want to incorporate this trend into your style, what better way to do it than with a pair of snake print ankle boots? They’re chic, comfortable and you can spend time with or without your kids, hopping all over town and not come back home with sore feet. Fashion doesn’t have to hurt, and the savior comes in the form of lovely mid-heel ankle boots. Mom’s ‘me’ time

As wonderful as being a mom is, there are days when you simply need to carve out some time for yourself. Perhaps you’re in dire need for a cut and color. Perhaps you have multiple errands to run or just have a nice lunch with your partner or a good dish session with your girls. We know it takes a village to raise a kid, but sometimes everyone in your support system is busy with their own stuff. This doesn’t mean you have to put your plans on hold. You can always seek professional help and take your kid to an incredible, entertaining and educational playgroup where they will have the most wonderful time. gas dryer vs electric dryer safety They will have fun, be in the safe hands of professionals and in turn, you’ll have some time for yourself. It’s like having your cake and eating it too. Embrace a new trend

There has been a great deal of buzz on sustainable fashion, particularly during the Copenhagen Fashion Summit. Since sustainable is the new black, you may want to find some time to dig through that closet of yours, pay a visit to one of the stores that offer recycling reward programs and do something good for this planet of ours. In return, you’ll get a nice discount, and you can use it to spruce up your style with some new sustainable goodies. electricity kanji Items made from organic cotton, bamboo, and linen are all the rage now. Therefore, this may be the perfect chance for you to give a show of support for sustainability, amp up your style with a great eco-friendly coat – it is the season, isn’t it – and perhaps even bring a little sustainability into your home as well with some organic linen bedding. Kids and accessories

Replace the statement earrings with a chic tote bag that is both a perfect addition to your style, but also big enough to fit everything your toddler needs. Since necklaces have been replaced by warm scarves anyway, go treat yourself to a nice fair-trade scarf , which will perfectly compliment that sustainable jacket you got. As a good mom, you can even snag some sustainable goodies for your little one – perhaps matching scarves will do the trick. This gives you a chance to do some conscientious shopping and spend chic quality time with your child. The working mom

It doesn’t even matter whether you have an office to wear it to or not. The power suit has become an institution, and it can be worn anywhere, to any occasion. Plus, when you have one, it will literally save your life and style during those hectic days. The days when you have tons of things to do, but still need to look stylish. Just pull out the suit, put a white fitted tee underneath, grab those ankle boots and a camel coat, and run! If you want to stay both warm and stylish, we totally recommend the millennial pink velvet or corduroy suit. In addition to its chicness, it has a versatile and timeless quality to it. k electric bill statement You can even wear it at the classiest of events and still be one of the best dressed women in the room.