Top 10 best upright freezers of 2017 for sale static electricity zap


3.0 Cubic Feet size is perfect to turn it into a mini fridge whenever required. The size is a perfect for to be placed anywhere from garage to the kitchen. It does acquire much space but the storage it provides is amazing. It can safely keep your frozen foods; fulfill your extra ice requirements whenever needed at an instant rate!

Its temperature controls are so powerful that it flawlessly works in the extremes temperatures. Another wonderful thing that we liked about this product is that its energy efficient product. It delivers performance without burning a hole in your pocket. Plus, its motor makes no noise. If you want to keep it in the room by all means! The other features of the Product you can learn in a detailed review of this freezer.

It’s commendable to see how energy efficient the electrical appliances have become these days. There has been a significant reduction in the energy consumption of the current appliances as compared to the ones that we were using in the late 90s. This is great!

The electricity measured by a refrigerator or freezer is in kilowatt hours (kWh). You can calculate the annual cost of running the refrigerator or freezer by multiplying the kWh figure by the cost of electricity in your area. Choosing the best upright freezer for your needs

During my research on the upright freezers, I found out that the major brands like Danby, SPT, Midea, Whytner offer a wide range of freezer for consumers when it comes to the size, efficiency and quality. But the major factor that affects you as a consumer with an end-product in your hands is to consider the needs in between the upright freezer models before buying is the energy efficient and storage capacity.

Like the inside temperature controls, it is also vital to keep in mind where you are going to place an upright freezer in your home. You need to decide the location of the placement of the upright freezer and whether it will fit conveniently into the designated space or not. These freezers need at least 3 inches by the side and 1 inch behind the back for the proper air flow.

Equally important is the direction in which the freezer may open. You would want to opt for an upright freezer model that has reversible doors. You or the factory installation people can place the hinges on both sides of the door. This allows an easy access and also flexibility in terms of the placement of the freezer. Storage Space

The basic selection for an upright freezer depends on what kind of storage capacity you are looking for in a freezer. The average space acquired in an upright freezer for a small family is around 16 cubic feet. If you are looking to add up to the storage capacity of your current refrigerator then a small upright freezer is your best option. Design

The number of shelves availability and the baskets can help you in making the decision a bit easier. Try to opt for a freezer that has multiple adjustable shelves so that you can store your foods without tearing up the boxes and for optimum space utilization. If there are good bargains in the supermarket you will not have to pass on them thinking. “Where am I going to store them?”

An upright freezer also needs a long lasting bright light or an LED. Most importantly, the most high-end upright freezer models have an auto mode set up for defrost and frost-free. This is actually a very important feature as it saves you from the trouble of manually doing it yourself and cleaning the mess later on. Warranty

An upright freezer is not meant for the regular home use. You cannot open and shut it as arbitrarily as a home refrigerator it will not be able to hold the temperature and the whole purpose of the upright freezer will be down the drains! The best idea is to store them in the basement, a garage or a specific place out of the way of everybody where it can function at the optimum level without any disturbance. Conclusion

The upright freezers that we have mentioned above are a few of the excellent options available to keep your food lasts longer and fresher for a long time. This review is intended to make your decision more informed and a lot easier so that you can select a machine that not only caters to your requirement but also is energy efficient.