Top 10 worst superhero movies gasset y ortega filosofia


Kicking off our list is the boring prequel that makes “X3” look good. Not only does “Origins” do away with any of the remaining mystery behind its title character, it goes even further and ruins other fan favorites like Gambit and Deadpool. Beyond that, it’s hard to remember anything other than a blur of bland action, flat dialogue and weak special effects, topped off by a frightening CGI Patrick Stewart.

This film was so bad, Hollywood gave it a sequel! Jokes aside, Nicolas Cage plays stunt rider Johnny Blaze, who’s turned into a flaming demon and uses his powers to defy the devil. Despite the deep comic source material, this flick is a chain of cheesy dialogue poured over one-dimensional characters and blended with Cage’s overacting. Any hope that the character would get its proper due burns out pretty fast.

This mysterious super-cop patrols the streets of a nightmarish future as judge, jury and executioner. While all the elements of a compelling and gritty film are there, this “dreadful” comic adaptation takes the usual shortcuts: as if going against the comics and having the hero remove his helmet isn’t bad enough, he also partners with Rob Schneider, while subjecting us to more cringe-worthy and smug dialogue than we can handle.

As bad as “Daredevil” is, it’s this contractually obligated Jennifer Garner spin-off that flushes the franchise down the toilet. After coming back from the dead, Elektra decides to protect a man and his child from a ninja clan. While we can sorta deal with Frank Miller’s iconic and sexy assassin being turned into a PG13 hero, nothing in this film is “Electra-fying” – from its narcoleptic pace to its dull portrayal of ninja magic.

Proving that Superman is vulnerable to more than just Kryptonite, this is the flick that ends this cinematic series on a low note. Instead of sending a serious message about nuclear weapons, this film became a joke because of its slashed budget, overreliance on spandex, laughable villain, and effects so cheap that Superman repairs the Great Wall of China with laser vision. How exactly does that work?

We already know the Captain’s story. Now, imagine it told as an extremely low-budget production lacking a brain or a pulse. Featuring legendarily amateurish filmmaking, it fails because of things like poor cinematography and cheap costume design. Even worse, it features overly cheesy dialogue, wooden acting and a not-so Red Skull with an Italian accent…

This film noir tries and fails to tell the story of a dead cop who returns from the grave to fight crime. It even stars Samuel L. Jackson and Scarlet Johansson as the villains: how could it possibly go wrong? Well, for starters, every character has the depth of a cardboard cutout, plus they’re dressed as Nazis and disintegrate cats. Not cool. That’s right, this movie is… bizarre.

This movie had the potential to be the ‘90s’ “Iron Man,” except for its lack of production values and talent. As a result, this tale of an arms creator who takes to the streets to keep his weapons out of the hands of street gangs never thrills – instead, it moves like the clunky plastic outfit Shaq wears. If this doesn’t prove why basketball players should stick to the court, nothing will.

Here it is: the film that put the entire franchise on ice by spouting ridiculous ice-related puns every five seconds. Besides dialogue that makes our ears bleed, the flick takes the dark superhero franchise and drowns it in rainbow colors…making our eyes bleed too. It also features horrific acting, bat nipples, gratuitous ass shots and characters so cartoony they come across as action figures based on a kids cartoon.

Clawing its way to the top of our list is this horrendous quasi-spin-off that stars Academy Award winner Halle Berry. Without any of the comics’ appeal, Berry’s Catwoman is pretty much a cringe-worthy reworking of “The Crow” that is somehow far less watchable than Schumacher’s “Batman.” “Catwoman” is a sad excuse for moviemaking, right down to its music and ultra-cheap CGI.