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Buffy is fighting demons while she is on patrol. One gets cuts and its blood is adsorbed into Buffy’s skin. The Scoobies make no progress figuring out what the Mayor has planned and Buffy can’t go to the big school basketball game after school. Also Buffy tells Giles her hand is itching and mentions the demon blood. Later, Xander gets jealous of how Wesley is looking at Cordelia, who is in full cheerleader mode. Buffy is worried of what the demon will do to her. At school, Buffy walks the halls and realizes she can read peoples minds. She tells Giles and uses her new power to do better in class. So also hears the thoughts of Freddy, who runs the school paper, and has a very hateful attitude towards all of Sunnydale. Buffy electricity song tries to mind read Angel and see if he has any feelings towards Faith, but he tells her that Vampires can’t be mind read. Angel tells Buffy no electricity jokes that Faith means nothing to him, and that he only loves Buffy. Buffy finally tells the Scoobies of her mind reading ability. Willow worries she will be left out. Xander is always about sex. Cordelia just speaks her mind. Oz has deep profound thinking thoughts. Wesley wants to make the movies on Cordelia. Almost everyone gets unnerved and leaves. Buffy is in the lunchroom overhearing tons of thoughts when one thought gets her attention. “This time tomorrow, I’ll kill you all.” This freaks Buffy out and she desperately tries to scan people to find out who thought it. But the dim of thoughts are too much for her, and she faints. Buffy wakes up outside with the Scoobies and quickly tells them the situation. Buffy then heads home because of the constant thoughts hitting her. When Buffy goes to bed, she hears Joyce’s thoughts and realizes that her mom and Giles had sex on the police car in Band Candy. Twice. The Scoobies investigate who was at the cafeteria at that time. Giles and Wesley research cures for Buffy, who is slowly going crazy from the telepathy. But they need the heart of a demon, which Angel hunts down and kills. The heart is put in a concoction which Angel forces Buffy to drink and it gives her convulsions. The Scoobies find all students in the caf but one, Freddie Iverson origin electricity login the school newspaper editor, and seek him out. Buffy wakes up and is cured. The Scoobies find Freddie and realize he is not the mass murdered, he just avoided them because of a bad review he gave Oz’s band The Dingoes Ate My Baby. A letter is found on Freddie’s desk where Jonathan apologizes for what he has done. The Scoobies spread out to find Jonathan and Buffy sees him up in the school tower with a rifle. She buffyies herself up to the tower. Buffy talks Jonathan down by informing him that everyone has problems and that he simply has to deal. Jonathan gives Buffy the rifle and finds out electricity 1 unit how many watts he wasn’t planning a school shooting, but instead a suicide. Xander wanders into the kitchen and sees the lunch lady pouring rat poison into the food. Xander rushes into the caf and stops people from eating the food and is attacked by the crazed lunch lady. Buffy shows up and stops her. Later, Buffy and Giles are talking about the recent events. When Giles asks if she is up for some training, Buffy replies yes, but only if Giles is not too busy having sex with her mother. Giles is surprised and walks electricity grid uk into a tree.

