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Aquacorde Town "Wow… Shauna’s description was spot on!" "All right! Nice to meetcha! You know, it’d feel like we were a closer crew if we called each other by nicknames. Can I call you – Meister/ Lady ?" "I know right? It was such a cool feeling when Trevs and I met our Pokémon! Hope you feel the same way we did!" "Oh lighten up, Trevs! You’re way too serious sometimes. Um, … Please take this with you, too. It’s a letter from the professor. He said you should give it to your mom." "All right! We’re done with our errand for the professor. I guess Trevs and I will go look for Pokémon! Let’s go, Trevs!"

Santalune City Pokémon Center "Oh! Hey there, ! Are you here to get your Pokémon healed, too? Pokémon Centers sure are great. You can talk to the lady at the counter and have her heal your Pokémon. And you can even deposit Pokémon you’ve caught in that PC! Know how Pokémon are sent to a PC when you’ve caught more than you can carry? That’s where they go! Oh yeah, ! There’s a Poké Mart in the back of a Pokémon Center. IT’s a good idea to stock up on Poké Balls and Potions and stuff at the Poké Mart, too."

"No clue, but it seems hush-hush. I AM curious about what’s going on, but we should probably stay out of it." "Hey, ! To get to Camphrier Town, leave the lab, turn left, and go straight. That Café Soleil Calem/Serena was talking about is over that way, too.

"Yeah! They’re just like a dance team made up of Pokémon, aren’t they?" "Nope! Even during Pokémon battles, I’m always checkin’ out their moves! And then my feet just starting moving, too! I can’t even help it, y’know? Like with Swords Dance! I love it! I guess that’s why I can never win…"

"Hey, ! How’s your journey going?" "Get this! I’ve found some great Pokémon dancers!" "That’s right! He did say that! Ummm… Who were we supposed to say hello to again?" "Oh, that’s right! He did say that! Well, I guess we should look for the Mega Evolution guru, then! Where do you think he is anyway?"

", check this out! Isn’t this stone cool? I got it from this person called the wandering stone collector for showing off my dance moves! It might be a Mega Stone! Here, , you can have it!" Thanks!: Are you sure?: "I want you to have it, ’cause you’re such a great Trainer and all… I still remember our battle on Route 5." "That’s the Tower of Mastery? Sooo cool! Well, I’ll go call Trevs, then. Go on ahead, OK?"

Tower of Mastery "Who’s that you’re talking to, over there." If player answers Gurkinn‘s question in the affirmative : "Yep, sure was." If player answers Gurkinn‘s question in the negative: "What?! Uh, it was you who found it, RIGHT, ?" "Yeah, I think it’s been since we met up on Route 7. Mr. Mega Evolution Guru… I’ve been wondering this whole time. Who is that over there?" "I’ll Pass. Pokémon battling isn’t really my scene. So, Mega Evolution would be way out of my league." "Trainers don’t get much better than you two." " You’re gonna fight over something even though you’re friends?"

"Geosenge Town made me think… If hadn’t been there, I wouldn’t be dancing now, that’s for sure. That made me want to get to know better, and I thought a battle would be the best way to do that. It’s kinda selfish of me, I guess. But it’s also a way of thanking him/her!" "He’s/She’s off training with the Mega Evolution guru. He/She said friends are friends even if they can’t be together."

Coumarine City (post-game) "! Do you have a Pokémon with the move on you right now? If a Pokémon in the player’s party knows the requested move: "Awesome! knows ! Thanks! That totally took my dancing to the next level!" If not: "If you have a Pokémon with , show it to me! I’ll give you something cool!" Sprites