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Visited the Science Gallery today ogasco abu dhabi with Hubble and 17 year old. Got a good deal with Glasgow Sightseeing Tour – only a fiver to add admission to Science Gallery. Felt that generally the centre was mostly aimed at under 12s and too many exhibits were broken – really need to get on top of this. In addition, booked The Dark Knight as add on to sightseeing ticket and wasn’t charged any extra, which was great value until we turned up for 3.15 performance to be told that our film was running late. When delay was queried we were advised that a power surge in an earlier showing meant that the film had to replayed from the start as it couldn’t be fastforwarded and our showing would now be at 4.15. Found it incredible that in the 21st century a member of staff from a science gallery can tell you that an interrupted film has to be replayed from the start and can’t be fastforwarded but I had no reason to not believe the assistant. Went to Transport Museum for an hour and got back for 4.15. Had to wait for gas and bloating pain a further 30 mins. to get into IMAX. Would like to have true position explained earlier as could have spent longer in Riverside Museum which is well worth a visit. More Show less

Oh dear – you caught us on a bad day! I’m really sorry! The film was running late because earlier there was a spike in the electricity supply that tripped some of the safety circuits and damaged gas problem in babies a short section of the film. Your showing was the first after the incident, so we weren’t quite sure how long it would take to put right. We did our best to keep people up to date using Twitter and Facebook, as well as providing information on the PA system. We also provided some freebies to ease the wait, so I hope that made it a little more bearable. We try to appeal to all ages, so some areas are definitely most suited to children, but areas such as MindWorks and ‘Science in the Dock o gastronomo’ explore how you percieve the world and some of the dilemmas science creates respectively, both themes that we think will appeal to adults as well as children. The exhibits are checked each morning to make sure they are working, and again at close, so that any that go wrong or are damaged can be worked on that night. It is difficult to fix things when the building is open, so if something breaks during the day static electricity definition science we have to wait a while before either fixing it or taking it off the floor and to the workshop. As a standard, we try to maintain 98% of exhibits fully operational. Anyway – I hope you enjoyed yourselves and that you’ll come and give us another go – from Spring of 2013 we’re completely replacing floor 3 with a new exhibition with a wide range of content designed for adults and younger folks alike.

Took 2 very excited girls to the GSC last Saturday. Was quite surprised by the price for four of us however thought with so much on offer it would be worth it. Was overall dissapointed with the visit. Yes plenty to do and see however found the staff very unhelpful. We were not told when we paid admission that there were talks and tours that we could book a time slot for. When we saw the sign for the bbc ant planet tour on offer at 1pm electricity outage houston tx we went to reception to book a time to be told that it was all booked up for the day. 2 very dissapointed girls on our hands. We would have booked a time at the start gas yoga had we known it was on! Also although we passed lots of staff not 1 of them attempted to speak to the girls or provide any information about the displays or what was on offer!!! The area where the sports activities were going on was the worst. 3 staff memebers dancing on the large wii dance system completely ignoring everyone! I certainly would not return to GSC in the near future and think the cost for a family of 4 is a tad unreasonable.

I’m sorry if we didn’t live p gaskell up to your expectations. We always circulate feedback from TA, so I’ve taken your comments and asked our team here to work on the points you’ve raised with the folk who staff the exhibits. In general we try to strike a balance between making you feel welcome, being available to help explain things on one hand, and avoiding interrupting you all the time on the other, but it sounds like we didn’t get it right for you and I’m sorry about that. When you first come into the Atrium we try to tell you what’s on in a number of ways – in particular we have electronic screens, blackboards list of electricity usage by appliances, leaflet dispensers with today’s programme detailed on it and whenever possible we also have greeters who will offer to explain what’s happening. When you reach the ticket desks the person serving you should also briefly outline the day’s programme. I can only apologise if none of these things were available to you on your visit.. The cost for two adults and two children is about £36. We’re an educational charity with a big education programe – about 60,000 school children get a day of formal science education from us every year, and we take science out on the road to remote communities quite literaly from Stranraer to Stornoway. Our prices are set as low as we can whilst still allowing us to deliver gas monkey monster truck hellcat this programme, as well as keeping the building in good shape, operating safely and reinvesting in new exhibits and programmes. In April 2013 we have a whole new floor of exhibitions – I hope you’ll give us a second chance and come back to see that next year.