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Xander cleans up the Summer house and the Scoobies talk of Spike. Andrew is told by ghost Warren to help him out. Buffy storing electricity in water talks to Spike as she ties him to a chair. Woods is told by Dawn that Buffy can’t come to school because she is sick. Buffy calls Travers but he knows nothing and does not know where Giles is. Travers wants the Watchers to find Giles. Spike is trying to control himself. Willow goes to get animal blood for Spike. Ghost Warren tells Andrew how to kill a pig for the blood, but he cannot gas mask art do it. So Andrew is sent to get animal blood. Andrew gets the blood from a butcher shop and bumps into Willow while leaving. Andrew takes off and Willow catches him. She brings him back to the house as a prisoner. Xander and Anya play good cop bad cop with him. Spike tells Buffy he does not remember killing people and how he got his soul. Xander and Anya do good cop bad cop again and Andrew breaks. Buffy overhears Spike talking to someone and he snaps out and attacks Andrew, at the behest of the big bad. Buffy saves Andrew from Spike. Xander figures out that Spike is brainwashed. Woods finds Jonathan dead in the basement atop the seal. Buffy takes care of Spike who is chained electricity kwh cost up. He does not recall what he has done. He hears of the trigger idea and wants Buffy to kill him. They argue. Eyeless ninja monks smash into the house and electricity facts history attack. Woods buries Jonathan far into the woods. The Scoobies fight and Buffy saves Andrew while they take Spike. Buffy realizes the ninjas are from the First, whom she met before with Angel in Amends. The First is the big bad. The Watchers get reports of attacks on them all around the world. Travers orders retaliation. The Watchers get blown up. Spike is trussed up by the First’s minions and they drain blood from him onto the seal in the high school basement. The seal opens and out comes an uber o goshi technique Vampire.

Still cleaning the Summers house. And Dawn really turns on her former bff Spike. And Anya is bitter as well. Andrew dressed as Spike is kinda goofy. Hate Warren ghost. Hope Willow skins him alive again. Ghost reference! All this blood talk makes me queasy. Spike being tied up is a theme in this show. Principal Woods! Laying down the law to some jerk ass malcontents. How many times can Dawn save vomit? Buffy calling Watchers Council to find Giles and Travers is a clueless jerk as usual. Hope these twits die soon. Spike looks like he is going on withdrawals. The Trio about to kill gas key staking tool a pig because they are evil. Babe 2 Pig In The City sucked. Love how Andrew just casually mentions pigs blood. Willow sees Andrew! And the blood! Cue Dark Willow!! Willow is remarkably calm right now, only getting slightly annoyed. Good for her. Love how Willow just shoves Andrew. Man, Willow is scary with her fiery vengeance speech. Andrew: whiniest prisoner ever. Stomp on his coat some more Anya! Xander and Anya as good cop bad cop really grade 6 electricity test fits. Spike feeding is kinda gross. Spike fills in Buffy on the plot points about his soul. Xander and Andrew strike me as a cool new odd couple. Is Xander describing himself here as Anya’s victim? Because not really blaring Xander as the victim here. Andrew breaks fast thanks to Anya. The big bad has something planned with Spike and that song. Even Buffy knew Spike was about to break free. The Summers house has another hole in the wall gas exchange in the lungs happens by the process of, yet again. Andrew! Buffy took out Spike easily. When will the Scoobies put it all together? Xander does! Xander army training mention! They figure out the brainwashing. And almost realize Spike j gastroenterol impact factor was sent after Andrew. Woods! Finding dead bodies in the basement. And not looking surprised. How did he know Jonathan was there? Spike chained up in the basement is a darn good idea. Love how Spike does not know who Andrew is. Spike is being logical, kill him. Spike is really trying to taunt Buffy into staking him. This is like when Buffy talked Angel out of suicide in Amends. Ninjas! Use your magic Willow! Woods is burying the body of Jonathan. He really is a different principal. Scoobies versus ninjas! They are after Andrew! And they have no eyes! Just kill the ninja Dawn gas 99 cents a litre! Xander for the save! Love when Buffy uses daggers! And the ninjas were after Spike. Buffy puts it all together. The big bad is The First. From Amends. Watchers Council is getting its ass handed to them. Only downside is all those potential Slayers dying. This room just scream stuffy old farts. Now they plan to strike back? Bit late idiots. And they were just blown up real good!! Good riddance useless Watchers!! Spike is all tied up. He joining a frat? They m gastrocnemius medialis really enjoy tormenting Spike here. All that dripping blood is gross. Opening ancient seal is never a good sign. This really really old Vampire looks like the Master from season one, but a whole lot more beastial.

Dawn tells Woods far too much of the lie about Buffy when she says “Her exact words were, I have stuff coming out of both ends.” Willow asks Buffy about how to feed Spike with “Do you want me to kill Anya?” Warren ghost tells off Andrew with “That is the worst attempted pig slaughtering I have ever seen.” Xander asks Andrew a relatively normal question on Buffy with “Why were you gas you up buying blood at the butcher shop?”