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I dont know how to describe this sensation but i’m going to try…….I seem to have a tightness on my neck muscle and upper shoulder..heavy head and a sensation of being off-blance or dizzy when im sitting or walking. when im stading still i got a feeling of not being steady..more like standing on rocking boat. Eveery morning when i woke up my neck is so tight and head is so heavy that its making me tired already

This all started when my neck muscle become so tight that when i tried to move my head left/right i can feel the tightness of the side neck muscle. Worst if im sitting down at work facing the computer that my neck so tight and sore that i get easily tired…it seems like my neck is not able to support the weight of my head.

Sometimes during the end a the day..i feel a pain on my lower shoulder and lower back. Been through my doctor and he said it’s stress and sent me away with pain relievers. But yet their still no effect. i’ve been in this situation for over a month now without relief…stiff neck,,heavy head and dizziness..fatigue:-(

Hi everyone, my name is Sam. I live in northwest Arkansas. I am a 29 year old male. I am healthy, active, and fairly sociable, or at least I was. For the past year and a half I’ve had really bad tightness and pain on the left side of my neck (occasionally it switches over to the right side, but mainly left) down into my shoulder. I feel like I have a weak grip, my balance is terrible, and I feel fatigued and anxious almost all the time. I’ve looked into cervical misalignment as a possible culprit, but there are no real upper cervical docs here in my area. (There is actually one that I went to but he seemed kinda sketchy and didn’t take insurance). I’ve had a cervical and cranial MRI and all show that things are "normal", but I know they are not. It feels like the nerves/muscles in my neck are inflamed, and when I move my head side to side I can feel grating/crackling right below my skull. My neck doesn’t ever "pop" like it used to either. All these symptoms happened so sporadically that I can’t help but to feel like it is something physical.

I am also experiencing a feeling of off balance when standing, walking or sitting. I never actually fall over but feel like i’m going to. I sometimes i feel like i am unable to walk in a straight line. My neck muscles are tight more so on the left and my shoulders. I do suffer from depression and anxiety and take medication for this. I have recently increased my medication from 25mg right up to 200mg on my doctors advice. I have been taking this for a long time but not this level of dosage. I have visited an oesteopath and had a few treatments. He seems to think i have a problem with my thoracic spine and that i don’t have the correct posture when sitting at my desk at work. I asked him if this feeling of offbalance was connected to my neck problem and he said it can be as your ear is connected to your neck and controls balance. I don’t know if it is my medication causing this feeling or my neck/shoulder problem. I have always had neck and shoulder tightness and this off balance feeling however it seems worse at present. Has anyone else had this feeling and if so had any treatment for it that worked.

Yes I have the same issue, i’m feeling dizzy every morning between 9-12pm and it goes off in afternoons and evenings. And some times also even if I’m anxious, it will strike in. It always come with neck pain/strain behind at the shoulder area, more on the left side radiating down to my left upper arm. The pain will goes away and come back and will travel to different side of my shoulders. When this happened, I will sense there’s a tightness/tense at the back of my head, like someone putting a brick there. That’s where the spinning comes, slight nausea with fast heartbeat. It has been like this for 2 months now. And I have been stress out due to this, going through the internet trying to understand what is going wrong with me. Few months back, I’ve gone through some really stressful event in my life and think that this might could have triggered the problem. I’ve had most of the symptoms listed in the anxiety disorder in the early months (heartburn,GERD,burning tongue,flushes,sunburn sensation and even lump in the throat(Globus) for nearly 2 months). I’ve done my blood test and came back ok. Now, my biggest concern is this, and am waiting for it to go away. At least it’s a relief to hear that there are people in the same boat as I do and I’m not alone in this.

I have suffered with these same symptoms for years, brought on by divorce and extreme stress and anxiety. It’s important to relax – try Yoga, massage, a visit to the chiropractor. Always try to get at least 8 to 9 hours of sleep. That makes a big difference. Hydrate well – we live in a constant state of dehydration. Eat nutritious, whole foods and take supplements – a good multi-vitamin, Vitamin D3. Sometimes just applying heat before you go to sleep is helpful. Allow your hot shower to fall on that part of the neck which is stiff, and try to hold it there for several minutes. Realize what you can control and let go of what you can’t. Try music, scented candles, a dark room, lulling voices like the narration of the travel shows on PBS (buy the DVD). We are exposed to so many things which create stress in our lives – you must find ways to mitigate it, or it will take its physical toll. Lean on folks you trust and don’t try to do it all yourself. Find a life partner who affirms and values you. Turn to God.

I have a lot of tightness and sometimes pain in my neck, shoulders and upper back. I have a lot of crunching sounds when I rotate my neck and shoulders trying to ease the pain. Sometimes I sort of shake my head and get a pop in one spot in my neck that gives me temporary relief until the pressure builds up there again. I have really been struggling with the dizziness and vertigo the last few days. I feel like I’m going to fall over, (but I never do), sometimes I have nausea, and it feels as those I’m not seeing things quite right, kind of like my eyes are not staying still and focused on whatever I’m trying to read. I think that the way I sleep may be the problem because I quite often wake up during the night with a stiff and sore neck. I have tried different pillows and nothing seems to help for long. These attacks make my life miserable and cause me even more anxiety. As anyone suffering from anxiety knows, we tend to over worry about every symptom we have and think its something terrible.