Top 10 sexiest mainstream movies e85 gasoline


When a bank robber played by George Clooney, takes Jennifer Lopez’s U.S. Marshal hostage in the trunk of a car, the sexual tension between the two is palpable. If seeing two of the world’s most attractive people spooning in such a tiny area while flirting and fighting isn’t a turn on, we don’t know what is. By the time they finally undress and are shown in bed together, we didn’t even care that the crime comedy doesn’t show any more skin than a Victoria’s Secret catalogue. ‘Cause while they were seducing each other, they got us all hot and bothered too.

When a sleazy lawyer played by William Hurt begins an affair with the wife of a wealthy businessman in the middle of a heat wave, you just know things are going to get sexy. Each sex scene in this neo-noir film is lent a feeling of authenticity when the high temperatures leave our stars as sweaty messes, after they’ve completely given into their desire for each other. Then there’s that moment when Kathleen Turner turns Hurt’s character down but teases him through a window – take note, ladies: that’s one way to drive a man so wild he’ll break into a house for you.

When a woman played by Julianne Moore attempts to discover the true nature of the relationship she shares with her husband, a new side of herself develops. In this erotic thriller, Julianne is shown breathing heavily while being pleasured by a woman for the first time – and the fact that it is the gorgeous Amanda Seyfried who’s the woman in question makes it that much steamier. Obsession doesn’t get any sexier than this.

A modern retelling of incredibly erotic films like 1988’s “Dangerous Liaisons,” which in turn is an adaptation of the 1782 French novel, this teen drama focuses on a pair of manipulative step siblings who see the sexual conquest of others as their greatest aspiration. And it’s the scenes these two share that specifically landed “Cruel Intentions” on this list. Watching Sarah Michelle Gellar writhe on top of her stepbrother played Ryan Phillippe in an effort to entice him to do what she wants, that is the thing fantasies are made of.

The final film directed by cinematic genius Stanley Kubrick, “Eyes Wide Shut” was also his first attempt at an erotic thriller. Placing the audience in a world of sexual freedom and perversion that many of us didn’t know existed, this loose adaptation of Arthur Schnitzler’s novella immediately draws us in. With the use of a mask, the characters are able to indulge in anything that turns them on and inspire those who watch them with the desire to be equally shameless.

In this erotic thriller, a seemingly perfect couple played by Diane Lane and Richard Gere begins to drift apart, which leaves room for an affair with deadly consequences to take place. The unbridled passion that Lane’s character shares with her new lover takes over every aspect of her life and we as the audience are more than happy to go along for the ride. All three of “Unfaithful”’s characters gives into every whim they have and embraces their desires no matter the social taboo, and this in turn awakens similar stirrings in us.

When two high school seniors accuse their guidance counselor of rape, it sets off a tale of sex, betrayal and crime. It also makes room for some of the sexiest scenes ever realized in a mainstream Hollywood film. Whether it’s a threesome or a lesbian make-out by a pool, “Wild Things” drips with sex. The fact that the cast seemed to be really enjoying their roles made the whole thing even better.

When Woody Allen cast Javier Bardem, Penelope Cruz and Scarlett Johansson in his film about a trio of lovers, he knew what he was doing. The two Latin stars ooze sensuality from every pore and their American co-star is undeniably beautiful. Seeing the three of them involved in an open relationship together in some of the most amazing locations in the world makes “Vicky Cristina Barcelona” one of the most stimulating movies ever made.

When a has-been rock star turns up dead, it sets off a series of events that leads Michael Douglas’ detective into the salacious world of a writer who may get too close to her subjects. The scenes that followed in “Basic Instinct” were so filthy that it made the female lead, Sharon Stone, a household name and sex symbol seemingly overnight. Rarely had a woman been shown to absolutely dominate men so seductively before.

The film that helped introduced a large portion of the world to the idea of using food in sex, this erotic romantic drama also served as a wake-up call for Middle America: your sex life did not have to be boring and by the numbers. Few films have ever inspired so much sexual exploration as “9 ½ Weeks,” so it’s not surprising that it’s topped our list. The fact that it had the unbelievably sexy Kim Basinger as the female lead was the cherry on the sundae.