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One of the worst things people have to deal with in the summer is a plastic water bottle that doesn’t stay cold. They condensate and then the water is room temperature. Besides being more environmentally friendly, investing in a stainless steel water bottle keeps beverages colder (or hotter) for a longer period of time, and stainless steel bottles don’t pose the same health risks as plastic bottles do.

The National Parks came up with a policy that discouraged the sale of plastic water bottles in the parks in 2011, which President Trump later reversed in 2017. Recently, San Francisco followed the National Parks’ example by banning the sale of plastic water bottles in the city.

Plastic bottles have been extremely popular in the United States, starting in 1989 when Coke and Pepsi began selling their popular drinks in plastic bottles. Since then, plastic packaged water bottles have continued to thrive. But now that we have entered into a new era where protecting the environment has become increasingly necessary, it’s time for plastic bottles to be prohibited for good.

While recycling is great and people should continue to do it, it alone is not going to help the planet’s current plastic problem. A staggering one million plastic bottles are purchased every minute throughout the world, and 91 percent of all plastic isn’t recycled. The plastic that isn’t recycled takes 450 years to decompose. If that’s not terrifying enough, humans have produced over 8.3 million metric tons of plastic and 6.3 million metric tons of it is currently in a landfill. If we continue to produce and use plastic bottles, we could see 12 billion metric tons of plastic going to a landfill by 2050.

Not only do plastic bottles create more waste than necessary, but they also pose a threat to oceans and wildlife. There is over 19 billion pounds of plastic in the ocean, and by 2025, that amount could double. All this plastic floating around threatens numerous species of wildlife, including sea turtles, whales and birds.

Plastic isn’t just deadly to sea critters either, as humans are also suffering at the hands of plastic bottles. While extremely convenient, plastic bottles are awful for the environment and people’s personal health. Drinking water out of a plastic, disposable water bottle can expose people to potentially harmful chemicals and cause serious issues, including asthma and cancer. Researchers have found different chemicals present in various plastic water bottles, and some of those chemicals are known to interfere with natural hormone levels. This can be especially harmful for pregnant women and children.

People believe refilling their plastic bottle will prove how versatile plastic bottles can be, however, it’s not sanitary. Instead, people should invest in a stainless steel bottle which keep drinks cold or hot much longer than the standard plastic water bottle. Refilling a plastic water bottle can expose people to bacteria that cause diseases. Because the plastic breaks down as it’s used over time, more bacteria can filter into the bottle and then into your body.

This past summer, I visited Portland, Oregon, with my mother. On our segway tour, our guide told us about Portland’s Benson Bubblers. The really neat thing about these water fountains is that even in the heat of summer, they provide cold water to refill your (non-plastic) water bottle. More people would use refillable water bottles if there was a more convenient way to refill them. San Francisco, a city that has major restrictions on plastic bottles has installed similar fountains called “ tap stations” to help encourage more people to ditch the plastic and refill a bottle instead.