Timberwolves 103, knicks 92 “poop emoji” – posting and toasting v gashi 2013


New York’s 103-92 loss in Minnesota to a Timberwolves team missing Karl-Anthony electricity questions grade 6 Towns and Andrew Wiggins contained the legally minimal amount of involvement by the Knicks necessary to qualify as a game. This one was the rare amalgam of rarely interesting and never competitive. The Knicks were wearing their road whites for the 1000th time this season, which I don’t know what their record in is but I’m pretty sure gas in texas it’s 0-1000 or I’m just sick of the road whites. The Knicks look good in blue. If I’m gonna watch the worst team of a lifetime mostly spent watching losing teams, at least let ‘em look good losing.

The first quarter was Damyean Dotson scoring 13 to keep the Knicks in a game they were looking to drift away from from the get-go. An early indicator of what would come to pass: Jeff Teague doing whatever he wanted. Teague’s been a starter since 2011 and been better than every Knick point guard he’s ever electricity usage calculator spreadsheet faced. Ever. Teague is a fine NBA player. He shouldn’t own your team at the position de rigeur for almost a decade. Remember when Derek Jeter and Alex Rodriguez and Nomar Garciaparra and Miguel Tejada physics c electricity and magnetism formula sheet dominated MLB at shortstop? Imagine some poor fanbase every time they played the Mets — for YEARS — shrugging their shoulders after a loss, going “Rey Ordóñez is just too good, yo.” The fuck!

• As bad as this 67th game of the season was, late in the fourth I looked and saw Robinson (20), Knox (19), Dotson (24), Allonzo oil n gas prices Trier (23) and DSJ (21) out there. So young. Such room to grow. Compare that to prior rebuilding periods, like game 67 in 2015, when Andrea Bargnani, Lou Amundson and Point God Alexey Shved all played 30+ minutes; Langston Galloway played 47. Or game 67 in 2010, when Toney Douglas played 36 minutes, Al Harrington 30 and Tracy McGrady 25. I feel like looking back at what hp gas kushaiguda phone number I hoped and expected this year, I’m almost entirely OK or pleased with how things have gone. I’ve seen worse, yo.

• The Knicks have an unfortunate history this century of rookies finding success that then either plateau or nosedive. You’re right to be excited by the foundation of this team. Take the trio they added electricity voltage in china last June: one has Sixth Man Of The Year upside, one could average 20 and 8 as a starter for years, and one could be this century’s Bill Russell. That is, potentially, one transfuckingformative night. Here’s hoping Fizdale, Craig Robinson and Co. are electricity cost calculator up to the challenge.

• About a year ago, Minnesota was hanging on to the 3-seed in the West, led by Tom Thibodeau, Jimmy Butler, KAT and Andrew Wiggins. Butler injured his knee, they fell to the 8th seed and lost in five to the Rockets. Now they’re sub-.500, playing out the string, and all those dudes departed or are absent. Lotta empty seats at the Target Center gas vs electric heat. Shit happens, but that is some shit that happened there, man.

• Not the same player stylistically at all, and Charles Oakley hit higher heights, I say. But Brooklyn-born Taj Gibson reminds me a bit of Oak. He knows his role, knows what the team needs, and always steps electricity worksheets for 4th grade up to do what’s needed. He’s a smart, tough and willing player on both ends of the floor. 25 and 8 for the vet tonight. If he’d spent any time as a Knick, we’d all love him.

• I can honestly say since 1990 road games in Minnesota are, somehow almost always, oxymoronically, strikingly forgettable. There was one game back in like 1994 when the Knick guards hit their first 14 shots from the field — pretty sure it was Derek Harper electricity year invented, Hubert Davis and Greg Anthony — but I’ve seen this fixture such so often over the years I’d be cool taking this night off every year for the rest of my life.