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The potentials go on a camping trip with Gilles, all to see the first Slayer. Kennedy says home because she is sick. Buffy talks to Spike, who is chained up in the basement, and his chip malfunctions. Willow brings tea to Kennedy and finds out she lied about being sick. Kennedy gas laws worksheet answers and work has a mission, which is actually just drinks at the Bronze with Willow. Buffy calls a number she thinks might be Initiative related and asks for Spike help. Willow and Kennedy talk about Tara. They return to the house and kiss. Willow suddenly looks like Warren. She goes downstairs and everyone sees her as Warren, causing panic. Buffy hits Willow Warren so they know it is not the First. Willow Warren talks about Xander kindergarten stuff, proving who she is. Willow Warren leaves to stop the spell and Kennedy follows. Buffy and Spike go to whats left of the Initiative and break in. The Scoobies get a call that gas and supply okc Giles may have been killed earlier. That means the Giles they know may be the First. The Scoobies head to the camping to save the potentials. Willow Warren and Kennedy go to the university to the old witch group. Amy is their and cranky. She helps Willow Warren break the spell, but it does not work. Willow Warren starts acting more Warren like, being evil. Willow Warren takes off. Buffy and Spike are attacked by a demon they then defeat. Kennedy confronts Amy and realizes she is behind the spell, all because Amy is nuts. Willow Warren gets a gun. The Scoobies arrive at the camping site and tackle Giles, showing him to be real. The Initiative meets Buffy and says e85 gas stations in houston Riley says do what Buffy says for Spike. They examine him and tell her the chip can be fixed or removed, Buffy’s choice. Amy teleports Kennedy to Buffy’s backyard and Willow Warren arrives with the gun. She thinks she is Warren almost fully. Kennedy talks Willow Warren down from murder, helping her deal with moving on from Tara’s. They kiss and the spell is broken. They go into the house together and Kennedy says she will make Willow tea.

Giles! Field trip with the potentials. He is really not looking forward to this at all is he? I would love to see Giles do the hookey pokey. Interesting how Spike is all chained up in the basement. Wait, now the chip is acting up? What else can go wrong for Spike and Buffy? Willow is bringing Kennedy tea and Buffy gives her gas efficient suv 2013 relationship look and everyone should remember that Tara has not even been dead a year yet. I don’t mind Kennedy, but this is a bit fast fast for her and Willow to get involved. Kennedy faked being sick. The Bronze. Willow is remarkably defensive about being lesbian. Is it because of Kennedy flirting? You can tell Willow is thinking of Tara. That is one ugly scarf Buffy is wearing. Lots of theories of whats up with Spike’s chip. Willow’s parents mentioned. But not seen, thank goodness because I hated Willow’s mother. And telling us that Willow’s mother barely met Tara, never shown. Agent Finn mentioned. Buffy is so lousy at the covert. Is Kennedy gonna kiss Willow? Too soon, Joss, too soon. Warren! Now Willow realizes she looks like Warren. This is very sick and twisted and Willow’s magic is out of control again. Love the Scoobies scared reactions. Andrew gas meter in spanish has a serious scared reaction. Buffy can punch Warren so he is not the First. Logical Buffy style test. Bad touching! Yellow crayons mentioned! Now they realized it is Willow. They are kinda playing this for laughs when it is a bit more serious. Spike with a migraine looks bad. Letting Willow solve this on her own is soooo not a good idea. Xander would go and help Willow. Looks like we are dealing with Willow’s guilt over killing Warren. Betcha Buffy and Spike are going to the remnants of the Initiative. Yep. Love how Xander and Andrew do geek talk. And love how Dawn and Anya give Xander looks over it. They have comics on the table gas quality comparison. Wait, now they bring up that whole Giles almost getting head chopped off subplot and now we realize Giles might be dead and the First has infiltrated again? Giles had better not be dead!!! Wait, has Giles touched anything?? Has he?? If I have to go through all these dvds again to see him touch something I shall be very very annoyed. Giles by the campfire. Real or the First? Willow’s university coven has really moved up in the world. Guess she is not on facebook with them. Isn’t that Amy the former rat? Yep! Betcha she is behind this. Ungrateful witch. Okay, Willow just acted like Warren. Is she transforming into Warren? The Initiative needs some serious housecleaning. Leaving bodies everywhere is really callous of the government. Scooby road trip with Andrew! Kennedy versus Amy I have a feeling. How does Amy astrid y gaston lima menu english know Kennedy is a potential? Kick Amy’s ass Kennedy! That is one ugly demon. Scary how easily Willow/Warren can get a gun. Scoobies tackling Giles, and actually touching him, is funny. And a welcome relief. So Giles is most definitely alive. Whew! Giles brings up the pervy aspect of this camping trip. Looks like the Initiative is still around somewhat. So that wasn’t a flower shop Buffy called earlier, just like she suspected. Love how Finn has referred to Spike as assface. Willow/Warren with a gun and a resolve face are scary. The chip is screwed of course. Repair or remove? Really don’t need the chip anymore because of the soul. Yep, it was Amy. I liked her better when she was a rat. Jealous much Amy? This is not about gas block dimple jig justice you crazy ass Amy. Oh cripes, Willow Warren is going to relive it all and kill Kennedy. Willow never did tell Kennedy what happened to Tara. Willow is losing it here, she really needs Xander bad. Willow is feeling so much grief over letting herself feel love again. And Amy just made it worse. This is sad seeing Willow go through this again, hating herself, all because she is moving on. I don’t know if a kiss is the right remedy here. Willow’s back! I like how now Kennedy is making Willow tea gas explosion in texas.

Anya shares some information at Dawn about Molly with “I never actually realized just how compact Molly really is.” Buffy laments life nowadays to Willow with “Remember when things used to be nice and boring?” Kennedy flirts with Willow with “You’re sexy when you pout.” Andrew makes idle threats to Xander with “If you leave me here alone. I shall do something evil. Like burning something, or gluing things together.” Anya very accurately describes the Scoobies to the Scoobies with “Just a teenager, a powerless former demon, and two big geeks.” Giles gives the Scoobies heckers with “I assume their is a perfectly reasonable, and not at all insane explanation, yes?” Kennedy gives Amy attitude with “Okay, and that’s magic crazy talk for what?”