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Hi Brandy. Thank you for your feedback. We’re sorry to hear that you find the parent administration page confusing. We have a wonderful support team that is available to help guide you in navigating the website; please call us at our toll free number 888-771-0914 and any one of our reps would be more than happy to assist.

Students can start lessons immediately without the use of an Activity Planner but some parents prefer a more structured approach. Time4Learning designed the Activity Planner as a guide to help you plan out the school year while keeping student progress on track. The Activity Planner follows the exact lesson sequence as is displayed in each subject to which your student has access.

If you have a minute, please contact us and any one of our reps would be happy to show you how you can schedule your student accordingly in the Activity Planner when you want to take a day off. Within the weekly Planner, there is a column where you select the day of the week you want your student to work on each activity. The planner is more of a guide to help break up all of your work, and the program can be used in any way you’d like.

We’ve had feedback from parents requesting an easier way to get to the daily activities in the Activity Planner, as you mentioned. So we have been working on making some changes to the Activity Planner and are presently in the Beta testing phase. The new Activity Planner will provide students with the ability to directly link to each activity. We’re excited about this new update and are hoping to release this feature by fall, when many families begin their new school year.

Foreign languages are optional extra educational courses. When our families asked us for foreign language courses, we wanted to offer the highest quality. Time4Languages is powered by Rosetta Stone and, therefore, has an additional cost that comes out to about $10/month.

One of the benefits of Time4learning is that it’s a curriculum that allows for the flexibility of customizing your curriculum to your family’s needs. Some of our families use Time4learning as their sole curriculum, while some just use it as a supplement.

You mentioned that "the website always is crashing". You certainly shouldn’t be experiencing crashes. I recommend asking support for a list of trusted sites. These are sites that can be added to your browser, which can help strengthen your connection.

You are correct when you say that the system will not accept an answer unless it’s typed as the system is programmed to accept it. We could say that this is one of the downsides to technology. The computer doesn’t ‘reason’ or ‘think’ like we do. So while we may recognize that .2 is the same as 0.2, the computer only sees one as the correct answer. If you come across a problem that you believe is correct, please don’t hesitate to call our Support team at our toll free number 888-771-0914. The Support team is trained to work through the activities to find if it’s a computer error, which needs to be corrected, or if it’s a simple error like a missing character, like a comma or like the one you mentioned. Our Support team is more than willing to help you.

Time4learning is student paced. So you and your parents can create your own schedule. You can work through the curriculum in any way you and your parents agree. An activity will receive a check mark when completed. There is a specific way you must end an activity. For example, if you click on the ‘X’ to the browser, exiting the browser without first exiting the activity, you’re actually leaving Time4learning without exiting the activity first, which would result in an incomplete activity. Your Progress Report will reflect that you worked through the activity, but it will show that you did not complete it, which could mean that you didn’t exit it correctly. Again, if you need assistance with how to exit an activity, please don’t hesitate to give us a call.

Jacob, we’re sorry for the trouble you’ve experienced and would encourage you to reach out to our Customer Support Team. We have a lot of students using our curriculum, and our support team is well trained to help you through any trouble you may experience with the website.

I love this program, the price-the content- and versatility. Only thing I would ask is if you could assign certain classes on specific days for your student (s) not just build a schedule to look at…otherwise you have to print the schedule out if you want to have them work on independence or hover over them to make sure they’re selection what you want. I also wish the reporting feature would bold the current grade if student took test more than once, and my son doesn’t like having to completely exit/close the browser of he needs to retake a test….but these are minor tweaks in comparison to how great the curriculum is!! I love how things are explained and how engaging the videos are. I wish I had this when I was going to school! I love relearning I mean listening alongside my student. Thank you for online resources! When I started homeschooling I knew this was my best option since we moved to a new side of town and faced new challenges with our nearby school options whether private and public…my son has severe food allergies and was being bullied by students and even teacher (s) and others wouldn’t guarantee safe environment options for him…while having to still work full time hours from home, I was slightly overwhelmed and crowded by books and paper clutter trying to setup my kid for the day/week and maintain a good attitude and momentum. My girlfriend was looking into this curriculum too as she faced obstacles at the private school because they wouldnt cater to her daughters ADHD diagnosis …I was shocked by the diagnosis because even tho she is an enthusiastic learner, she loves learning and singing and engaging in class but the teacher was a dry, sit on your hands and keep as quiet and reserved as possible type and the school wouldn’t change teachers. So needless to say even tho I suspect my child has some attention or staying focused issues….I have seen a big difference with my child’s can-do /I can accomplish attitude towards his scholastics with this program. I wish with maintaining the same price or a slight extra fee if flash cards or extra study questions or quizzes could be available for parents to quiz their kids if you don’t have the luxury to hover thru each course with your student…my child is in middle school so there’s a want and a need of independence. But otherwise I am so happy and I could cry and hug y’all, Thank you so much!!!