Top 10 mutual funds which may double your wealth in 5 years – the financial express gas kinetic energy formula


Slowly but steadily, market-linked uncertainties and the resultant fluctuations have begun to cast a gloomy shadow on different saving instruments. During such times, it is important for investors to find long-term, secure and sustainable modes of investment. Thus, it comes as no surprise that most people are now shifting towards safe and reliable havens like mutual funds.

Conceived as a major large-cap fund, the Aditya Birla Sun Life Frontline Equity Fund is essentially an open-ended instrument which has consistently provided returns ranging from 14% to 20% over a tenure of 7-10 years gas chamber jokes. This fund is primarily meant for investors who are seeking long-term capital growth and income generation possibilities. It requires a minimum investment of Rs 1,000, while the maximum investment can be up to any amount. 2. Franklin India Prima Fund

The Franklin India Prima Fund is a mid-cap, equity fund which has provided an overwhelming 21% returns in the past 10 years. It is fundamentally an open-ended growth scheme that focuses on the singular objective of capital accumulation and appreciation. In the 26 years since its inception, this fund has furnished one of the highest dividend distribution ratios. The minimum investment required to be a part of this fund is Rs 5,000. 3. Franklin India Smaller Companies Fund

Launched gas welder job description in 2005 as an open-ended, small cap fund, the Franklin India Smaller Companies Fund is, at its core, a highly diversified equity scheme. It invests its assets in small and mid-cap companies belonging to a multitude of sectors, which are likely to follow a high growth trajectory in the near future. Long-term capital growth has been identified as the fund’s basic objective. Its returns in the last 10 years electricity bill have varied between 11% to 22%, thereby turning it into a cost-effective and tax-efficient mutual fund. 4. Franklin India Focused Equity Fund

Previously named as Franklin India High Growth Companies Fund, the Franklin India Focused Equity Fund offers around 19% returns for a 9-10 year horizon. It is basically a diversified fund that invests in companies which have a potential for high growth. In the beginning, the fund requires a minimum investment of Rs 5,000. Most of its holdings are locked in banking, finance, telecom, and pharmaceutical companies. 5. DSP BR Tax Saver Fund (G)

As the name itself suggests, the DSP BR Tax Saver Fund is essentially a tax-saving scheme which requires a minimum investment of an amount as low as Rs 500. The scheme is primarily constituted of equity and other similar corporate securities, holding which can make an investor eligible for tax deductions under section 80C of the Income Tax Act, 1961. The fund’s objective is to generate capital appreciation by providing assured returns that range from 15% to 17% in the longer run. 6. Canara Robeco Blue-Chip Equity gas after eating dairy Fund (G)

Ranked as number 1 in the large-cap category, the Canara Robeco Blue-Chip Equity Fund is known for generating steady returns of approximately 12%-13% over a 10 year period. Predominantly, the fund invests in companies which have a large share of market capitalisation. These include organisations from engineering, technology, and banking sectors. 95% of the fund’s assets are allocated to equities which require a minimum investment of Rs. 5,000. 7. Axis Mid-Cap Fund (G)

Considered to be one of the top three funds in the mid-cap category, the Axis mid-cap fund has provided yields of 15% to 20% in a tenure of the past 9-10 years. It basically invests electricity and circuits class 6 ppt in the equity instruments of companies in the finance, manufacturing, and automotive sectors. Introduced in 2011, the fund requires a minimum investment of Rs 5,000 and has an asset size of nearly Rs 1,500 crore. It has a small exit load of 1%, thereby helping investors significantly lower their gas questions risk profiles. 8. Reliance Small Cap Fund- Direct (G)

Offering returns as high as 27% in ten years, the Reliance Small Cap Direct Fund is a highly sought after financial instrument. Most of its holdings are allocated amongst a plethora of well-founded companies in the manufacturing, telecom, technology, and chemicals sectors. Like its counterparts, the fund requires a minimum investment of Rs 5,000 and aims at a goal of long-term capital appreciation. However, its investments include a portfolio of both, equity and debt instruments. 9. Kotak Standard Multi-Cap Fund

The Kotak standard multi-cap fund yields returns ranging from 15% to 18% over a period of 9-10 years. 91% of the fund’s assets are allocated to equity instruments whereas, the remaining are locked in debt securities. The fund has a diversified portfolio consisting of a wide array of sectors like oil gas, banking, finance, and engineering. Within 10 years of its launch, the fund has been able to create an asset size of about Rs 15,000 crore. The minimum investment amount for electricity trading hedge funds this fund too is Rs. 5,000. 10. IDFC Tax Advantage (ELSS) Fund (G)

Conceived as open-ended, growth fund in 2008, the IDFC tax advantage (ELSS) fund invests in equities and aims at providing steady returns of about 16% in the longer run. Being an equity linked saving scheme, the fund has a minimum investment of Rs 500 and makes an investor eligible to claim tax benefits under Section 80C. The assets of the fund are broadly allocated between sectors as varied as finance, real estate, retail, and food beverage. The Way Forward

Owing to the benefits of professional management and diversification which mutual funds provide in full measure, most of the aforementioned funds are competent enough to generate income and hedge profits. In an era where rising inflation and economic upheavals are a norm, these mutual funds and their financial safety blanket is indeed a vibrant gas engineer salary exception.