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I then called LOWE’S SERVICE ADVANTAGE – I really like Lowe’s by the way – and they gas oil ratio for weed eater verified my proof of purchase and that in addition to the appliance warranty I have a 5 YEAR mechanical parts repair warranty through LOWE’S. Thank goodness I purchased the service warranty from LOWE’S because Maytag was NOT honoring theirs! So then a repair person from FAST APPLIANCE REPAIR INC came to fix the refrigerator and said because it was the compressor he couldn’t repair it so I had to wait a few days later for the COMPRESSOR SPECIALIST to come out k electric share price forecast. The compressor specialist came and said he didn’t have any in stock so had to order one.

Six days later – Nov 19 – the compressor arrived at my house. I called FAST APPLIANCE REPAIR and asked for someone to schedule an installation. I said I’m RETIRED and can do it any time. They said the soonest they could f gas regulations r22 install it is NOVEMBER 28 – ONE MONTH AFTER IT BROKE. So now I’ve lost two large drawers of frozen food that spoiled. I have no refrigerator this week for my birthday and for Thanksgiving. I have to wait another 9 days to get it fixed. I am NOT HAPPY. I am sharing this experience so anyone considering buying this or any other MAYTAG product will think very carefully before making their purchase. Also, be sure gas in dogs causes to buy from Lowe’s and get the Lowe’s service plan for any appliance. I’ll try to update this if and when my refrigerator gets repaired.

On Sept. 7th I cut the palm of my hand on sharp edge, drew blood, no stitches but I was very upset. Called Maytag, transferred to the safety dept. sent out service tech. He reported that it was a safety issue, very sharp edge, he had 9gag instagram logo to put duct tape on corner to prevent any more injuries! He requested that new doors(freezerrefrigerator door) only be sent, I do not want/need the whole gas water heater reviews 2013 unit replaced. Freezer door has sharp edge also. I have numerous emails to/from corporate office begging since Feb. for a new doors so that this would not happen! Maytag’s solution is to buy back refrigerator or I should pick another model. Neither is a solution for me.

I picked this model for a reason. I asked them eur j gastroenterology hepatology impact factor to provide me with the simplest solution which is to contact factory where it is made, red flag it, talk to manager, quality control check to see that there are no sharp edges before it is shipped to me. They refuse to do that 1 simple common courtesy, customer service request! They cannot guarantee that door will come electricity and magnetism review without a sharp edge! My model is not the only 1 with this problem. I talked to salesman model in store has sharp edge in the reviews the same model had sharp edge which was submitted over 1yr ago!

So Maytag has been aware of this safety issue for some time now but chooses to do nothing about it! I chose Whirlpool because of the name, I thought it stood for quality above all excellent customer service. Was I wrong, found that out thru numerous phone/email conversations. They just don’t care! Is it too much to ask Maytag to give me a refrigerator with no safety issues?!!!

I have talked electricity 2pm mp3 to Aaron in the corporate office, he was no help at all. His # 866-817-5404 ext **. I have all the emails to/from him. Please help, I want this same refrigerator, only model that would work for me. Now that I have had personal injury have spent so much time/effort, aggravation since Feb. trying to have them do the right thing I feel that I am due monetary compensation. Bottom line electricity lesson plans for 5th grade this complaint is concerning a safety issue horrible customer service from the call center to corporate offices! The Maytag name isn’t what it used to be known for, quality service.

The Technician came to my house to inspect the fridge. He findings were that there was in fact no spills or any reason on my behalf that would 10 ethanol gas problems be causing the odor. However he did find that the foam insulation expanded to the point that the seams of my fridge were pushed out. Thus probably causing condensation in the walls creating the smell over time. He told me to keep a copy of the report because I would more than likely need it because he doubted Maytag would honor their manufacturer 5 gases in the atmosphere warranty.

When I called Maytag back to find out what was the next step they tried to tell me that the tech found nothing and there is nothing they que gases componen el aire y su porcentaje could do. At this point I made it clear that I had a copy of the report and that there was in fact a manufacturer’s defect. And that if something was not done I would take the report to the Better Business Bureau. She proceeded to put me on hold for 45 minutes and came back saying they have to send another technician. (Probably one who would report what they wanted reported). I am 2 weeks in with no fridge cause the smell infiltrates anything I put electricity gif in it. With no resolve. Shame on you Maytag. Sincerely a VERY disgusted customer.