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Well ok today I decided to tackle it myself. First of all Vending Machines are normally targetted to areas where there is the least amount of shops for that specific product besides the large consistent patronage for that specific product, it might be drinks, snacks or even condoms.

Now in Nigeria, if I must implement it. All I have to do is target areas, that do not have problems with stable electricity Supply. The places I am going to mention have generators used consistently. And at the same time, has the potential of getting people to patronise it. Now where would that place be? A place like a golf course (for drinks), A high class sport club (for drinks), A condominium (For condoms and maybe drinks plus snacks), and not forgetting International schools especially places like BITS, Lasore etc (For Snack and Drinks). You don’t find Vending machines in bank locations overseas.(Not here in malaysia atleast). Have you wondered why?

Now the price-tags of the products in this areas would be very competitive. To have a high patronage, Rich people in Nigeria, love expensive sophisticated stuff, and thus that would apply in such areas. Besides that, the vending machine would be accepting Nigerian brand new or well maintained currency notes. That shouldnt be a problem in that area too.

Battery wouldnt work efficiently because it would need re-charging, regular maintainance, and possible replacements after a year or so,because of the high usage. I am still wondering what kind of batteries would do the trick. How efficient are your rechargeable lanterns ? What is their batteries lifespan? Even though you only light them up at night? In a scenario where electricity supply goes down for 1 week, what happens?

You dont need armoured guards, to guard the vending machines, all you need is mature, responsible and comfortable or maybe rich people, to be the ones in access to such a service. I am not being discriminative here, this is just the way I see it.

The Whole nation or just one highclass spot. Well you are currently trying to solve "an old age problem" in Nigeria. That is, doing business with almost no human interaction. If the Mobile Phone industry has done it then you can. I mean people buy vouchers and credit their phones. When they do this, they are communicating with a V.machine, likewise your vending machine.

Now the business issue on profitability depends on the PPP. Price/Product/Place So this is what i believe your question is asking. The word Generating means how much can you make and not if it will work. Of course it will work as far as you look after your PPP. I must say that the main reason why the main brewers have not tried yet is b/c they have not yet researched it. It only takes someone to start and everybody will jump in.

For those who don’t know, the computers in cybercafes are all vending machines. You use it to visit internet sites e.t.c So please tell me does it take Naira (notes or coins) and have the "areaboys" seized it. NO! All you need is a password finish…

Currently I am trying to develope a Cybercafe network so that things like this can be Implemented easily. see my posting under internet — cybercafe network. All The Best….. Re: To Generate Profit from Vending Machines in Nigeria? by tamia( f): 3:55am On May 11, 2006