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Once upon a time long ago I was in the middle of a daydream of sorts… when in my mind’s eye I saw a giant white stag walk up behind me and place his forehead against my back. When he did this his antlers wrapped around me in a protective embrace. electricity jokes puns I felt so safe and comforted by this vision. It often comes to mind when I am feeling vulnerable or afraid. I’ve wanted to represent an antler hug in a sweater ever since. I give you Patronus! The protective (and surprisingly comfy) hug from your own loving stag.

This sweater has been such a labor of love… I began my first version of him in 2012! What a journey. 100’s of failed charts (curving antlers are surprisingly hard to represent!) Several yarn choice switches. 2 sweaters knitted and set aside. Attaching antlers and then ripping them off… again, and then again! A few tears… LOTS of procrastination. electricity billy elliot lyrics A dash of “i give up” followed by a cup of “no, let’s keep going!” And finally lots of jumping up and down for joy. It is finished! I couldn’t be happier with the results. Once I found the perfect yarn (Brooklyn Tweed Quarry – i LOVE THIS YARN,) and settled in on a sweater shape it was time to wrap it up! No Christmas pun intended. 😀

This is a box sweater! I always hesitate to knit box sweaters because they seem so simple from a design standpoint… but they are TRULY so flattering and roomy! The body of the sweater is a box (with pretty scoopy shaping for the neck – cause I don’t love wool right up against my neck.) This means that it fits in a way that doesn’t hug you too tightly. In fact, I’ve included 10-12 inches of positive ease. That means lots of the baggy ROOM. electricity explained Just the kind of room I’m looking for when I’m shopping for fall sweaters in the men’s department! (The arms do have quite a bit of shaping though to give the right fit.) Available in sizes XS – 5X. Also! The neck is knitted like a large smooshy cowl. It is knitted loosely and with larger needles and it barely hugs the neck at all… so no tight itchiness!

I hope you will love getting an antler hug! Also I know a lot of you have been asking for videos! I want to make them SO MUCH but its gotten increasingly challenging to make them since kiddo stopped napping. Woweeeee he runs in asking for this or that about every 5 minutes most days.. so its really hard to get videos done! I promise when things calm down around here I’ll be able to make lots more… cause I miss chatting!

I get so inspired this time of year! This little collection has been percolating for a long time… In fact I had one *broom rider* finished for almost a year! 😀 I was super happy to get back to it this fall and finish it all up. wd gaster cosplay I finished the second broom rider in 3 days once I put my mind to it! 😀 I hope you have so much fun with the patterns and the little class lessons. Do you think hermione would totally carry that bag to History of Magic? I do! And I’m positive Dumbledore would wear the broom riders under his robes. I know Merlin himself sports his own pair of black & white stockings these days. I love it! Ok I have so much to say about all of these… but I should be making a video here in the next week or so so I can blab away! So some of you were wondering about the easiness of these patterns. The History of Magic Bag and the Practical Witch Hat are going to be the easiest! Definitely the next step for a beginner who knows how to knit, purl and go in the round. astrid y gaston lima menu english Ok that’s enough of my chatting! We have a lot of knitting to do! I have to get started on Year 2 while you guys get to work on Year 1! Have SO much magical fun for me ok?! OH I almost forgot!

This never-ending cowl contains list of Celtic trees that also make up the Ogham. The Ogham (Oh-um) is an ancient Irish alphabet from around the 4 th century based on trees, with each symbol or letter of the alphabet representing a certain native tree of the Celtic Nations. B = Birch etc. Writings in this ancient language can still be seen on standing stones throughout Ireland and in other parts of the British Isles. These trees were considered sacred and there were were harsh consequences for harming them. I hope you will enjoy staying warm within this healing circle of trees so well loved and protected by many of our ancestors!

The 25 trees are: Birch, Rowan, Alder, Willow, Ash, Thorn, Oak, Holly, Hazel, Apple, Vine, Ivy, Broom, Briar (Blackthorn), Elder, Fir, Hedge (Furze), Heather, Poplar, Yew, Aspen, Spindle, Beech & Woodbine (Honeysuckle), Gooseberry. OOPS! You may wonder why Gooseberry is missing? Ask the faeries about a certain midnight snack they may pretend to know nothing about! Note: Some of the letters are highly debated by scholars. I took a bit of liberty with a few of my own interpretations. electricity storage association You can go deeper with this alphabet with a little research, as each of the trees also have specific meaning and can be used for meditation and reflection. I hope you will enjoy dreaming in the circle of trees.

hoot i think i might hear the first sighs of the leaves! they are going to get sleepy soon. wooooo i love fall! i mean autumn… i try to remember to say autumn because not everyone says fall. one time when i was living in london i was swinging on the swings in a small park… the air was getting crisp and the leaves were just starting to amber up and tumble… suddenly a little girl ran up and jumped on the swing next to me and started to swing….. i turned to her and said “don’t you just LOVE FALL!!!?” “um… no” she said. “i dont like falling at all. it hurts. i fell off my bike on the way over here.” … 😛

so i just wanted to let you all know that ill be back next friday with a NEW PATTERN! hoooT! soo excited. yes ive discovered that designing with a baby is.. um… HARD! im finally getting some things done that ive been working on for a couple years. hey the turtle finishes the race eventually right? speaking of the toddler here is a little update and a few pics from little woodson my little chunkcheek wonder boy. hugs and lots of love and see you next friday! :*