Top 10 jutsu in the naruto series gas hydrates ppt


For this list, we’ll be looking at the techniques uses by the cast of the Naruto franchise and ranking them based on their popularity and impact on the series, not necessarily on their destructive capability. Keep in mind we will also be including Kekkai Genkai, and that you should also be on the lookout for a few spoilers down the line.

Oh sure, from the outset Rock Lee and Might Guy look like a couple of dweebs who would make for terrible ninja. However, once they start opening those inner gates of theirs, good luck trying to land a hit on them! At the risk of bodily harm and even death, our favourite bowl cut duo can increase their physical abilities to a drastic extent. So much so that not even the likes of Gaara, Kisame Hoshigaki and even Madara Uchiha were able to escape unharmed. But what else would you expect from the power of youth?

It may be one of the most basic techniques in Gaara’s arsenal, but that’s not to say it isn’t deadly. By using the sand from his gourd, Gaara is able to trap his opponent in an immovable cocoon. This is often followed by the poor soul inside being crushed as the sand implodes them, leaving quite a bloody mess afterwards. Over time Gaara has been able to increase the volume of the sand to the point where he can ensnare the likes of the most hardened shinobi, such as the Akatsuki’s Deidara.

The first but certainly not the last of the series’ ocular abilities to make this list, these are the eyes that made the Hyuuga Clan some of the most fearsome ninja in all the land. Capable of seeing almost three-hundred and sixty degrees, able to pinpoint a person’s chakra, not to mention come with a built-in zoom-function, nothing escapes those who have mastered the Byakugan’s sight. Think that’s impressive? Just wait to you see what happens when it’s combined with the Hyuuga’s chakra-blocking gentle fist style taijutsu.

Granted there really is no use for this technique other than mindless fanservice, but we’ll be damned if it hasn’t served Naruto well throughout the series. Able to transform himself into a female, always naked version of himself, this sudden genderswap has been the cause of many nosebleeds throughout the Hidden Leaf Village, made all the worst when he combines it with his clones. However, for those whose tastes via towards the reverse harem genre, don’t worry, Naruto has a jutsu for that as well.

The pride of the Uchiha Clan, it’s fair to say the majority of trouble caused in the series stems from the power of these immensely dangerous eyes. An evolved version of the original Sharingan, those armed with such eyes are granted a whole host of incredible abilities, mostly to do with casting illusions, seeing through illusions and at one point turning reality itself into an illusion. If Itachi and Sasuke are anything to go by, for those armed with the Mangekyo Sharingan, death is truly in the eye of the beholder.

Did we mention that the Sharingan is awesome? Because the Sharingan is damn awesome. So much so that it’s offensive traits deserve spots of their own. Aside from trapping foes in an illusionary world, the initial reason we feared this ocular ability was its primary form of attack; creating a surge of black fire that could not be extinguished. So much so that it could easily burn through other flames! Uncontrollable to an extent, overuse of such an attack has caused Itachi and Sasuke some rather severe eye problems.

Before he learned to take control of the demon that lurked inside of him, Naruto’s only real talent was creating fully functional copies of himself; ones capable of self-thought and that are rather handy when piling on the damage to a foe. Over time, Naruto perfected this to the point where he was able to creature hundreds of clones at once. No matter how strong he got over the series run, you could always count on Naruto to bust this technique out when the situation looked dire.

By far the flashiest weapon in the Mangekyo Sharingan’s arsenal, this ability calls upon a giant avatar formed of chakra to shelter and lash out on behalf of its user. The size and scope of this thing is so great that it can soak up damage like a sponge before lashing with a terrible amount of force. While immersed in their respective Susanoo Itachi was able to slay Orochimaru’s pet snake with no issue whatsoever, Sasuke put the Five Kage through their paces, while Madara nearly won the war against an army of allied ninja. For most, the activation of such a jutsu is a sure sign that you are about to get torn asunder.

Aside from the reliance on his Sharingan, Sasuke’s ace in the hole throughout the series has been his this particular lightning-based technique. A concentrated burst of electricity, Sasuke is able to tear through most foes with ease. And that’s just in its most basic form. Much like Sasuke, the Chidori has gone through several phases over time. Able to be combined with the evil of the Curse Mark, his weapons, even with the freaking Susanoo, with this ability in hand Sasuke has quite literally shocked the shinobi world.

From a visual standpoint, this spiralling sphere has managed to astound fans by taking down some of the series’ most dangerous villains and, much like Sasuke and the Chidori, has evolved right alongside Naruto in terms of devastation. Look no further than the Rasenshuriken. Of course, there’s also the emotional impact that lies beneath the surface. Created by the Fourth Hokage, taught to Naruto by Jiraiya, this jutsu has been passed down from mentors to students throughout the years, making it something a memento. A memento capable of royally ruining the day of anyone caught in its vortex.