Throw back the ibankcoin dictionary – trading with the fly gas in dogs


Barack The Builder: President elect Obama has vowed to essentially rebuild America from the ground up, funded solely with monopoly money. The goal–invest in the future by spending a shitload to save America today. As such, he has been entitled Barack the Builder, and it can be inferred that the BTB theme will bouy E&C firms until the lustre[ sic] wears off. (see sic)

Bullshitter: Sometimes referred to as “perma-bulls” or Goat Fuckers (see Goat Fucker), these planglossian bastards mix gibberisj with convoluted thinking to arrive at false positive conclusions. electricity sources uk The bullshitter often bears the brunt of well-placed jokes, and is universally recognized by the financial world as “clowny” and at times “runtish.” The main cause of this is misplaced optimism on everything from China’s economy to Natty G prices.

Dennis Kneale – The largest cunt of the modern age. Also see here. Occasionally, he can be hilarious, like when he called Steve Jobs out for having PMS. gas in babies home remedies An impressive majority of the time, however, he is a homo. A comedy legend in his own right, Kneale’s wince-inducing monologues against bloggers and game-changing comedy routines will stand the test of time, as scholars decades in the future blissfully chuckle at how fucked up the talking heads of the oughts were.

Full Complexities: What a hooker in Barcelona promised me for the extremely egregious price of $400. (see Street Beast). In it’s essence, Full Complexities represents any offer for which the price far outstrips the value, and viz., it describes any extraordinary or meaningless valuation metric. gas in back and stomach It seems, for one reason or another, people offering Full Complexities almost always have English as a second language.

At the car wash, occasionally you have those dent-popper guys trying to mooch off the carwash’s business… Guy: Ah, very nice car sir. Me: Thanks Guy: It..euhhhh…have any dent [quizzical look, wry grin] Me: Not that I know of know. Maybe a scratch or two somewhere. Guy: [Face lights up] You show me! I take-a care of scratches Me: Here [points to a practically invisible mark] Guy: I pop-a this dent for you, $175 dollars.

GME Theory: Pioneered by Cramer, this is the idea that when a sector is hot but has a lot of players, buy the stock of the company that benefits from all sides. electricity for beginners Activision and Electronic Arts both lose money developing games and rely on peak-cycle sales to make money. And, what, you’re gonna buy Sony Corporation (ADR)? Or Take-Two Interactive? Exactly. Or, you could buy GameStop, which benefits whether I buy an ATVI game, an ERTS game, or a SNE machine. When shopping in an up-cycle sector, always apply the GME theory.

The word remains one of the more versatile in our rich lexicon for instance, one can be a Goat Fucker for ill-informed views on Medicaid, while still not yet being a Douchebag, or even close to a Bearshitter. Or, one is called a Goat Fucker for simply not accepting one’s own Angelo behaviour[sic]. Also worth mentioning are the vast array of Goat Fucker offshoots

Honey Hole: If you were to pay attention to technical analysis tomfoolery, this is where you would short/go long the market, at the exact intersection where the magical lines cross. electricity resistance questions It’s like when the stars cross paths and that very movement determines the course of your life–only this is the stock market and infinitely more consequential.

Much To Your Chagrin: When something we do is contrary to what you do, it is much to your chagrin. Unfortunately for you, the reader, over 75% of what we do is much to your chagrin. I really cannot be much more specific than that, but maybe Rag can fill you in. gas in dogs symptoms Occasionally, there are other parties involved in causing chagrin, but not frequently.

Shoe To Drop: An expression used to describe anything that is remotely and conceptually possible, while simultaneously bad. Intended to be “colloquially smart,” as in, it sounds understandable to the layman, but really, it is quite complicated to achieve a full understanding pf what shoe, and when? Why? As such, shoes to drop are often used in tandem with “wall of worry” or “write-downs” on the financial news circuit.

Solar Burrito: Alternative energy and solar stocks, frequently have high PEs, no net income, or both. The Solar Burrito pokes fun at exuberance towards a hot sector. Solar shit is so hot, that by simply placing “solar” next to a semi-worthless, and totally irrelevant burrito, all of a sudden, it sounds cooler, and that much more lucrative.

Trader Servant: A magical wood nymph who fills the orders you place online. Using a wood nymph to fill orders is ideal because they are expendable if you get a bad fill, or are otherwise irked, you have the go ahead to beat the trader servant to death with your civil war era paper weight to relieve the anger–have no fear though–there will be another in its place tomorrow.

Wall of Worry: Although not coined by Joseph Heller, the author of “Catch-22,” this assemblage of words would make him proud, and indicates when a TV know-it-all acknowledges that the higher a stock or the market goes, the more likely it is to be inferior. Circular in the sense that “if it costs more, it should be better, but apparently isn’t.” One caveat of this wall is that it is the wall of “worry,” not the wall of “fruition,” as in, whatever the worry is, it may never come to pass. Note, that this phrase doesn’t mean “overbought” it is basically code for “I’m an idiot.”

WTF Chart Pattern: An pattern seared into the memory of many a trader over 2008. A WTF Chart Pattern, coined by CTA , is a seemingly random, chaotic, and violent move that often moves the ES a camel tit in a matter of minutes. Evidence of WTF Chart Patterns throughout the internet are probably as common as evidence of douchebaggery in Fly’s comment section.