Tissue paper and islam – islam for muslims – nigeria electricity invented


What, , what is this? It began in the 17th century when England sent its ambassador’s to establish both financial and diplomatic ties to the great Ottoman Empire. This long gone realm once ruled a great portion of the earth, stretching its rule out in all directions; from Turkey as far as Africa, India and into the western portions of Europe.

Through the passing centuries this Moslem Empire was ruled over by many powerful Sultans and it was a very rich and powerful kingdom. The roots of this empire dated back hundreds of years, to the time of wondering tribes and individual sects of nomads, eventually being united into one secular body by Mohammed. Consistent with all other earthly nations and empires, the Ottoman Empire was also made up of many different peoples. Each of these non conforming tribes brought with them into the empire all their many acquired practices and traditions, forging a very diverse and complex Empire.

These nomads were considered to be heathen by the western powers, for they lived a nomadic life, and when they did settle they were crude by the standards of western culture. But on the other hand, the diverse tribes also considered the western cultures to be heathen in nature and unsavory in character.

One of the many controversies that arose among this vast empire came about when western influence began to encroach into the Islamic way of life. This became obvious when the western culture began to introduce to its counter part the use of "TOILET PAPER," yes I said "TOILET PAPER!"

or dirt whenever possible. Due to this practice, this "manner" became a natural part of life, and among the Mohammedan nations the left hand gained its importance in their society. Regardless of western thought, the use of the left hand carries a strong discipline with it, even unto this very day.

One of the logical outcomes of this practice was that all Mohammedan’s would only eat with the right hand, knowing what the left hand is used for. And if you were ever to break this tradition, you would soon find yourself rejected and an outcast and the reason for this is not difficult to understand.

Now came western culture onto the eastern scene, carrying with them all their many articles of a so called "advanced society," and sure enough, toilet paper immediately became a controversy among all Islam. "Who were these western heathen dogs, opposing Ala, and His will," was the cry among the eastern masses.

Sure enough, soon it was considered a great sin to use toilet paper too, well, clean ones self after a natural body function. By using toilet paper, the privy user then had the privilege to use the left hand to eat or serve with, which immediately identified and marked this person as a Godless heathen. Over the years, Toilet Paper slowly found its way into the Islamic culture and along with its use came division! This division still prevails this very day, and the breaking of this tradition still carries with it a heathen connotation! [/size]

[size=14pt]There is no doubt, that Tradition plays a very strong role in all religious Perceptions, and often divides its so called followers into many factions. [/size]Sometimes these factions will kill each other over their Traditions, yes, even over Toilet Paper!

May you "Wipe or Not Wipe" with paper, sand or leaves, a particular way or not at all, remember how easy it is to become a heathen in the eyes of others! In fact, if paper is your way, you’re a heathen right now, judged by Millions and maybe Billions!

Christianity did not invent it either. Before it, how were the "christians" cleaning themselves? This is a very interesting question. Now, the inventor, though may be christian, did not invent Toilet tissue because of christianity. And by the way I use water, then water and soap. Then I use water with soap to wash my hands.

Whats absurd in using water alone? I remember when I used to participate in fishery. We get rid of the odor by just using water to clean the platforms of the coldroom and the decks. You use tissue, but your odor-meter is very high, still. While my own after using water is very low. Almost unregistered.

Water by itself cannot kill germs if not you’d be taking a shower, brushing your teeth or washing your clothes with water only. So this idea that those who use waer are the "most clean" in the community makes me wonder whether you people leave your brains at home when its time to discuss the quran.

No one said anything about washing clothe, or cleaning teeth, or cleaning the skin. The issue was cleaning the bottom and the from after toileting. You will have to agree though, regardless of your exageration, that using water is better and cleaner than just using dry toilet tissue. Most clean means just that. Now tell me if there is any way you can get yourself cleaner without using water. Please don’t tell me you can use those perfumed sterile sachet! Perfume will still not clean you up, but you may not be smelly though. But you aint clean.