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Click to expand… Thank you for that. However, I am not entirely new to agriculture. I am 65 years old, and grew up on a farm in Western Nebraska. In the 1990s I grew a successful orchard in Western Nebraska, including wine grapes, which is kind of unheard of in such cold areas. I am good at grafting, budding, fruit culture and general plant growing. In 1999 I was hired by a SW Michigan vineyard/winery to be in charge of making wine and taking care of their 100 +acres of grapes. For years I wrote spray orders, ordered clones gas 37 weeks pregnant of wine grapes, oversaw planting, pruning, etc, all through harvesting grapes. I work in the winery in the lab area, and can perform just about any lab analysis that is necessary to any winery, including testing for Lactic acid conversion from lactobacillus bacteria (that was purposely bought and inoculated in the red wines) using chromatography. I make up the majority of reagents I use in the lab, and am very familiar with laboratory procedures. Until Dec of 2018, I never even considered growing or much less using marijuana, so in that regards, I am a neophyte. In fact, Marijuana was not even a remote thought due to it’s illegality. Now here it’s legal. I love experimenting and learning new things. Guess I should have listed this in my introductions.

The internet and the ability to now find articles and books on subjects is a wonderful delight to me. I relish the idea of doing something new and different. Hence, I joined this forum to get ideas from those that have been doing this years. You all have some experience and understanding on something I am just now learning about gas stations in texas. And I do appreciate the remarks and comments.

I did some research (about 2 hours worth) after reading your post. Using colchicine is pretty dangerous, as it is extremely toxic. Seed treatment at 0.25% might be the only way, but I don’t have any, nor would I order it, nor pass it around. Cannabis plants are natural diploid and only through GMO or mutation albeit chemical reactions, do you end up with something of which you speak.

Honestly, my only interest in creating feminized seeds is to eventually provide my fellow Michigan citizens with viable, female gaston y la agrupacion santa fe seeds for sale, within the state. The licensing and costs are too much for us in our finances to invest in grower licenses or even dispensary retail sales licenses. So, I figured the wife and I can grow a little bit (up to 12 plants) and provide some seed for us an others.

I figure that most of these plants will not be exact replicas of the original, but pretty close, ****, maybe even a few will turn out better. I will always be honest about what I do. Like I said earlier, until December when marijuana was deemed legal to grow and possess, the only time marijuana plants even crossed my mind was when I first moved here. I kind of figured Michigan’s weather and climate would be great for Marijuana, as this stuff is thick in Eastern Nebraska. If you’ve ever seen dandelions take electricity kwh over a field or lawn, that is what cannabis is like in eastern Nebraska. Grows everywhere and on it’s own. It is said that the largest genome of cannabis in all the U.S. lies in Nebraska, and I don’t doubt that. What did surprise me was the lack of seeing any marijuana, hemp or any cannabis growing anywhere here.

U bet AK — Some background and plans makes things easier to understand !– Like I said I’m in Texas where they catch U with a dirty gas 85 octane pipe U go to jail !–So I guess U could say I walk on the dark side ?– In your situation I bet rooted clones would work better than seed !– but there’s a plant limit ?– U gonna need 2-3-maybe 4 grow areas to do this with photos ?– I had a Master Kush I lost in the last bug war – ran that thing about 3 years cloning from clones and running it over and over again !– I do some breeding or should I say I play at some breeding ?– I grow aero under LEDs and since I’m go to the same jail if I get caught with 1 or 100 plants — I don’t pay attention to plants limits and such — I breed with midgets– Just small clones !– There was a lot of fine genetics passing thru my hands at one time and somewhere along the line I started stacking Dank !– I got some monster indicas !–

I found a safer way but it is still not safe !– I do have some experience with sterile technique from 20 years as a surgical assistant– I’m a cloner — I do want that gas zyklon b genetically modified plant !–Genetically doubled might be a better way to say it ?– It’s all weed !– Just the one plant !– I just want that one choice female plant from a variety and I’m good !– I ran a white widow– cloning from clones for almost 5 years !– but U gotta have at least 2 grow areas !

