Timeline students occupy cafeteria – the new school free press gas oil ratio for leaf blower


10:32 PM : A new list of demands has been put out, and has been expanded from 6 to 8. New demands include the resignation of Executive Chef Brian DuHart and “full reimbursement for all worker’s salaries withheld due to the occupation.” Workers have said they’re “supposed to be” getting paid.

9:34 PM : A lawyer from the NYC-DSA Red Rabbits Marshal Team, which supports protesters during socialist demonstrations, leads a security meeting for occupiers. They discuss what actions are protected by the first amendment and what the process is after getting arrested in New York City.

6:01 PM : A poster “Under no management, full communism in effect, all food free, all property collective” in what looks like The New School’s custom-created typeface has been removed after CSG denied full communism is in effect via Twitter . A committee Facebook page also posted a picture of the poster on Wednesday.

1:22 PM: Jose Maldonado, the secretary-treasurer of UNITE 100, which represents food service workers, has come to talk to students occupying. “There’s 32 workers now. If they need 25 workers, they will offer employment at The New School elsewhere,” Maldonado said.

12:57 PM: “The New School is going to make the most profitable decision, and it’s our responsibility that students do not continue to exploit workers,” said Victoria Capraro, third year and member of CSG. “We are not leaving until every demand is met.”

3:59 PM : Upon arriving at the Orozco Room at Lang, members of the Communist Student Group discover the meeting is actually not between the Board of Trustees, but rather between the Schools of Public Engagement’s Board of Governors meeting. David Van Zandt will not be in attendance.

3:24 PM : The food committee, established earlier today, is now called the Occupied New School Cafeteria Working Group, and is currently preparing a meal to feed 250 people. Their long term plan is to teach cooking classes and to run the cafeteria, believing workers do better without bosses.

7:18AM : The first patrons arrive looking for breakfast and promptly leave when they see the scene in the cafeteria. The lights are still off, many of the windows have been blocked out with flags and signs, and several people inside are still sleeping.

1:21 AM : People figure out how to dim the lights, though there appears to be only three settings: on, partly on, and off. After turning lights all the way off, many students say it’s too dark, and the lights are set to be partly on. Several strands of holiday lights add an extra glow.

10:19 PM : DSA, whose numbers near 100, enter the cafeteria after being signed in as guests by demonstrators. They carry red flags, blow on noisemakers, and chant, “Up, up, up with the workers! Down, down, down with the bosses!” sing “We Shall Not Be Moved!” and join in New School demonstrators’ chants of “Every single job! All of us or none!”

“The Communist student group led a militant action this morning to resist the mass layoff of up to 50 cafeteria workers. More than 150 students blocked and shutdown the university cafe. We want to interfere and we want to interfere until the very end. Let’s fight together. Everything or nothing, all of us or none. ”

4:10 PM : The Communist Student Group holds their general assembly. Griswold announces new developments, including that “administration is already beginning to break down,” saying that they were asked to send three members of CSG and three workers to meet with them and negotiate demands.

“But we told them, we are not here to negotiate, we are here to occupy until every single demand is made! We will not let them set the terms, We set the terms! If they want to speak, they can come here and speak to all of us,” Griswold said.

2:34 PM : Workers have been instructed by higher ups to take all the remaining food and throw it away. Higher ups in cafeteria staff supposedly think that students will leave if there is no food, according to a cafeteria who asked to be left anonymous. Students have been taking food both for themselves and for the homeless.

1:19 PM : Ms. V addresses students again, “They can put their name on the check, but y’all take care of me and I do appreciate y’all taking care of me and my family. But, I’m not going to let them take me down without taking care of my family.”

1:15 PM : Students begin unplugging the computer monitors in the cafeteria, and covering the dark screens with handmade posters reading “We stand with workers!” as well as several copies of printed ones reading “PROTEST ORGANIZE OCCUPY WALK OUT RESIST STRIKE SHUT IT DOWN.”