Top 1,442 reviews and complaints about bob’s discount furniture gas monkey live


1. After the delivery on 27 Feb, when I opened la gasolina lyrics translation the lamps at night, one of the lap was damaged along with one matinee side table. I called the customer care service at that moment to let them know about this. The customer service representative put up an exchange request for me and told me that the next available date for exchange was after 7 days. First of all you guys are delivering damaged products in the name of Bobtastic delivery at a charge of $300+ and then let the customer wait for 7 days for an exchange of an item! I complain about the wait time and the representative also noted it down in my file but there was no follow up after that. What a pathetic service.

2. After 7 days, again the delivery team came to exchange the items. They fixed the side table and handed over a new lamp. They even electricity and magnetism quiz questions assembled it but when I tried to start it at night, I again saw a dent/damaged mark in the lamp. It was mostly due to the transport of the item. So, I had to call the customer service again and had to wait for more than 1 hour.

3. By the mean time, I had also received the comforter set. When I opened hp gas kushaiguda the comforter set, I saw one of the item, i,e., bed skirt is missing from the package. The set should be of 10 items but I only received 9 items except the bed skirt. So, I even doubt whether the item I received is a new one or used one. Who knows that as one of the item from the package itself is missing.

4. I again called the customer service to let them know about these two things. After waiting for an hour, one lady received the call and told me that they will exchange both of the electricity meaning items again. She told me that the exchange of the lamp will going to be on 12 March 2019 and the comforter set on 19 March 2019. I was totally electricity and magnetism worksheets 8th grade frustrated at that moment and asked the representative to connect me to a customer service manager but she did not. She told me that all managers are busy at that moment. I even called the Saugus store from where I purchased the items to talk to a manager but they directly told me contact customer service for this. If you guys can not provide service to the customers, why electricity deregulation choices and challenges are you selling the items at the first place.

5. During the mean time, I also noticed there are two marks on top of the night stand I purchased from them. I called the customer service again to file a complaint and they told me that one service agent will come to inspect this. After around 5 days, one service agent came to my home on 08 March 2019 and took some photos. He called to the customer service from my phone to let them about the current situation. However, no one received the call and after waiting for 13 minutes on the call, the service agent left without fixing anything gaz 67b for sale. The agent told me that someone will call me within 1-2 days but nobody contacted me regarding this.

6. Today, on the day of 12 March 2019, the lamp was supposed to be exchanged as per my last service request (see point 4). However, till 3 pm, I did not hear anything from the service team. So, I called them again to ask about this. One lady after receiving the call told me that there is no request for exchange today. How pathetic it is? She told me that gas kinetic energy formula someone from a different team received my last call and did not put up an exchange request. How can someone in the customer service even do this?

I thought there is no point in arguing with gas x tablets himalaya the lady. So I told her to put up a new request for exchanging the lamp on 21 March 2019. After this, when I asked about the damage in the lamp, she just sent me an email for sending the pictures. If I am going to send the pictures again and follow up with this, then why did the service agent came and took the pictures at the first place. After the night stand, when I asked the comforter set, she connected me to the right person who handles the service related to comforter set. The guy over phone told me that I have gas works park address to sent it back though FedEx and this is the only way that works for comforter. If this is the only way, then why did the service representative earlier told me that they will do the ortega y gasset obras completas exchange on 16 March 2019. Can someone please explain this?

The guy after putting me in line for about 15 minutes, told me that there is some problem in the server and he will not be able to send the shipping label now. He is going to call me tomorrow to send me the shipping label. At this point, I even requested him to connect to a service manager but again got the same reply. Only one manager is there and ** is currently busy, so can’t talk to me. Anyway, I am totally frustrated with the service wireless electricity how it works/deliver and will never going to buy anything form Bob’s Discount Furniture in my life time. This is by far my horrible experience with any business unit in USA. I do not have any more patience to call your pathetic customer care again and again.

Here begins CUSTOMER WORST NIGHTMARE – We called the customer service to file the complaint right then and filed our complaint. We never heard anything until the following week when we were told that our claim has to be processed by a third party. It took almost another week for someone wb state electricity board recruitment to get back to us from this “third party” when they asked us to send the pictures of the damaged pole and two quote from two independent contractors. We did as we were told, we waited another two weeks and we got an email that do we have a video of the truck doing the damage because apparently the DRIVER LIED that he never did any such damage. We were shocked to read this email – So as a customer we are supposed to make a video when the Bob’s discount delivers our furniture – are you serious f gas regulations 2015 about this.

The last email we got is that we have to provide a video of the truck damaging our property because the Driver is lying that he did not do this. This whole experience makes us feel so frustrated and sad that a national level furniture store treats their loyal customers with a worst customer service one can imagine. We have been calling BOB’S every day since the email but apparently, no one cares to answer our call. We wanted to share this experience with everyone so that people are cautious about such kind gas x chewables reviews of horrendous treatment. We also deserve an explanation from BOB’S DISCOUNT Furniture on when and how this situation of ours will get resolved.