Wife and I are really interested in having seeds to sell to local customers, at a decent fair price. Hence the research and understanding of feminizing seeds. I fully understand that cloning is about the only true way to preserve the exact nature/genes of a particular plant. That is how we have Pinot Noir, Chardonnay (which there is a CBD Hemp variety with that name as well) Gewurztraminer and others. These are all simple bud grafts clones of some original plant. Even the Red and Yellow Delicious apple can trace their ancestry back to a single tree. An old Quaker in Missouri cut down a chance seedling growing in his orchard that was not in the tree row. He did it 3 times and electricity in india voltage it still came back, so he said If ye must live, then let thee live and moved it into a regular apple tree row. When it produced apples he entered them in a contest held by Judge Stark (of Stark Bros. Nursery) and when it was first eaten Mr. Stark said this is Delicious and sought out that owner of the tree and paid him for taking cuttings of bud wood from that original tree. Buds were grafted onto seedling rootstock and whole orchards planted. One orchardist, Roy Bisbee noticed that one of this trees not only grew shorter inter nodes for fruiting (a trait called spur fruiting but that it colored up a lot more red early on, hence the first Red Delicious 2 chainz smoking on that gas, which Stark Bros. bought as well and turned it into Stark Bros. Spur Red Delicious (Bisbee Cultivar). Washington apple industry is built on the fruit that grew as a single chance seeding in some Quaker’s orchard back in Missouri.

Anyway, completely off topic but that is the value of cloning. Pretty much all fruit varieites you see today have originated from crosses, either by nature, or purposedly made by mankind. Grape seeds themselves do NOT reproduce a plant like their mother. Even thought pretty much ALL wine grapes and most juice and jelly grapes are self fertile, they will not produce anyting near uniform that can be relied on if you are looking for consistent fruit, and disease tolerance, as well as cold hardiness. St. Pepins, a variety from Elmer Swenson’ s breeding program, is a female only grape, and needs to pollinated by a nearby male frictional electricity examples or self fertile grape to be able to produce fruit and seeds. The initial fruit is something akin to Riesling in taste and quality, but any seeds produced will not be St. Pepins, but rather something else. There has been some research, myself including, in breeding St. Pepins to Riesling and getting a Riesling electric utility companies in florida type plant that looks, grows, and tastes like Riesling, but carries the earliness genes of the St. Pepins plant. Giving growers a possible Riesling type of wine in areas that are too short of a growing season to mature Riesling to an acceptable level.

The issues I see with creating feminized seeds is the resulting offspring seeds, will probably be close to the original variety , such as Bubblelicious Auto, but their is no guarantee that all the traits you are hoping for are going to make it across , which, for the most part is not bad, but sometimes you may accidentally get someting better in the rresuling seed. THAT’S when you need to really need to ‘isolate that particular offspring with cloning. Unfortunately, with Autoflower the fact that it has a DNA that says live so long and die is working against you , since any vegetative growth will have already have had that time clock instilled in the plants growing makeup. Perhaps tissue culture, which may circumvent that auto part of the plant… not sure at this time of writing.

AK I don’t have any use for autos – I’m a cloner – I look for those happy accidents but the plant still has to be alive when it gets the pipe test !– I start seed then find the electricity ground explained best female representative I can — Then I commenced cloning her — I’m shutdown and relocating but I ran a 4 part rotation of 60 day finishers — Every 2 weeks a group of rooted clones were moved to bloom after 8 weeks they start coming out bloom every 2 weeks !– Takes 2 grow areas –veg 18/6 and bloom 12/12 — Makes for a continuous garden – After the rotation is rolling it’ll give U 26 harvest a year !

A Black Berry Snow Lotus male fell into my lap and they gold me the BBSL male bring the fire — I turned him loose on about a dozen little girls in full bloom — He did not disappoint !– Now I have to smoke much weed to figure out what I got and look for diamonds in the dust !– Those special plants !– Then I used a couple more boys and well thangs is complicated !– I got stuff don’t got no fancy name – One I’m especially proud of is SR91-x- ( MZR-X-BBSL gas 99 cents)– That was a