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As a birthday present for my wife I booked both Dr Wilson and Room 13 as a surprise. Totally took her by surprise as she was expecting to be going for a shopping trip. This was the first time either of us had been to an escape room so we wern’t really sure what to expect. Our first room was Dr Wilson and we were both a bit wary that we won’t know where to start etc. But our host, for the Dr Wilson room gas near me now, Will made us feel really welcome and assured us that we will at least be able to solve one clue, so don’t worry electricity units to kwh!!! The room was very well constructed and had a great feel to it. The puzzles were fun and challenging, and the sense of joy when solving a certain clue and getting to the next stage was fantastic. My wifes only gripe was that it was a bit dark in places for her to read stuff. Every minute and second was needed as we managed to escape the room with 3 mins left!! We then had a quick 40 min break at the coffee shop round the corner before they were ready for us to tackle Room 13. This time our host for Room 13 was Laz. Again he made us feel really welcome and explained to us the story behind gas meter reading Room 13 and the slight differences in how this room works compared to Dr Wilson. This room was slightly more tougher and a few times we said to ourselves there was no way we were going to escape. It definitely had us both running around in different directions a lot more than Dr Wilson, as the time ticked away. Than just as we were really getting desperate we cracked one of the more electricity receiver frustrating clues that had us stumped from the start, which then led to a mad dash to get through the escape door before the time ran out. Phew! We managed to escape with 2 mins left! Both Will and Laz were fantastic hosts and both said we had done really well to escape both rooms considering it was just 2 people (most people we saw that day entered the rooms as a team of 6). Overall a brilliant gastronomia y cia experience and think we both got the escape room bug now. Will def be coming back for The Lab and Time machine rooms.

Our second go at this particular escape room was well worth it. You may have read that we, my friend and I, have already attempted Dr Wilson’s room which was tricky but solvable and we were very impressed at the decor and staff even then. A year or so on we thought we would have another crack, so to speak, at one of their newer escape rooms electricity jeopardy those tricksy designers created. We went for the Time Machine room. Now walking back into the place was a blast from the past! The two girls on the welcome desk were, well, very welcoming and had great personalities which put you at ease straight away! We waited for our Games Master Robert to appear but not before we bumped into our previous Games Mater Jordan who remarkably remembered us which was a nice touch! Robert was very enthusiastic, welcoming and funny and we were more than ready for the challenge! The room….well I will not spoil that for you… but I will say it was the best room I have ever been in! This escape game was the hardest we have completed but we still managed to get out! Every clue and detail of the room was well planned and executed! We look forward to coming back and trying the lab! Many thanks and Merry Christmas to all at Escape electric utility companies in california Live Birmingham! More Show less