Top 10 music videos that try too hard to be sexy electricity tower vector

For this list we’re looking at videos that seem to overtly use sex to grab your attention rather than music. We’re basing our choices on a mix of gratuitous nudity, over-the-top camera angles and how little non-sexual content each video features.

For her Afrojack-produced single, Paris Hilton recruited the powerhouse directing talents of Hannah Lux Davis. Unfortunately Lux Davis’s colorful visuals couldn’t distract viewers from the shallow content. As the video opens on shots of Paris sunbathing by the pool, it’s clear the focus is on her body. Though just about every frame is centered on one of Hilton’s suggestive poses, it’s hard not to laugh as she hangs onto glistening bodybuilders. With very little musical substance to back up the video, ‘Good Time’ is so overt it almost feels like a parody. #9: "Wiggle" (2014)

Before Jason Derulo has even started singing in ‘Wiggle,’ viewers are treated to a barrage of chests and twerking. Just about every walking shot of women is centered at the perfect angle to get as much butt in the frame as possible. Though this over-the-top sexuality isn’t new to pop videos, it feels a little much when eight sleeping women are wiggling next to Derulo. While Jason does showcase some awesome dance moves, he also shows off his own abs for some reason. Between a few dances that come off as stylistic dry-humping and a sexualized ice-sculpture, ‘Wiggle’ puts its behinds at the forefront.

Where so many music videos sexualize women’s bodies, Director X wanted to let men be under the gaze for once. With this in mind, ‘Work From Home’ prominently displays its male assets like something out of a fantasy. Though the glistening muscles don’t feel excessive, seeing men wielding dangerous power tools while topless is hilariously dangerous. Even though several shots seem ripped right out of an Abercrombie and Fitch ad, the video easily sailed past a billion views. ‘Work From Home’ also received praise for flipping the script, despite all the suggestive poses Fifth Harmony make while “working”.

To expand on her portrayal of Daisy Duke, Jessica Simpson covered this Nancy Sinatra classic in character. Whether it was a testament to her role or not, the video definitely focuses on Jessica’s sexuality more than her music. Simpson belly dances on the bar and even grinds on a man who spanks her. The breakdown also features a troupe of dancers twerking in time with Jessica. The video was banned in the Middle East and mocked on MADtv for taking its nudity too far. ‘These Boots Are Made For Walkin” also closes with a bikini carwash scene if things weren’t crazy enough already.

After it’s epic and interstellar opening, it’s a little jarring to see this J. Lo video cut immediately to its titular booty. It stays true to its name however, as Iggy and Jennifer shake vigorously and even go cheek to cheek. The watery visuals seem like a lot until Jennifer does a chorus while dousing herself in oil. Though the song was certainly about seduction, director Hype Williams was on-the-nose with his imagery. The video’s climax finds J. Lo doing her own aggressive butt-shaking solo. With its lightning-fast cuts and eye-popping visuals, don’t surprised if this video gives you a booty overdose.

Within seconds of ‘Gimme More’ Britney Spears is working a pole and rubbing herself against a mirror. Despite a couple shots of Britney at the bar, virtually the whole video is just her spinning around while singing to the camera. Spears’ dance moves really accentuate her bare skin, and she’s even topless in a few cuts. Although the video’s overt sexuality plays out like a male fantasy, it was apparently Britney’s vision for ‘Gimme More.’ The original director had a whole story for the video which Spears allegedly refused to perform. Compared to Britney’s usually complex choreography, ‘Gimme More’s stripper aesthetic looks desperate nowadays.

With all the majestic visuals of mountains and horses in ‘Bound 2,’ Kim Kardashian is a surprising addition to the scenery. As Kanye rides in front of his intentionally cheesy backgrounds, Kardashian’s nude silhouette is more hilarious than artistic. While the loving interactions between the couple are tender, Kim’s nudity feels comically needless. On top of the dangerous and suggestive ways Kardashian lies on the bike topless, Kanye even appears to go down on her. Seth Rogen’s hairy parody of Kim highlights just how gratuitous her sensuality is. Though the look is very in-your-face, ‘Bound 2’ has become one of Kanye’s most unforgettable music videos.

Quit Playin‘ Games’ starts off fairly innocent, and keeps the Backstreet Boys’ dreamy qualities PG as long as possible. Soon after the second chorus however, the guys get caught in the rain. Their wardrobe also inexplicably changes to button-ups, which all end up unbuttoned. Though wet shirt scenes have become quite cliché, over half of ‘Quit Playin‘ Games’ takes place in a downpour. Despite many high-concept videos, the boys clearly weren’t too concerned with the music on this one. The ending’s use of chest close-ups is considerably excessive, especially with all of the band’s orgasmic faces.

Though Fergie insists that her version of MILF means moms I’d like to follow, she doesn’t hide its sexual origins in the ridiculous track ‘M.I.L.F. $’. While her friends get massages from topless men, Fergie dances in lingerie designed to look like it’s falling off. As she switches to a latex waitress outfit, there’s even women spinning on poles around her. Fergie also plays a naughty teacher before bathing and covering her body in milk. As silly as it looks, ‘M.I.L.F. $’ has amassed over 200 million views. Other famous moms like Ciara and Chrissy Teigen appear alongside her, and Kim Kardashian even takes her own milk shower.

Miley Cyrus’s video for ‘Wrecking Ball’ starts with an emotional close-up, as she sings with tears streaming down her face. The sad performance is quickly overshadowed however as we see Miley wielding a sledgehammer in her underwear. Cyrus even rides a wrecking ball, and grasps at the chain and ball suggestively . She really starts to push things when she licks her hammer and rolls to let her butt face the camera. Though she awkwardly fetishized toddlers in ‘BB Talk’, Miley says her biggest regret is that she’ll never live down ‘Wrecking Ball’. It probably doesn’t help however that she swings on the ball nude.