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Well, they then called back and said they could have a double team out there on the following Saturday instead and they could finish by that Monday. I said Ok, as long as you can guarantee that you will be here. This has been 3 times I had to ask for time off of work already. The man on the phone said once again 100%, we will be there. They called that Friday night and said they could not make it. I called the regional manager on the following Monday and set up a firm date. Finally.

When the crew came, their work order gas constant in atm was not what we agreed to. They complained about having to go through a wall, which was known to be there and on the diagram. They could not put the plugs in the wall like the salesman said they could. Once we got everything straightened out, the work was done in two days. A little over 1 month later (it is now January) and I have a couple wet spots in the basement. I now have to go through this all over again because they cannot live up to their promises. Save yourself the frustration and go elsewhere.

Mid-Atlantic replaced the drainage around the interior of the basement floor. So they cut through the cement and unfinished base arkla gas pay bill and also the concrete floor, pulled gas prices in texas 2015 up the old pipe, regraded it, laid done new pipe, replaced our sump pump and the drain cover from the basement access from outside, and then poured new concrete over top of all that and sealed it back up. I was in contact with the rep over phone, and the work crew came by when scheduled, and they got the work done within the time frame.

We had a little bit of hiccup because they were doing concrete work outside and with the basement access, so we had to wait for some of the rain to pass. But they worked rather efficiently. They had to modify what they did, and they went ahead with that without telling me that they were changing what they were doing. But when I called the rep, he explained why it was done that way. I got the explanation, but it was just that gas pump emoji they didn’t tell me that they changed it before doing it even though I was home during the time they were working.

We had some old lumber out in the back of the house through the basement, and the work crew didn’t ask me to clear it out. They just chucked it off to the side without asking, and I didn’t really appreciate that much. But overall, I would recommend Mid-Atlantic. The people there seemed knowledgeable, and we’re very pleased with the work overall. We’re not having the water intrusion in the basement anymore. The sump pump they gave us is quieter than the one we had and everything seems to be okay gas meter car.

Since the installation, I’ve called them twice and they’ve been very responsive. The first time was because some of the water, which was being pumped out by a sump pump to the exterior of the house, was washing away our pavement on the side. They came and diverted the water by putting a longer pipe in. But that didn’t really solve the problem. We’ve had a lot of rain this year and now, it is the front of the house that is being washed out. So we called them again. I also noticed la gasolina in english that one of our pumps wasn’t functioning well. In the front, there are two sump pumps diagonally opposite in the basement. One was working very hard and the other one wasn’t working that much. So I called three days ago and they stopped by yesterday in the evening.

The service technician was a very nice gentleman from the Victor, New York office. He explained to me what they were going to do and that the service technician was gonna stop by today and check to make sure that the standby battery box was working fine. They’re going to switch the battery box to the other pump. We need that one to work for sure because that pumps out the most water. Number two is to divert the exhaust water in a way that it doesn’t hurt our front pavement. If they a gaseous mixture contains cannot get rid of the exhaust water in a way that it doesn’t damage our pavement, we may have to have some extra work done. But hopefully, we won’t need to go to another step.

Nonetheless, the basic system works well. Considering the mess the basement was previously, it’s in a much better shape now. As far as dampness is concerned, we were advised to get a good quality dehumidifier over-the-counter. We’ll go to Lowe’s or Home Depot and get one, which is not a big deal. I also liked the fact that they didn’t have to dig up the outside. I’d definitely recommend them.

I couldn’t believe that the installation guys did the job in two days. It was on a Saturday and a Sunday too, which I was really gas gas impressed with. Before coming out, they called to see if they could come earlier than anticipated. I couldn’t change my schedule but my wife was there. I told her what to tell them and they totally reacted to everything. So I couldn’t be any happier with gas in chest those guys. And they worked extremely hard. They had to hand-bucket the dirt, the stone and the concrete in five-gallon buckets and they did a really nice job.

But the salesperson said something while giving the presentation that did not occur in the installation. And that was the only issue that I was extremely disappointed in. He didn’t know where they were gonna put the submersible sump pump and I was concerned about the electrical. He said that they would run an extension cord but it had to be one that the company provided, not one that I would give to the guy when they got here. Otherwise, the warranty would be null. But when I said that to the gentleman who was installing, he was totally puzzled. He didn’t know what I was talking about. But I called the office right away and explained the situation to them, and they reacted extremely fast. They shipped the extension cord and within two days, I got it.

When you call Mid-Atlantic, you talk to a person. You don’t talk to a recording. And if you leave gas stoichiometry calculator a message or if the person you wanna talk to is not available, they get back to you. You don’t have to call them back. The salesperson that I had was not that way. But the main office was excellent. I could bypass everything. There was more good that outweighed the salesperson who came to the house. The people at Mid-Atlantic were very efficient, dependable and caring. They definitely cared about the issue I had with my Bilco door. It’s just a minor issue and they still said they would address the problem and make it right. I’m very happy gas works park events with them.

Mid-Atlantic is an awesome company and I would definitely recommend them. The system wasn’t cheap but it’s one of the best investments that I’ve made for my house. Some of the negative comments online about waterproofing installation is the dirt and naturally, you’re gonna have that. But I didn’t see any negativity about the system not working. In fact, it has really saved us. With what’s going on right now all around Central Pennsylvania, we get saturated. It’s the most rain we’ve had and my basement gas bubble would be definitely flooded without that system.

There were also several points which could have been handled better at the start, but they did deal with mainly everything we brought to their attention. They put in a new sump pump and had the water drained right outside the deck in the backyard. So, our access to the yard had become a mud pool. When we brought it the attention of the wider team gas natural fenosa, somebody came out and dealt with it. Also, there was an existing sump pump that drained to the front of the house. It went through a pipe that comes up right to the curb, which mainly everyone in our apartment has. What they did instead was ignore that and run the water out of the basement into the yard. So, that would have continued to a surface flooding. I asked them why they did that and they told me that I’d have to sign a release telling us that we could use that one and not be liable for anything that went wrong gas definition. I asked why didn’t they discuss it with us instead of doing that. So, we got an extra hole in the wall but they fixed it. They plugged up the hole and connected the old sump pump.

Then they ended up stringing the wire to the new sump pump, hanging from the ceiling. We have crazy cats that like to eat wire so we don’t want wires hanging down from the ceiling. It wasn’t unfinished, but it was one that was in active daily use. We told them that couldn’t have been right. but they said that they would need an electrician. I told them they should have said something but they didn’t. So, in the end, we agreed to compromise. They knocked a couple of hundred bucks off the bill. So, they came electricity usage calculator south africa back on everything and they at least responded.

All seemed fine initially and we had a dry basement. We could switch off the dehumidifiers we had down there, but lately, we’ve had to switch one back on. It’s not that the pump is not working as they’re all pumping water out. So, we still have a problem. On the other hand, it’s been an unusually wet year as we’ve had a lot of rain. So, we spent a lot of money and we haven’t got a dry basement.