Tigervpn reviews 2018 – why 4.2 stars gas exchange in the lungs occurs due to

I had the good fortune to get tigerVPN on a ‘lifetime’ deal, and have installed it for use on an Android tablet and iPhone – seamless install in both cases – for occasional use when at public hotspots. Only the rarest of issues to do with connectivity – usually to do ISP rather than app – otherwise, I’ve been happy with the experience.

I’d would have liked to extend that success to my Mac – again, no issue with the install for that – but I use both Google (via Mac Mail) and Dropbox, and both of these are incompatible for syncing when tigerVPN is active. Contacted Support and they were both prompt and helpful; the issue as Vlad explains it –

Since the communication from the local app is done through an existing IP address, when that is changed by our VPN, everything stops working, because the server on the other side does not recognize the incoming connection and refuses it. While connected to our VPN on your MAC, you should access your Dropbox/Gmail from your local Internet Browser instead of using the built-in apps of the MAC OS."

So, while there is a work-around, its not one I’m prepared to do multiple times a day, even if for improved security. Disappointing on that front (I can’t imagine any other VPN would be different), but otherwise, a great success on my mobile apps.

I did notice that no matter what server I connected to, it always had a hostname of customer (tigervpnbackbone.com) This could mean that in the future if services want to block tigerVPN, they can do so. Some IP tools also detected network sharing devices, so when using services, they will know that you are within a VPN.

On one of my Windows 10 tests, TigerVPN was crashing if I exit the app and try to open it up again or after a restart. The only way to get it up again was to uninstall and reinstall. I found out later the problem was due to not opening the program as administrator. I did move on to try this on another fresh installation of Windows 10 and try to replicate the problem, but was not able to do so. It worked perfectly fine.

They also have manual setup methods instead of using the app. Frankly their OpenVPN config files can be updated to include the DNS fix. But they insist on us editing the config files when we need to connect to that server. If they simply update the download attachment, and simply indicate to copy the correct dll file, they can save on many steps.

I have mixed feelings about TigerVPN, after using it since November 2014. Using the OpenVPN GUI client on Windows, I’ve never had a trouble-free experience in the years that I’ve had this service. Their support is really responsive, but I never really get my issues resolved. My issues have always been around "disconnections."

"Disconnections" is in quotes because over the years, on each Windows OS and hardware I use, the OpenVPN GUI stays green and the status/log doesn’t say anything has happened, but I lose all connection to the Internet after a period of web browsing, anywhere from a few minutes to 2-3 hours. When I’m downloading something, it tends to be better, but more than half of the time, the downloads stop in the middle of the night because my connection to TigerVPN "disconnected."

With the Tiger VPN client, it seems to be a little better, but I really don’t like using this because 1) I cannot tell the status when it is running and 2) I don’t really trust it as much as OpenVPN. Additionally, I can’t put the Tiger VPN client on my router firmware as I can with OpenVPN. The Tiger VPN client also sucks because they don’t change the system tray icon to show you, at a glance, whether you are connected. I’ve tried telling TigerVPN about this for years, and even found the developer article and made the graphics for them, but it’s still not addressed.

TigerVPN does not require any special software and is very easy to configure and use. Extensive and detailed setup guides are provided at the service’s website. TigerVPN is compatible with Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, iOS and Android. This means it can be used on nearly all desktop and laptop computers, as well as smartphones and tablets. TigerVPN provides prompt and efficient customer support. Subscribers have at their disposal a Priority Support feature at the service’s website. On the website users can also find extensive FAQs and guides to help configure and use the service.

TigerVPN offers a monthly plan and an annual plan. Both have the same features, but the annual plan allows users to save 20%. TigerVPN also offers a 3-day money back guarantee. For an additional per-device fee, users can connect up to 5 devices at the same time. TigerVPN also offers Karma Points to reward users who like the service and spread the word. Karma Points allow users to get more subscription time or add more connections free of charge.