Top 10 most stolen cars wb state electricity board recruitment

For this list, we’ll be taking a more objective stance and looking at the top ten most stolen cars in the United States. This information comes from the National Insurance Crime Bureau’s 2016 “Hot Wheels” report, which states what were the ten most stolen cars throughout the country.

The Jeep Cherokee grew from the Jeep Wagoneer into one of the first compact SUVs, and as it turns out, this change attracted a lot of thieves. A combination of the Jeep Cherokee and Jeep Grand Cherokee came in tenth place in the Bureau’s list, with combined thefts of 9,245 in 2016. A brand new Jeep Grand Cherokee isn’t cheap, as they can go for up to $60,000+, and it’s consistently rated as being extremely safe and reliable. That said, it doesn’t look like thieves are after brand new models, as 2000 Cherokees were the most stolen model.

The Chevy Impala has been around for a long time – its first model year was in 1958, and it continued production until 1985. It returned briefly in the mid 1990s before coming back for good in 2000, and it has been going strong ever since. In 2014, the Impala ranked as the most affordable large car in U.S. News & World Report. Despite its continued affordability, it was the ninth most stolen car in 2016, with 9,749 reported thefts. And, unlike the Jeep, more modern versions of the Impala seem to be the target, as over 1,000 of the nearly 10,000 stolen Impalas were the 2008 model.

The Toyota Corolla is one of the bestt-selling cars in history, so of course there’s going to be a high degree of thefts. There’re just so many out there! The first model Corolla was seen in 1966, and it quickly became one of the most successful cars in the world. In 1997, it surpassed the Volkswagen Beetle and became the world’s best-selling car, and in July 2013, it was reported that 40 million Corollas had been sold since it first went into production. This prevalence has drawn many thieves, with 11,989 Corollas reported stolen in 2016, and the 2015 model being the biggest target.

The Dodge Ram pickup is consistently rated as one of the best pickup trucks on the market. It is a five-time winner of Motor Trend’s Truck of the Year and has sold extremely well, with consistent sales of roughly 400,000-500,000 units per year throughout the 2000s and 2010s. Unfortunately, its immense popularity and reliability have made it a huge target for thieves, as evidenced by the fact that 12,128 Dodge Pickups were stolen throughout 2016. The truck’s full size 2001 model was the highest target, accounting for 1,288 of the 12,000+ stolen Dodge pickups.

The Nissan Altima has been a reliable and high-selling Nissan model since 1992, when it branched off from the Nissan Bluebird. The Altima received good reviews throughout the 2000s, as it was praised for its power, space, aesthetic, and handling. It has remained consistently reliable and affordable throughout the years, but that positive reputation has undoubtedly drawn attention to it. 12,221 Altimas were stolen in 2016, with the 2015 Altima accounting for 1,673 of those thefts. Judging by this data, it turns out that newer cars are targeted a lot more than one may have thought.

What can we say? Toyota makes some really great cars, and thieves seem to agree! The Camry has been sold internationally since 1982 (although it was originally a compact car rather than the mid-size it is today), and Toyota touted it as being the second “world car,” after their own Corolla. Do they toot their own horn too much? Well, turns out that they’re right, as the Camry was the best-selling passenger car in the United States from 1997 to 2016 (with the exception of the year 2001). Its prevalence on the road allows criminals ample opportunity, as 16,732 Camrys were stolen in 2016, with 1,113 of them being the 2016 model.

Chevrolet has produced many pickup trucks throughout the years, and many of its models are still on the road, including the SSR, Colorado, Avalanche, and Silverado. The Chevy Silverado is probably its most famous line, as it has remained in constant production since 1999. Since then, it has won numerous awards, including three Car and Driver and four Motor Trend Truck of the Year awards. The Chevrolet pickups are apparently pretty hot on the black market as well, as a staggering 31,238 Chevy pickups were stolen throughout 2016. That’s over 85 thefts a day! Pro tip: keep your Chevy pickup locked up tight.

They may be built Ford tough, but they’re not constructed to deter committed thieves. The Ford F-series is a hugely popular line of trucks that has been manufactured since 1948. It has developed a devout following over the years due to its stellar reputation, and it has been the highest-selling vehicle in America since 1981. However, it has also remained one of the most consistently-stolen vehicles as well, and a combined 32,721 Ford pickups were stolen in 2016 to prove it. Next time you see a Ford pickup, just think – this very well may be a stolen vehicle.

The Civic was introduced in 1972 and has enjoyed a great reputation ever since. The initial early models were praised for their roominess, reliability, and fuel efficiency, while the sportier later models have turned their own fair share of heads. Over 18 million Civics have been sold, and data from the mid-2010s suggests that it’s a favorite amongst millennials due to its affordable price. However, it’s clearly a favorite amongst criminals as well, as a whopping 49,547 Civics were stolen in 2016, with the 1998 model accounting for 7,578 of them. That means that about 135 Civics are stolen in the United States every day!

Honda should really beef up their security measures. Or is it that they need to dial back their appeal? Honda has manufactured the Accord since 1976, and it has consistently remained one of America’s highest-selling cars since 1989. Its prevalence on the roads and the older models’ lack of security means that it’s a favorite amongst thieves, as 50,427 Accords were stolen in 2016. This means that nearly 140 Accords are stolen every day! For those curious, the 1997 Accord was the most stolen model, with over 7,527 thefts throughout the year. Apparently, thieves just love them a Honda.