Top 1,223 reviews and complaints about american express platinum card (amex) electricity grid code


The card upgrade should come with a promotional offer which requires me to spend $2,000 in 3 months in order to get the cash back. After I did not receive the card in a few weeks, I called the phone customer service team 3 times in December. The representatives told me that it starts to count the 3 months from my receiving the card and activating the card.

However, in late December, after I still did not receive the card, I contacted the chat customer service. They told me a different instruction that it has already started counting the 3 months from November 2018. They asked me to spend $ 2000 in 1 month instead of 3 months. What gas efficient cars 2016 makes me mad is not the Amex promotion policies but the different instructions from different customer service, the bad/rude attitude of the chat customer service representative, and the lies going around during the customer services, which are further demonstrated in the follow-up chats and calls. When I brought up the different instructions between phone service and chat service, the chat representative told me that the two teams do not communicate, and then he/she provided me a phone number of the phone team and asked me to call the phone team and figure out the problem myself.

I am NOT a worker at Amex. If there is a gap between the chat and phone teams, it is Amex’s responsibility to fill the gap. This extremely bad chat service made me decide to close the Amex card and fill out the feedback forms several times expecting the response from the managers. What is even worse is the following attempts to get a response from the managers. There are so many lies and different versions of instructions during the follow-up. One said there is no way to talk to the gas constant for helium manager. The other said I can get a response in 2-3 month and there are no other ways to accelerate the process. Another said I can get a reply in 7-10 days. Then another promised I can get a callback in 72 h. The only fact which is true is I do NOT get any response after more than 10 times calls and chats. With such a lying team, what is the future of Amex?

6 days, which is 4 business days, I still do not have my money. I called and they said they sent me a check. I said why because I had asked for wire transfer of funds. Okay they said, You do have a wiring of the money and it take 7 business days. Why would a wire transfer take as long as mailing a check??? I asked for a Supervisor again. After a 20 minute hold, they must have a lot of problems for gasket t 1995 that to happen, right? He said it would take 7 business days to transfer the funds back to me. Why would it take as long as a check?

I asked them to mail me a letter as to all the steps they have taken to rectify the problem and they said they could not do that. That the first attempt to transfer had a technical error and the second time it went through. SO what good does the confirmation number do? I can still see the money sitting in my account after 5 days and it still hasn’t been wired! I know it may not be much money to some, but to me it is! So they still haven’t gotten through the paperwork to send it. I told them after 35 years of being a customer I am cancelling AFTER I get my money back!

All of my credit card payments are due the 1st of the month but I usually make my payments before the due date but I have my auto pay set just in case I forget to make the payment by the due date electricity kwh to unit converter. For AMEX, on December and January autopay kicked in and took payment on 12/1 and 1/1. No problem. But then on 1/22 I get this alert from my bank saying there is an overdraft in my account. At first, I had no idea where this charge was coming from. After some investigation I found out that AMEX autopay kicked in for some strange reason.

So I called AMEX and spoke to a representative about whether they can stop this payment from going through. Since I only put money in my checking account whenever I need to make a payment and it takes at least one business day for my money to transfer from savings to checking, I knew that I was going to be charged an overdraft fee. AMEX representative told me that she can’t stop autopay from processing but she ASSURED me TWICE that AMEX will take care of both return payment fee from AMEX and from the bank. Though I thought that statement was a bit suspicious, since I trusted AMEX at the time, I decided to just wait for my funds to transfer rather than physically go use an ATM to put funds in my checking account.

Two days later, I call back asking AMEX to credit me for the overdraft fee of $34. Guess what? Representatives start telling me that the rep I talked to two days earlier had no idea what she was talking about and they can’t credit me for anything. I literally spoke to 10 different representatives, got hung up three times, spent over 2 hours explaining the same thing over and over again.

I explained that my payment due date and autopay setting were NEVER changed and autopay should NOT HAVE gone through on 1/22. They acknowledged that autopay setting change request was never received and it was strange that I was charged on 1/1 and then again on 1/22. Regardless, they didn’t want to be responsible for the inconvenience their autopay error caused. Then finally, the last representative told me that she would credit me $34 for the overdraft fee (bank) and $27 return payment fee (AMEX) and I would see it on my account in 24 hours. I was skeptical that she was able to credit me back so quickly when 9 other representatives were telling me they can’t do anything about it, so I asked her to send me a confirmation email about this whole situation gas bloating diarrhea and she told me that I would receive an email shortly after our conversation.

24 hours later, still no credit and no email so I call back in. Then I found out that EVERYTHING TOLD TO ME WAS A LIE. No credit was on its way, none of those I will credit you information was written on my records. Basically, making me sound like a crazy person who doesn’t understand company gas vs electric oven policy. Honestly, $34 is not a lot, but that is something I didn’t have to pay/be responsible for if 1. AMEX autopay didn’t get messed up, 2. customer representative didn’t lie to me about reimbursing me the penalty fees. Fee is something I couldn’t care less, but the way AMEX made their promise then broke it and then made another promise just to break it for the second time and making me waste so much time and energy is unacceptable.

Anyway, I called my bank and they immediately gave me back $34 return payment fee. So, be aware. AMEX customer representatives have no idea what they are talking about and will just make random promises and lie to you to make you happy (or get rid of you). New year and new credit card with no annual fee and better customer service and error-free payment system for me, and YOU SHOULD too.