Top 10 most anticipated netflix originals of 2018 66 gas station


For this list, we’re focusing on upcoming Netflix Originals, both new and returning, that seem destined to be trending topics in 2018. Note that the release dates of some of these productions are tentative, so we’re using the latest information available as of November 2017.

Spurred on by the Cold War science rivalry, the race to the moon made outer space a hot topic in ‘60s TV – from “The Jetsons” to “Star Trek”. “Lost in Space”, taking its inspiration the 1812 novel, “Swiss Family Robinson,” was another cult classic. It followed the adventures of a family whose spaceship is sabotaged, leaving them, well . . . lost in space. Netflix’s new iteration will focus in on a new Robinson family, who grapple with strange aliens, hostile environments and the most unpredictable foe of all: interpersonal relationships.

In 2015, Netflix released “Jessica Jones,” thrilling fans and new viewers alike. Based on the Marvel Comics character, this Netflix Original has far more to offer than popcorn thrills. Krysten Ritter portrays a retired superhero who opens a detective agency and tracks down criminals in New York City. This series is quite dark, both in its visual palette and plot-wise; it’s a cinematic experience that you can enjoy without shelling out big bucks at a movie theater. Season 1 has proven a female superhero can succeed on the small screen and we’re sure season 2 will continue that trend.

Based on Josh Karp’s 2006 non-fiction book, this movie adaptation will surely be full of sophomoric humor along with some drama. If you’re at all familiar with “National Lampoon” magazine, then you know just what we’re talking about. “A Futile and Stupid Gesture” is based on co-founder Doug Kenney, a charismatic and trailblazing writer, who will be played by “Saturday Night Live” alum Will Forte. Speaking of “SNL”, many of their iconic cast members began their careers at “National Lampoon”, so it will be interesting to see Joel McHale’s interpretation of Chevy Chase and John Gemberling take on John Belushi. With its all-star cast, this one should be absolutely hilarious and full of R-rated humor.

If you enjoy gritty films like “Starred Up” or “Hell or High Water,” then this David McKenzie film should be on your radar. The Scottish director is teaming up with Netflix for a historical drama about 14th century badboy Robert the Bruce, otherwise known as, well, the Outlaw King: the scourge of the English army and the father of Scottish independence.. With Chris Pine in the leading role, you can expect A-list star power to complement McKenzie’s hard-edged style of filmmaking. His movies feature tough guys with axes to grind, and for this one, there will be blood. Oh, yes: there will be epic battles and epic production design.

You know and we know it, too: zombies are taking over the world. For this Korean series, Netflix enlisted Kim Seong-hun to direct. He’s a huge director in Korea, with 2016’s “The Tunnel” showcasing what he can bring to the table. For this show, he’s teaming up with acclaimed Korean writer Kim Eun-hee. With its medieval Joseon period setting, “Kingdom” should be the beneficiary of hefty production support from Netflix for cool design and effects. With the historical zombie narrative, we can expect multiple insane episodes. Most of all, though, it’s a good sign that Netflix is willing to diversify themselves with another K-Drama.

In 2007, Dark Horse Comics released a brand new comic book series, one that fascinated readers with its alternate history premise. Here’s what you need to know: John F. Kennedy was never assassinated, and women give birth to superhero babies, much like the Virgin Mary gave birth without technically being “pregnant.” So, yeah, “The Umbrella Academy” is looking back in time and thinking ahead. This Netflix Original will feature Ellen Page as Vanya Hargreeves, aka The White Violin; and we’re still waiting for more deets, just like everybody else. If you haven’t read the original comics, then now is the time to sign up for “The Umbrella Academy.”

Whereas some high-profile comics are pining for another big hit, others are preparing for major Netflix success. Chris Rock – a “Saturday Night Live” veteran and pop culture renaissance man – recently signed on the dotted line for two specials, each worth twenty million dollars. Yes, you heard that right. It’s been nearly a decade since Rock’s last special, “Kill the Messenger,” and if you know his comedic style, then you know that touchy societal topics are fair game. With this Netflix Original, we can expect even more future-classic Chris Rock bits and a routine that will be cutting-edge and perfected for the digital age.

Featuring dashing Swedish actor Alexander Skarsgård – you know, Pennywise’s brother! – as a mute bartender searching for his missing love, this upcoming science fiction flick is based in futuristic Berlin. Director Duncan Jones is behind this Netflix Original, the same man behind “Moon,” “Source Code” and “Warcraft.” Oh, and he’s also David Bowie’s son. So, just imagine the wild world he’ll build for “Mute,” a Netflix Original that will also feature the always-reliable Paul Rudd, as well as Justin Theroux from HBO’s “The Leftovers”. This movie has been described by Jones as a “spiritual” sequel to “Moon.”

Believe it or not, but James Franco is working on another project. Yet, “The Ballad of Buster Scruggs” isn’t just another art-house indie, it’s a Netflix Original from the Coen Brothers. Yes, this is actually happening. With this western anthology, Netflix takes another giant leap forward, and James Franco will reunite with his co-star from HBO’s “The Deuce,” Zoe Kazan. Expect zany comedy, cinematic virtuosity and, most likely, something beautifully bizarre. This will be unlike any other Netflix series, and that’s because it’s a Coen Brothers production – a true Netflix . . . Original.

If the Coen Brothers’ take on black comedy doesn’t tickle your fancy, then maybe this Cary Fukunaga series will do the trick. He’s known for directing “True Detective” episodes, along with the acclaimed 2015 film “Beasts of No Nation.” For this Netflix Original, Fukunaga turns to fantastical dark comedy, and has two modern humor icons to rely on, with Jonah Hill and Emma Stone playing patients at a psychiatric institution who inhabit elaborate visionary worlds of their own. Based on a Norwegian series from 2014, “Maniac” should be challenging, disturbing, uplifting and hilarious, all wrapped up into one.