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I will tell you I waited a long time and gave every chance for them to reply. I normally hate bashing anyone and give the benefit of the doubt as well. This is one experience I wish I would’ve looked elsewhere to spend my hard earned dollars.

Which is a 2016 Ram 2500 Laramie Mega cab loaded with all of the goodies you can get exterior wrapped in silky smooth brilliant black crystal pearl paint with amp research power step, riding on Fuel two piece 22" Rampage wheels with 37 x 12.50 Toyo R/Ts breathing through a S&B cold air.

Chris was pleasant and after exchanging some random conversation about recently being in Marengo IL for a funeral I explained what I was wanted to do and Chris was happy to discuss the hardware their tunes. Even though I wanted to go big he talked me down to the lower level and stock equipment type tunes stating "Most guys feel these are sufficient and don’t need to spend the extra or mod anything". Fair enough I followed his advice. I went with the MM3 and his tune package. He sent me the instructions and told me if I wanted to order soon that he could get everything headed to Florida. I took an hour to review everything and called him back and placed my order and stated I wanted this as soon as possible and asked again I’ll get tracking of it being shipped out today, right? he said "yes sir.". He said I will get a few emails with receipts instructions and the tracking info confirmation etc within an hour or so. I also asked if he would throw in a shirt, he said "sure what size" at first I was going to put it on my Wife since that where all the eyeballs are when we are out showing off the Ram, but she wanted me to have it instead so I gave him my size and he said no problem it will come with the package.

Once the attached files are downloaded and saved please insert the SD card into the USB port on your computer. Then copy the files into the following folders, .ECM file will go in the ECM folder and the .RTG files will go into the RTG folder.

RTG: These files are used for power levels that can be changed in Real Time or, “On-the-Fly”. The process of sending the RTG to the MM3 is the same as with the .ECM files. On the MM3 the *.*.RTG files are displayed in the Real Time menu (In any gauge layout, top right section, symbol RT) as “Power Levels”.

Now some may think I’m a whiny impatient girl…But I assure you I’ve been in the performance world for many years too many to count and feel like I can hang with anyone when its time to be a redneck bar clearing cave man. Its just when $$$ is spent somewhere it should come with somethin other than this millennial attitude of now we control your destiny and may or may not reply depending if Trump makes us angry

Anyway, I load them up and go for a long drive letting what I thought should be a trans learn process. I did notice the pedal improvement. I did not notice much else except crap startup at idle, sort of rough or stumbly for lack of a better term. Periodically stumbling when leaving a stop sign, surging when steady cruising. Power improvement at their stated HP levels…ehhhh no big noticeable fire here. Fuel mileage???Exactly the same when on stock tune as any commuting highway to work on a nice flat 4 lane with virtually no traffic, 30 miles of open time to test and results zero improvement. I will say the S&B seems to had given me 1mpg improvement prior to installing the CPS tunes or the MM3.

So I read everything and anything trying to see if theres something out there to help internet, forums, install instructions, smarty site CPS site etc.. While patiently waiting for a blessed bit of communication from CPS….Never happened, and yes I called a couple of times trying to remain calm and refrain from being dubbed a stalker.

So on 01/31 I get a new kid on the phone at CPS (God bless him and I understood he was new, couldn’t do much but wanted in the worst way to help me and I appreciated him) He went to tell my dilemma to someone who evidently didn’t want to help either and sent him back to talk to me. He said that he can’t find anyone to help but would take all of my issues down and that Chris would get back to me tomorrow….

Thank you for your order from Calibrated Power Solutions. Once your package ships we will send an email with a link to track your order. You can check the status of your order by logging into your account. If you have any questions about your order please contact us at or call us at (815) 568-7920 Monday – Friday, 8am – 5pm PST.

This email was sent directly from the customer: 1. Stumbling or rough on start up periodically 2. Sloppy shift or a slipping feel sometimes 3. Somewhat of a surge at steady throttle So, a couple of questions on the tunes. 1. Did they include any transmission tuning or not? 2. Is there a certain process I should’ve followed for any trans relearn process? 3. How is the best way to go back to complete stock removing any impact from the tunes and maybe retry try from the start or do you feel the file had some issue initially? I read one post on the Cummins forum that describes my issue almost exactly. I thought I’d contact you first and see if you could provide quick assistance instead of posting. I appreciate hearing from you ASAP so I can get it sorted out.