Why is Buffy running? And stumbling? Demons! And the demons blood infiltrates Buffy skin. Giles knows nothing? Wesley needs a kick in the ass, preferably by Giles. Buffy is still not talking to Angel? I hope Willow slaps some sense into the girl. Xander hero worshipping jocks? Willow is really liking this new scary personality myth and how people now treat her. Buffy tells Giles about the demon hand. She’s infected? Forgot Cordelia was a cheerleader. The school paper has an obits section? No surprise really. Willow implying Buffy might grow a man-thing was funny. Wesley and Cordelia has to end now. It’s gross. The Angel mirror joke was funny. Now Willow is into jock hero worship? Turns out the game was awesome. Wait wait wait. Is this the Buffy mind reading episode? Giles doesn’t believe her. And now he does. Buffy loving this new power means it is gonna backfire big time. Giles sees the strategic j gastroenterol hepatol value, Buffy sees the social and school value. Freddie, the school newspaper guy, gets Buffy’s attention in class, and I can see why. Now Buffy really impresses the class with knowledge and interpretation, all thanks to the teacher. Knew Buffy would try and read Angel’s mind. And knew it wouldn’t work. And knew Angel would figure it out. Awww, Angel loves Buffy. Angel wants to get rid of his immortality? Kinda makes sense. Scoobies now know about Buffy’s mind reading. Interestingly, some thoughts are broadcast, some are not. Willow feels like Buffy does not need her? Makes sense with Willow’s self esteem. Oz thinks the deep thoughts of Oz, and is quite complex. Xander thinks sex sex sex, of course. Buffy is quite enjoying Wesley being a bad gas utility cost bad man thinking of Cordelia that way. And when Willow realizes Buffy can mindread Oz, she flips and leaves. Makes sense. So every Scoobie is taking off, scared. Cordelia is truly always telling her truth isn’t she? And now Buffy realizes everyone has issues and problems. It’s like a cavalcade of chaos. The school caf is even more of a frightening zone than ever. Holy crap! Typical applause for dropping food. Buffy insanely touching everyone, trying to find the potential mass killer, just shot my blood pressure up. They must all think she’s on drugs. Saw the faint coming. Xander speaks the truth that so many bullied kids think, which is so sad and painful. All those thoughts, just pummeling Buffy. And Giles thinks about Buffy going insane. Scoobies commentary on school gun violence, an issue in 1999, and thankfully not anymore. Riiiiight. Buffy home on bed rest, and Joyce is trying to get away. Called it! Willow in charge of the Scoobies is so natural. The Scoobies gas what i smoke are really bad at interrogation. And Xander is being an idiot by not sticking to the plan. The Sunnydale High Sentinel headline: Apathy on the rise, no one cares. Freddie’s headlines and hiding make him the prime suspect. Buffy is gonna have the worst sleep ever. Of course Angel will be the one to get the demon heart for the spell. Larry is out of the closet? And the Scoobies have figured out it is Freddie, based on his writings. Pounding on the door is Angel bringing the demon heart, in sunlight. That Vampire is dedicated. That potion is really reacting. Jonathan has a gun! Buffy’s cured! It’s not Freddie! Dingoes Ate My Baby, I forgot that was the name of Oz’s band. Just noticed Freddie uses a big old honkin typewriter, which makes him even more annoying in my mind. Buffy is here to save the day! Cordelia electricity terms and definitions finds Jonathan’s letter! I noticed we have had season 2 Cordelia since Wesley showed up. And Freddie is completely baffled by all this, which I love. Buffy sees him up high! Buffy does her Buffy thing! Buffy and Jonathan! Buffy is half sympathizing/half giving Jonathan crap. I think she is really getting gas bubble through to him. He went up there to kill himself? From drama to comedy in the blink of an eye, that is our BTVS. It was the lunch lady with rat poison! Holy crap! Buffy beats up lunch lady in front of everyone! Wonder how Sunnydale gossip is gonna handle this one. Willow looks almost Thelma like in that outfit. Giles, watch out for that tree!

Buffy gives some demons a lesson in their stupidity with, “You demons can’t resist a run and stumble can you?” Angel says the most romantic things to Buffy, like, “Hey, I’ll love you. Even if you’re covered in slime.” Willow thinks snippy, but true, thoughts about Buffy with, “Buffy did the reading? Buffy understood the reading?” Oz thinks some deep thoughts that Buffy picks up with, “We think, therefore she is.” Buffy’s telepathy picks up “This time tomorrow, I’ll kill you all” from the lunch lady. Buffy gets the worst thought ever from her mother, “You had sex with Giles? You had sex with Giles? On the hood of a police car? Twice!” Buffy gets told off from Jonathan with, “Stop electricity invented what year saying my name like we’re friends.” And Buffy gives a very good retort scant minutes later to Jonathan with, “Every single person down there is ignoring your pain because they are to busy with their own.” And Buffy continues on with Jonathan with, “It looks quiet down there. It’s not. It’s deafening.” And finally Buffy tells off Giles at the very end with, “Sure, we can work out afterschool, you know, if you are not too busy having sex with my mother.”