Three feathers tobacco – scam and cheating, review 142514 complaints board electricity physics


I placed an order from this website on June 21st for 5 cartons. I had ordered 3 or 4 times prior to that with no problem, but this time was different. I still had not received a tracking number on June 27th, so I wrote to them, they wrote back on the 28th and said that I may receive a tracking number as late as July 2nd. So July 2nd when I still had no tracking number or cigarettes I emailed again and now it is July 5th and I still have not received any answer from them. So I found this page, saw the number that "GERI1959" posted and called and spoke with a woman who stated that their website is "3" not "three" feathers and that their old web designer Craig Chiavetta stole their website and is doing business illegally. She stated that he is not licensed by the Seneca Indians because he is a white man and his business is all illegal. The only good point that came out of it is that she told me that they got a "stay" and can still take orders, so if anyone wants to call the real 3feathers to place an order, the number is listed above on "GERI1959"’s post. NowI’m off to the bank to try and get my money back!

6/21/10 First time ever I ordered from website, placed big order (their max limit 30 cartons) due to PACT Act (stock up!), paid by echeck. Then sent ID an hour later. $$$ was deducted right away, shows Big Buffalo at my bank website.

Sat.-Sun. 7/3-4/10 Spent all weekend researching internet to find more info on company & reading all news articles re PACT reprieve for some sellers, etc. Rechecked their website, said now "Closed." Rechecked my bank site to look more closely at the Big Buffalo debit from 6/21-22/10 & noticed the phone # with the debit entry & called that # & it said Disconnected. That’s when I started to get nervous. :-/

Sat. 7/3/10 Left 2 voice msgs on answering machine at TCL ENTERPRISES, Irving NY, because via researching online, I found that is connected to TCL & they both use same Fax # as ThreeFeathersTobacco. Online manta corporation search info had a ph number for TCL so that’s what I called & got answer machine.

Mon. 7/5/10 Was going to call Seneca Nation HQ as I had read at another [redacted] site entry from last year which ended well for that person & they retracted their complaint once they were able to speak to owners of (which they were able to do by calling the Seneca Nation HQ & ask for Business Permits Office who connected customer with owners). But before doing that I decided to first call the Seneca Free Trade Assoc. to ask if &/or &/or TCL Enterprises (all three have same Fax # per internet searches) were among the 140 businesses included in the PACT reprieve & could still ship temporarily, at least until next court date tomorrow, Wed 7/7/10? (which I had read in newspaper articles online). Nice older (Indian-sounding) lady took all my info & said they would find out & call me back.

Mon. 7/5/10 A short time later another very nice lady called me back, from Big Buffalo Smokes, didnt sound Indian, not that that matters to me. 🙂 She was VERY nice & I feel her compassion was sincere & truthful. She said it has been chaos & stress, not just because of PACT deadlines, but because the feds confiscated all echeck monies due to some investigation going on for awhile which they knew nothing about until their bank/echeck company called & told them the feds took all the echeck $$. (Paper check orders they had been able to fulfill first). But that they had no idea where all the echeck $$ is exactly & that all the men were going to be meeting the next day at court to figure out what’s going on. (I was confused since I was thinking of the PACT reprieve court date of Wed. 7/7/10 I had read in paper, but this must be separate re that investigation.) She said they, Big Buffalo (which is stated on website) is their biz & they have a local shop plus internet, & they do care about their customers, that all this hurts their reputation terribly, etc. She said at first her hubbie (I’m not sure who that is) thought he had been the only one targeted by feds, but later they found out many shops had the same thing happen. She took all my info & said she would check their local shop the next day to see if they had in stock the brands I had ordered, etc. & she would call me the next day. She called me from her cell & said I now had her cell & could call her any time. I had also asked, Why not put something on their website so customers don’t have to keep wondering what’s going on? Basically she said no way did they want to tick off the feds so they figured they should just not put info on website about it.

Tues. 7/6/10 (today): No call from the above nice Big Buffalo lady (she may call tomorrow or I can call her) but I did get 2 emails in reply to my emails of 7/2/10 & 7/3/10, one from William Welch (TCL & ThreeFeathersTobacco) & the other from Craig Chiavetta. Both emails said same thing, same as described by previous poster, that all echeck monies were held by investigation by Asst US Atty William Houser, & that Houser has given them no info to date as to when the funds will be released, but as soon as the funds are released they will issue refunds, etc.

I emailed back Thank You’s for the updates but since this type of investigation could drag on for years, why should customers be penalized & should I contact Houser directly, & did Chiavetta have an email addy for Houser? Chiavetta responded in short measure with phone # for Houser.

Hope this helps allieve some anxieties for anyone who may have ordered/paid by echeck. The problem with complaints to feds is stuff just like this. Best to always try to deal with the businesses themselves vs calling in the Nanny Police State who is already against all smokers anyway. Granted, & Big Buffalo could definitely use more employees to monitor & answer emails right away from a real person vs genetic replies & have a direct phone # on their site (vs a fax line) & not leave people hanging, now or in years past. Definitely not good business practice to leave customers wondering & waiting. But that doesn’t necessarily mean they are crooks either, at least I would like not to think so because they were very nice once I got to talk to the Big Buffalo lady. I sent her a big thank you email yesterday because of her compassion. I think maybe they are not that big of a company, just family, & hard to keep up with all the workload.