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Nutritional intervention via feeding tubes is a large portion of my daily routine. Contemplating life before bolus syringes, mixing formula, and finding plastic end caps scattered about the house is…almost bizarre. gas density units Such a statement would have been considered preposterous when my feeding tube was first placed and tubie life seemed downright scary. However, tube feeding is not all bad with these top tips that make it easier. Emotionally Process Becoming A Tubie

Illness is emotionally taxing. When poor health progresses to the stage that requires feeding interventions, those overwhelming emotions increase tenfold. Coping with typical symptoms, the knowledge of an impending surgery, and adjusting to life with a new medical “accessory” is a process. Preparing emotionally improves the situation. Post-Op Pain Is Short-Lived

Tubie pads are used in place of standard gauze to absorb the leakage of stomach or intestinal acid from the stoma. They are made of hypoallergenic fabrics, like bamboo or cotton, to prevent irritation. electricity out in one room The fabrics are offered in stylish designs to add fun to a not-so-fun situation. Trial various brands of tubie pads to determine which is comfortable for your stoma. My favorites are from Julia’s G-Tube Pads and Milostones.

Silver Sulfadiazineis a prescription cream that is best for healing existing burns. Neosporin and Vaselineare great over the counter options. The former is better for healing burns, while the later prevent them. Cavilon No Sting Barrier Film can be purchased on amazon. Rather than a cream that easily washes off, it creates an actual waterproof film. electricity symbols and meanings However, I cannot tolerate it due to Mast Cell Activation Syndrome reactions.

A huge factor in protecting the skin is proper tube sizing. Improper sizing leads to excessive leakage. Ensure that the stoma size is measured for true length and french size. It has literally taken three years of tubie life to determine my correct tube size all because of the hospital’s aversion to using the stoma measuring device. The initial size of my first tube was 16 fr, 2.5 cm. It leaked like a sieve. Reducing the size from 2.3 cm to 2.1 cm, from 2.1 cm to 2.0 cm, and then from 2.0 cm to 1.5 cm resolved the abnormal leaking. Don’t Feel Embarrassed

There are two brands of enteral feeding pumps commonly given to patients: Kangaroo and the Infinity. electricity projects for class 12 Of course, there are pros and cons of each. The Kangaroo is twice the size and heavier than the infinity, but has the convenient feature of having feed and flush bags that infuse water as a flush at scheduled intervals. From my experience with both pumps, the Infinity is optimal because it malfunctions and alarms less. All of the Kangaroo pumps I have used alarm for no reason.

If financially able and if you know that tube feeds are going to be long-term, consider purchasing your preferred pump online. gas prices map It saves hassle with home health companies. I purchased an Infinity pump on eBay for cheap because my infusion company uses the Kangaroo. My infusion company does send my personal Infinity pump off once a year to ensure it functions as it should. Disconnect Occasionally

While I am aware every situation is different, tube changes are rather simple unless there are extenuating circumstances. Tube replacements may only require a quick office visit to switch out a G or J tube button or to drop an NG tube. In some cases, it is even replaced from home. gas vs diesel truck Other cases, like for an NJ or GJ tube, require interventional radiology. X-RAY ensures that the tube is threaded through the stomach to the correct position in the small bowel. Sedation is offered for those placements.

Replacing my GJ tube had me petrified in my early tubie days, but my fears lessened after the pleasant surprise of discovering that tube changes are not as bad as I originally expected. All of my tube changes are done without sedation. The pain is short lived and is far superior to anesthesia-induced complications common with my condition. Since the existing tube is already in position, a replacement is completed using a guidewire. The entire process is over in about thirty minutes and twenty of those minutes entail the radiology techs setting up for the procedure. Avoid Nasal Tubes Long Term (if possible)

Nasal tubes, like NG or NJ tubes, are a non-surgical option placed for short-term tube feeding. However, they serve as a “trial” to depict a patient’s response to tube feeding before undergoing the surgery for the long-term abdominal tube. Additionally, they give the opportunity to trial which formula is best suited so that it does not have to be done at a later. gas urban dictionary Nasal tubes give a few weeks to months to improve nutrition and gain strength prior to undergoing surgery.