Top 10 up and coming british youtubers 5 gases


For this list, we are looking at British YouTube stars who are firmly on the rise and showing promise in the digital world – from fashion vloggers to sketch comedians; fitness fanatics to agony aunts. We’ve chosen our entries based on a mix of subscriber numbers, average video view counts and general influence on the YouTube community. And we’re focussing on channels with around 500k subscribers or below.

So these guys are a little barmy. When they’re not unboxing something, getting their makeup done or eating junk food, you can probably expect these twins to be either talking about K-pop, listening to it or recording people’s reactions when hearing it for the first time. Always energetic and shouting over each other, they’re a great double act that can make pretty much anything interesting. And quick shout out to their favourite band, BTS!

There are many different fashion, beauty and lifestyle vloggers out there, so it takes something special to stand out – and Lex does just that. Although she posts a few food and body-care clips, her real USP is her honest approach to current affairs. Instead of just talking about trivial issues, Lex delivers an intriguing insight into matters that you probably didn’t even realise you wanted to talk about. From politics to relationships, books and holidays, she offers a little bit of everything.

The word lifestyle gets thrown around a lot on YouTube, but if you are after an in-depth look at travel, fashion and well, anything you can imagine doing for a good time, then you should really check out Steve Booker’s channel. Substituting crazy, colourful presentation for a more clean-cut, documentary style, Booker takes us everywhere from the back rooms of coffee shops in Toronto to the rolling hills of Iceland. He’s got his own unique style and never skimps on quality of content. Oh, and Steve loves trainers.

Carly’s channel is a fully-fledged health and fitness hub. She doesn’t just give you a few tips and say “get on with it”, she shows you in great detail how to do everything from making your own training schedule to correctly executing workout routines. She’s also dabbled in a few other health-driven endeavours, with guest star interviews and travel blogs. If you haven’t got the time or cash to meet with a personal trainer, just tune in to her channel.

The main reason we like Jake’s channel is that he’s never afraid to try new things. From puke-inducing eating challenges to making videos with his Mum, you never quite know what he’s going to upload next. For lads of a certain age, his channel reads like a wishlist of things to do with your mates on a mad weekend. One of the most important things here though is relatability, with videos on exam results, working a shift at McDonald’s and tussling with family.

These guys definitely put the fun into fitness – but don’t let their carefree style fool you, they know what they’re talking about. A pair of personal trainers, John and Leon boast videos on food you should eat, food you probably shouldn’t eat but do anyway, workout tutorials, tips on common exercise mistakes and an array of guest appearances. If you’re after enjoyable, nuggets of knowledge on health and fitness, check them out. Also, fun fact, Leon and Carly Rowena are an item! Aww.

Interviews with major celebs, talks about topical matters and the occasional short film or sketch on funny things like torture chambers – Hazel Hayes’ channel covers a variety of different issues. With her finger on the pulse of new film releases and, well, anything else that may be trending in the social sphere, she’s always on the mark with sincere, sarcastic and satirical content. As the channel’s bio says: “If you like witty, sassy, Irish girls… you’ll hate this. Don’t even bother subscribing. Go make a cup of tea instead.”

If you want a channel with a mixture of crazy challenges, collaborations, conversations on trending 20 something issues and a lot of “I don’t care what you think” content, then check out Chai’s channel. Ticking pretty much every vlogger box you can think of, Chai strikes the balance between ridiculousness and insightfulness brilliantly – and is never afraid to critique YouTube and its innermost foibles along the way. And he always starts his videos by introducing himself as someone else… or something else. You’re okay in our book Chai. We hope you do really, really well!

Another all-round, serial vlogger, and friend of Chai’s, Luke’s channel is brimming with loaded rants, random featurettes and, well, a lot of weird stuff. Regularly pushing the boundaries of ridiculousness with his videos – much to the delight of his fans – Luke’s a hilarious and likeable guy who’s always popping up on other channels. And as crazy as his videos are, he’s usually spot on with whatever point he’s trying to make. And hat tip to his Twenty One Pilots spoof. Genius.

If you like proper British humour, then you should definitely check out Stephen’s channel. Named “Stephen Tries” as each of his videos shows him trying something new, usually in the style of a comedy sketch pumped full of dry humour – his videos are an endless barrage of classic tongue and cheek jokes. Think Alan Partridge meets David Brent. With his videos constantly making the rounds on the likes of Facebook and Twitter, we think Stephen’s on his way to the big time. 0161! Callin’ it a wrap!