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Back before she was a pop star in her own right, Jessie J was writing pop for artists like Miley Cyrus. Inspired by the thuggish way her male producers were dressing, Jessie wrote a song to parody overtly tough masculinity . Originally intended for Rihanna, the song became J’s debut single after her label insisted she record it instead . Blending singing and rap over a hip hop beat, Jessie also dissects how ridiculously tough rappers have to sound.Jessie shows off her own grit in the process, without ever actually feeling hateful to men in her lyrics.

Through a deep reflection on every way she’s mistreated her loved ones, Jessie J found strength in her flawed humanity . J is brutally honest with herself throughout the song, pointing out how damaging her perfectionism can be. Jessie’s personal lyrics even shed light on how her music has alienated her friends, who worry she may sing about them next. Despite the very mature way Jessie owns up to her mistakes, she allegedly wrote the song when she was 17. Jessie’s colorful music video for the song brought her different personalities to life, and as of early 2018 has gained over 90 million views on YouTube.

While making ‘Pitch Perfect 2,’ the writers needed an original song about friendship with an epic feeling . Tapping the writing talents of Sia and Sam Smiththe song had a massive sound to its tender lyricism. Jessie J was brought on board to deliver the track’s devastating vocals. Jessie was happy to sing as a fan of the original film, which featured takes on Jessie’s ‘Price Tag’ and Sia’s ‘Titanium’. The song also anchors the film’s story, as the first original song for both the Barden Bellas and the franchise.

Singing away all her haters and setbacks, Jessie J created a surprisingly powerful anthem for the dejected of the world . Despite the song’s unusual mix of dramatic strings and electronic beats, it continuously feels uplifting and inspiring. Jessie’s vocals soar through the chorus, representing a triumph over all the struggles from the verses. The lyrics take an unconventional route to empowering listeners, with Jessie exposing all her imperfections to prove she’s only human. The words were so powerful that one female fan told the track’s writers that it saved her from taking her own life. The encouraging message resonated in Australia, where the song charted for weeks before going platinum.

Jessie’s fourth album ‘ R.O.S.E.’ charts her return to music across four words, in this case O for obsession . Using ‘Not My Ex’ to delve into the baggage we carry into new relationships, J humanizes each seemingly crazy feeling until it’s understandable . Stripping down her usually large production, Jessie tightens the focus down to the important lyrics. With “Not my Ex", J turns a confessional conversation into an emotionally invigorating power ballad. Jessie manages to make the song even more intimate in her barebones music video, as she sneaks romantic whispers to her new lover instead of singing her words.

Before she was signed to a major label, Jessie would post her favourite originals to YouTube to promote herself. One of the earliest tracks was this big brass-filled stomper, where she sings about her family’s love with a snarl. Despite the more electronic touches Jessie adds to the track on record, the song’s sound really pops on stage. The touching lyrics and rough attitude helped J turn heads, and she credits the song as the start of her success. While the song never got a proper release as a single, it was solid enough to go all the way to number 59 on UK charts.

When she came together with heavyweights like Ariana Grande and Nicki Minaj, Jessie proved she could really hold her own as a singer . The song booms with huge drums and percussion, letting each vocal take center-stage. Next to the sultry calls of Grande and Minaj’s fast raps, Jessie soars as the track’s powerhouse singer . The song really takes off as they come together on massive harmonies, making being bad sound like fun. The cheeky lyrics and palpable excitement the singers have on the recording keeps the energy going, making each chorus all the more explosive.

Inspired by all the Prince and Whitney Houston she was listening to, Jessie wanted to make a song that was just as dynamic. With a glowing electropop groove, the track has a frantic and ecstatic energy to it that never stops. The song hits hard with dance-inducing guitars, and J firing catchy vocal hooks again and again . Jessie shouts about how crazy her lover makes her, intoxicated and confident in her new romance.Her vocals peak in the bridge, cascading higher and higher until the shocking climax. The track’s instant pop magic also helped it go double platinum in the United States .

As counterintuitive as it seems, Jessie J found her breakthrough preaching against materialism. Through a blend of hip hop and reggae, the song’s instantly soothing vibe made it a massive hit . Jessie’s lyrics promote a more relaxed outlook on life, working for what you love instead of just money. B.o.B’s rap seamlessly elevates the message, describing how simply you can get by when you follow your passion. The coconut man and moonhead that Jessie names off in the song are actually her nicknames for writers Dr. Luke and Claude Kelly. Despite its anti-money message, the song quickly became her first major number one.

After a rough phase in the music industry, Jessie was lost and ready to abandon her art. Harnessing her raw emotions, J wrote ‘Who You Are’ to let it all out and motivate herself beyond the pain . Through the tender pianos and strings, Jessie’s belting provides an inspiring strength within her suffering. The track’s sharp message about staying true to yourself made it a fan favourite while humanizing J as a celebrity . While it was only a moderate success commercially, it also kept Jessie from ending her career.