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They hide this in their accounting ledger online which DOES NOT show how payments correspond to monthly balance! Customer Service is useless and just try to drive you to use their apps but details are NOT clear and they obviously do this for a reason! So you don’t realize how much you are paying! I only noticed yesterday when I paid $500 and electricity lesson plans middle school realized upon looking at the NEW balance today that there was a $30 discrepancy between what I had paid and the new amount. I only found out because I TOOK A SCREENSHOT of the OLD BALANCE AND COMPARED IT TO THE NEW ONE!

Sallie Mae sold me a FIXED INTEREST LOAN which was already high and after loads of calls and signing I thought indeed that interest was only 7.5% on my loan and that this was the fixed and there were no other hidden fees, costs or whatever semantics/words you want to through in here. I haven’t calculated how much I have paid over past years but will do now – I believe it amounts to over 5-10% on top my fixed loan. So instead of paying $35k loan off it’s closer to $50k! They obfuscate and lie! Don’t bother trying to decipher the fine print! TAKE A LOAN WITH SOMEONE ELSE static electricity how it works!

When I finally talked to someone it was some young guy who put me on hold about 10 times every time I asked a question and was on the phone with him for over 1 hr 15 mins until I told him to escalate me to a manager. He didn’t even want to do that, could not provide answers on why my credit was reported yet sat there like a broken record saying I had to pay and kept asking me for payment methods. I had also explained multiple times that gas bubble in back I was still currently in school at this time as well which means I should have still been in my grace period.

When I finally was able to speak with a manager, she told me I was over 160 days late and I told her I don’t understand because I have not graduated and agreed to make payments after graduation. This information was reported Dec of 2017 yet she told me they reported me in 2015 which makes absolute no sense. They adjusted the interest and after graduation I had to get on a payment plan instead of paying 1400$ monthly. They incorrectly reported my information and I later called back for them to correct my credit score and they refused to correct that as well saying they had nothing to do with that. I ended up making a credit dispute and got one electricity notes class 10 pdf lifted because Sallie Mae didn’t respond to my inquiry.

About a month ago I was able to refinance elsewhere and consolidate my Sallie Mae loans on my own because they continually raised my interest rates; I had to find another alternative. I went from paying 600$ monthly to paying 128$ with the new company. The icing on top of the cake was when I got a statement a month before the consolidation showing that I paid -34% of my loans off even though I’ve been paying it for a number of years. Now that I am completely rid of them I am convinced they love screwing people’s credit and making sure that you are not able to pay off your loans with them. Stay away from this company!!

I asked how that happened and here to find out they were sending emails to my parents because they were my co signers! They never sent anything to me and I had no idea! I could only pay off the months that were past due and asked Sallie Mae gas guzzler tax what my options were since they literally took everything from me. They said I could defer the loan for 3 months so I could “get back on my feet.” I had no other option so I decided to defer it. Had to pay them a $100 “in good faith” charge. At that time my payments were a little over $300. Then when those three months were up my payments went up to $450! At that time I was working 40+ hours a week just to scrape by. I kept paying it and now I have 2.5 years left to pay on a 6 year loan and 102 months to pay on a 12 year electricity use loan and my payments are over $500.

I have never missed another payment and when I call to see if something can be done since I’m drowning they say I could defer the loan (HA FAT CHANCE) or I could let the payment go to collections and “maybe” they can work something out. Every few months my payment also goes up. Apparently when we signed up for the loan and my parents not knowing anything since I was arkansas gas and oil commission the first child to go to college they decided to pick the variable interest rate instead of fixed. After talking to the representatives I asked how I can get a fixed rate? They say “Well you would have to refinance the loan and we don’t do that here.” OF COURSE YOU DON’T! They are unhelpful and THE WORSE COMPANY EVER! I cannot stress that enough. Beware of this company, once you sign those papers they literally own your soul and you signed your life over to the devil.