Top 10 things americans should be grateful for this thanksgiving the ticket electricity 4th grade worksheet


1. Bulk Reese’s Pieces: As an American I am grateful to have places such as Costco where I am able to buy bulk candy any time of the year I please. I don’t need Halloween or Easter to come in order to fulfill my addiction to sugar. I can just hop in the car and drive five minutes away to get that two gas pains 6 weeks pregnant pound bag of gummy worms I’ve been thinking about all day. It makes me want to break into “God Bless America” on the spot.

2. Google: Remember the days when you needed to figure out a recipe or how to change out the electrical wiring and you would have to hire an electrician or call great Aunt Gertrude for the recipe. No longer my friends! Now all we need do is turn on the computer, pick up our tablet, or even gas law questions and answers just grab our phone and the glory of the internet is right at our fingertips. Every holiday recipe, thousands of decorating tips, and even advice on how to leave a family get-together early is just waiting for us if we but ask our good friend Google. It’s just one more reason I’m glad to not be a pioneer… I bet they would have appreciated Google maps!

3. Fresh running Water: Typhoon Haiyan swept through the central Philippines over two weeks ago and they are still struggling with gas pain in shoulder getting drinkable water. So the next time you run out of Evian, Smart Water, or complain about needing to refill your tap filter remember that fresh, clean, running water is at your fingertips which is more than millions of others will have this next week…even if it has a few traces of unwanted microscopic particles.

4. Vaccinations: Yes Obamacare gas variables pogil extension questions isn’t going swimmingly and our healthcare prices are soaring but at least we won’t be running through the streets with leprosy on turkey day. In America all are able to get discount and even free immunizations that keep us from the hideous historical diseases that still plague a large amount of the world. Be grateful this season you will not need to worry about Polio, Hepatitis, or Leprosy even if your emergency room visit put that new HDTV out of reach.

5. Pasteurization: I believe most Americans electricity physics khan academy take this for granted. I however do not because I have lived in a third world country. I love the idea that by heating food up (or using gamma radiation which is even cooler) we keep eggs, milk, meat, and more from killing us. It’s an amazing thing that we barely even notice. This Thanksgiving as you are enjoying the cheesy potatoes covered in sour cream and butter remember this wonderful invention and take a moment to be grateful you will not be suffering from dysentery 4 to 5 hours after the meal.

6. Electricity and Heat: It has come to my attention, thanks to a TV special about the first gas prices going up Thanksgiving, that it would often take Pilgrims all day to cook dinner because they had to use a wood burning fire to make everything. What a pain. We can heat up our double gas oven, set a timer, and enjoy the parade or football games in a toasty warm electricity 4th grade powerpoint house as our modern electronics cook our dinner for us. We’re so lucky.

7. Food Banks: There are many this season that will go without food or have very little but we do have good charities and systems in place to help them. Please donate to your local food bank, church or other charity that will see the food goes to those in need. United Way does a lot this holiday season as well as Red Cross. There is a way to help those in need find food in your town or city and it’s easy to be a part of the giving….so give.

8. Cell Phones: As the weather gets grade 6 electricity experiments colder and my incredible fear of being stranded on the side of the road with car troubles increases I am reminded of the modern wonder of cell phones. In a not too distant past, if my car broke down, I would be helpless and more susceptible to potential serial killers masking themselves as good Samaritans. But not in 2013. I have my cell phone to call for help. It’s a wonderful life!

9. Refrigeration: Did the first settlers have leftover turkey salad sandwiches on their rather tasteless stony bread made of seeds and ground corn? Nope. Why you ask? No fridge. How did they live like that? The good news is we don’t have gas outage too. We have the modern luxury of a refrigerator and the wonderful world of Thanksgiving leftovers is ours to enjoy. So this holiday remember to give thanks that the deviled eggs are available to you for three days after you made them and the pumpkin pie as well as the whipped topping is yours to enjoy for gas quality many evenings after the feast is made. We are truly blessed!

10. Hope: We have a much greater chance, as Americans, to have hope that tomorrow will be a better day than today. It’s an unbelievable blessing that only those who live in an educated, wealthy, and prospect rich country enjoy. Everything may not be as good as we hope and life will always have a myriad of challenges but the truth is most of us have hope it will and can get better. Take a moment this Thanksgiving to read the world news and take a good close look at the poverty and pain that inflicts so much of the rest of the world. It will help you to realize how electricity generation in california blessed we truly are! Happy Thanksgiving from the Daily Herald. We are thankful for our readers and hope this list makes you smile knowing how much you truly have to be grateful for.