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Your period is not caused by masturbatioon or orgasms. When you get close to your period, an orgasm can make it start a bit earlier. During your period, it can make a lot of menstrual debris come out at once and make the rest of your flow lighter.Just after your period is done, it can make your period restart for a bit when the left over menstrual debris is forced out. All of this is caused by the pleasurable contractions through your uterus wall due to your orgasm.

Do you insert anything snide your vagina when you masturbate? If so, you need to make sure it is clean and smooth so that it does not injure or cut you. Inserting something can also damage your hymen and make it bleed. Most women only need to rub the clitoris to orgasm. This should be safe and not cause pain or bleeding.

While masturbation and orgasms are fun, you can masturbate too much. If your thoughts ad time are consumed by masturbation or thoughts about masturbation, or you give up doing other things so that you can masturbate, it is unhealthy. There are no hard and fast numbers that are bad. One or two orgasms per day should still be fine.

On the other side, masturbation teach you about your body and sexuality, it gives you an outlet for your sexual urges and it is pretty healthy emotionally and physically. It will relax you and make your mood better. At 14, it is also much more desirable than intercourse.

For the rest, masturbation is a normal part of life. You had the ability to masturbate and orgasm before you were born, and you will have that ability right to the end. Masturbation is healthy for you. It teaches you about your body and sexual response. It relaxes you and makes you a happier person, and the chemicals released in your brain and blood during orgasm is good for you.

Your desire to masturbate may also come and go throughout your life. Some years less than other years, some months more than other months, some weeks more than other weeks. It has a lot to do with your menstrual cycle. Most women will be very horny around the ovulation week. Some women are very horny around menstruation.

Can the constipation be from being less active and your diet over these times? At the end of the year, we all get a bit lazy, and eat a lot of stuff that are not always good for us. There is no real connection between sexual activity and constipation. Keep your diet healthy and stay active.

It is impossible for you to become pregnant in this way. Even if there were semen in the bath. You need a signifficantly amount of spern deep inside your vagina to get pregnant. And even then the chances are bigger that you will not get pregnant.

You have urges and needs because that is the way Mother Nature made you. You are a sexual being. The survival of the human race depends on you being a sexual being. So it is normal to feel urges, and want to orgasm. It is after all a lot of fun. Having an orgasm is also very good for you. Chemicals and hormones are secreted into your brain and blood when you get aroused and orgasm. These makes you feel good, happy and relaxed. So it is perfectly normal to feel the urge to give yourself an orgasm.

Babies in their mother’s wombs have been seen masterbating and orgasming on ultrasounds. So it is perfectly natural and a part of who you are as a woman. Masturbation is also a good way to deal safely with your urges, Masturbation is nothing new. Men and women have done so forever. In my bible, there is not a single place where masturbation is described as wrong, or for that matter, even described. You would think that if it was considered wrong, there would at least be one reference to it being wrong, but not one. Not even close.

Be careful to worry about the right things. If you really feel like stopping, just do it. Next time you feel the need to rub yourself, just get up and go and do something else. It is as easy as that. If you decide to go ahead and masturbate, do not feel guilty or bad. It is natural. You are not hurting or harming anyone or anything. You are doing what comes naturally and what your body was made to enjoy. Just stop feeling guilty.

So I read these questions and responses and they helped but I still feel like me masturbating is what is causing my irregular period. Im 17 and I dont masturbate a lot anymore, but I do once a week sometimes not even every week, but I dont use anything to masturbate with. It sounds weird but I like hump on my clothes or blanket. But I started my period in the 5th grade and now im in 12th so yea, but I feel like the reason my period is so irregular is because, I cant remember exactly when was the first time I masturbated but for sure it was in elementary school, which is early! But I cant remember when I started to have irregular periods but for sure I remember 8th grade I had itregilar periods, I would never get it every month, it would be every other month, sometimes Id skip two.months, three months and four months. Which is extremly weird. I remember I asked my doctor in 9th grade why my period is irregular and he asked me if I was active in sports and at the time I was. I did judo, volleyball, and sprinted in track so I thought maybe that was the reason why? But I quit all those sports in like 10th grade and it is still itregular til this day! So I thought maybe ita because I masturbate and have been masturbating since I was in elementary school. Some people told me its bad that I have an irregular peruod because that might mean I wont be able to have kids since im possibly not producing enough eggs, so could masturbating make me not produce enough eggs? And I just though, maybe since ive been masturbating at such a young age i dont produce enough eggs right now since i masturbate at such a young age, if that makes sense? Im really worried :/ Sorry for such a long qiestion… Im just really worried and cant talk about with my Mom.

& Also I have another question, can masturbating cause you to break out and cause pimples? Everytime I seem to masturbate a few days later I get two or more pimples and when I dont masturbate for a few weeks I dont get any? Is it all in my head or does masturbation actually cause pimples?

I do not how to put it in other terms, or stronger terms. Masturbation does not have anything to do with fertility and cycles. If there is any connection, it is just the other way around. Your. cycle can affect how often you masturbate, since some hormones will make you horny (estrogen and testosterone). I think that is what you are experiencing. The same hormones will cause pimples. So your hormone levels shoot up, you get thorny and masturbate, and you get a breakout. Both the breakout and your masturbation is related to the change in hormones, not the other way around.

If masturbation causes cycle problems or infertility, then plain old normal sex will do the same. That will mean that every woman that is sexually active will have the same problem. And most married women will have cycle issues and be infertile.

But fortunately, having orgasms does not affect your cycle or your fertility. I know that with all the guilt we feel about masturbation, our bodies and sex, it is easy to just look for the answer right there. But the guilt is a cultural thing. It is not based on anything real. With every generation living in a little bit more liberated and enlightened world, one day there will be no guilt or fear about sexuality, bodies and masturbation. But until then, we have to grow up with it. It does not mean that it has to stick with you forever however.

A ‘normal’ cycle is between 22 and 35 days. Bleeding between 2 and 7 days. And the average of your shorter and longer cycles are less than 9 days different. So if you cycle 28 days this month, and 37 days next month, it is still within the regular range.