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Foreign layers are evaporated through oxidation on the insulation surface. The surface oxidation of the plastic increases the wettability and stickiness of the colour. The corona treatment differentiates itself from the electrical short-circuit by creating a discharge spark that is quickly extinguished. electricity worksheets for grade 1 This restriction allows the spatial even spreading of the discharge over the complete discharge electrode. thermal electricity how it works It prevents local over-heating and damage to the cable insulation. The cable is exposed to the discharge for only 1/100 – 1/10 seconds. Even thin cable insulations are solely modified on its surface. The oxygen concentration is only measurable up to a depth of approx. 5nm (8 atomic layers). The background is that cable insulations must display an outer surface energy of a minimum of 38nM/m to guarantee the required colour adhesion. Polyvinyl chloride achieves this requirement with 39 nM/m, Polyethylene with 30 nM/m is rather difficult wettable and in addition is non-polar. d cypha electricity For the printing of polyolefines a corona treatment is always required. This ensures that the printing colour is not rejected by the material. All PE, PP, TPE-O belong to the group of polyolefines.

Electromagnetic compatibility. power vocabulary words The term EMC is defined in the ability of electrical equipment to operate satisfactorily in an electromagnetic surrounding and at the same time not influence other equipment. Every electrical equipment must be seen as a source and as a victim. gas in oil lawn mower The transmission of the interference takes place via coupling. The cable itself can be seen as source. c gastritis The generation of interference must be reduced as far as possible so that operation of radio transmission and telecommunications can take place. It is possible, through suitable cable design to reduce or shield interfering signals, so that no negative effects are expected. Influencing factors are: -optical cover of the braiding – angle of twist – amount of braiding wires – combination of braiding and St-shielding and/or copper fleece. EMC views parallel placed single wires or flat cables as a bad solution and should be avoided if EMC problems occur. gas 91 The data cable should always be layed separately and with a great distance from interfering power cables.

The printing with diverted continuous ink-jet makes it possible to mark, label or date a product contactless. An ink-jet exits out of a nozzle which is part of the printer head. This jet is modulated via the piezoelectric transformer, located behind the nozzle, so that an even breakup of the drops is achieved (Rayleigh-Taylor-Instability). With the help of a charging electrode the formed drops are more or less electrostatically charged. The 10 to 40 m/s fast drops fly through a bigger deflection electrode, where, depending on their specific electrical load, they get sidetracked. Depending on the equipment type only the charged or uncharged drops get to the cable. Not needed drops are caught on the printer head and reused in the ink circulation. electricity billy elliot backing track The width of the row depends on the distance of the nozzle to the cable, whereas a greater distance reduces the resolution. The symbols which are applied by the printer head is called text. The text can be letters and numbers, different alphabets and various fonts or logos and drawings. Each written text is saved and, if required, can be printed or changed.