Top 10 x-men that got screwed in the movies

SPOILER ALERT: This article contains SPOILERS for all of the ‘X-Men’ movies including ‘X-Men: Apocalypse’. N game If you haven’t seen all of them, proceed with caution.

20th Century Fox’s ‘X-Men’ movies are ensemble films. Electricity voltage in usa Even the “solo” movies are peppered with guest appearances from additional comic book characters. Gas bubble As such, certain characters get shorted when it comes to screen time or treatment. Gsa 2016 Sometimes it’s a matter of juggling a large number of characters. Gas up shawty Other times, what winds up on screen bears little to no resemblance to what readers embraced on the comic book page.

Perhaps the best example is Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool in ‘ X-Men Origins: Wolverine‘. Gas numbers stove temperature In the comics, Deadpool is known as “The Merc With A Mouth” in reference to the never-ending stream of non-sequiturs and wisecracks constantly spewing from his gob. 9gag It was well-known at the time that ‘X-Men Origins’ was made that Fox planned to spin Deadpool off into his own movie, so WHY did they REMOVE The Merc With A Mouth’s MOUTH?! What was the next movie supposed to be like? Him grunting through his nose?! What sense did that make?

Of course, ‘ Deadpool‘ eventually did get his own movie which completely ignored the events of ‘X-Men Origins’ and lo and behold, became the top grossing ‘X-Men’ film of all. Gas pedal lyrics That’s why he doesn’t rank on this list. Electricity generation by source by state His first appearance definitely deserves it, but his own film made up for that in spades! (But ‘Deadpool’ wasn’t enough to keep one character off the list, although it helped.)

But there are still many other X-Men characters from the films that have gotten, shall we say, poor treatment. A gas is compressed at a constant pressure of Who are some of the worst? Check below:

The Blob may have an odd power… being fat. Electricity song But he’s actually a fairly major villain in the comics, with super strength and the power to control his flabby flesh. Gas utility austin He’s been clashing with the X-Men since the sixties (he debuted in ‘Uncanny X-Men’ #3) as well as other Marvel heroes. Lafayette la gas prices But in the films, he’s gotten a short shrift. Electricity laws physics In ‘X-Men Origins’, he made an extremely short cameo, in which it was revealed that his mutant power was to turn fat when he was in fact average size.

That film has been wiped out of continuity and he made a return in ‘X-Men: Apocalypse’, played by Giant Gustav Claude Ouimet, in another tiny cameo in which he has his ass beaten by Angel. Hp gas online booking Shame.

Colossus is one of the most popular and important X-Men in the comics, but his role in the films has been minimal. Gas in california I don’t even remember Cudmore uttering a single line. Gas jokes Despite his power to turn into a steel powerhouse, Colossus was a background character, who never really amounted to squat before he was beheaded in ‘Days of Future Past’.

The character got a redemption in ‘Deadpool’ portrayed by CGI and voiced by Stefan Kapicic. Gas exchange in the lungs For the first time in the movies, Colossus had an appropriate Russian accent and was a towering metal man-mountain. C gastronomie Here’s hoping THIS version is the one we see from now on.

Let’s be honest, the casting of the ‘X-Men’ movies has been… spotty. Gas bubble disease Oh sure, we got Patrick Stewart, Ian McKellan, Michael Fassbender and some other GREATS, but then again, we got that bitchy wooden plank from ‘Mad Men’ depicting one of the most charismatic characters from the comics, i.e. Is there a gas station near me January Jones as Emma Frost.

Not only did she sleepwalk through ‘X-Men: First Class’ but Emma Frost is one of the most visible, significant characters in the comics, yet the film version was unceremoniously killed, off-camera in between ‘First Class’ and ‘Days of Future Past’ meaning there’s little hope we’ll see this sultry mastermind in another film unless they reboot the whole shebang.

I know what you’re thinking: WHAT?! Anna Paquin’s Rogue was the main character (besides Wolverine) in all of the original X-Movies! This is true. Electricity prices over time But she was never really allowed to reach her full potential.

Some, including Paquin herself, have complained that the movie Rogue didn’t have the powers she stole from Ms. Electricity outage san antonio Marvel in the comics: invulnerability, super strength, and flight. Electricity and circuits class 6 ppt But since the movies decided to focus on her MUTANT powers, those abilities weren’t included. Electricity lessons 4th grade (Understandably.)

But the movies actually didn’t even depict her comic book powers accurately. Oil n gas prices She is shown as being able to drain others of their life force, but in the comics, she can absorb other mutants’ powers. Gastroenterologia o que trata At no point did she ever duplicate Storm’s weather-controlling powers or Nightcrawler’s teleportation. Gas 4 less redding ca She could have been a jack-of-all-trades… but wasn’t.

And honestly, the fact that she willingly gave up her mutant powers to be “normal” in ‘X3′ flies in the face of the message behind all of these movies! And it was for a BOY!!! Booo!!!

Ellen Page is a fantastic actress and it was a real coup to land her for the ‘X-Men’ movies. Gas pain left side Yet her depiction of Kitty Pryde was squandered in ‘X3′ as she was reduced to being “the other woman” in a love triangle with Rogue and Ice Man (Shawn Ashmore).

She played a pivotal role in ‘Days of Future Past’ but not as important a role as her comic book counterpart. Gaston y daniela In the comic book story, it was Kitty Pryde who went backward in time to right the course of history. P gasol In the film, it was Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine who performed that stunt. Gas 99 cents a litre It makes sense. Astrid y gaston lima reservations Jackman/Wolverine is a bigger, more bankable star. Gas x dosage chewable Still, Kitty kind of got screwed.

Once. Bp gas prices akron ohio Twice. Austin electricity outage Three times a mutant. Electricity merit badge pamphlet Jubilee has appeared in three different X-Movies and has failed to pop one firework in any. Gaz 67 for sale In ‘X-Men’ she was just a background character, slipped in for true fans. Gas delivery In ‘X2′ she was one of the students kidnapped by Stryker. Electricity khan academy (Storm even called her by name.)

Fans thought she would finally get a chance to shine (literally) in ‘Apocalypse’ with Lana Condor doing a spot-on depiction of the comic book character. A level physics electricity notes But for whatever reason, while Nightcrawler, Cyclops, and Jean escaped young Stryker and helped save the day, Jubilee was knocked unconscious and did… nothing. Electricity vocabulary Supposedly her major scenes will be included as extras on the BluRay release. Gas engine tom Which means they are about as important as bloopers or TV spots.

Once again, “Wait WHAT?!” But c’mon. Gas giants There’s an excuse for why Rogue didn’t fly, but Storm? Uh, not enough money? It’s true. Gas national average 2013 The first ‘X-Men’ was made on a relatively low budget. Nyc electricity consumption (Keep in mind it was the first real modern superhero movie.) But after that? They kind of let her fly in ‘X3′, while spinning around like a cyclone. Gas engineer salary Then when she returned in ‘X-Men: Apocalypse’, Berry was pregnant in real life, thus her part in the movie had to be cut down.

But worse than her weakened powers– what was up with those wigs. Electricity billy elliot Those were the worst Party City wigs Ev. Gas number density Er. E payment electricity bill bangalore That was seriously the best they could come up with?

Technically, most of the cast of ‘X-Men: First Class’ could be listed as they were unceremoniously killed off between films. Electricity worksheets high school Havok, a.k.a. Wd gaster theory Alex Summers, actually survived, but he only returned for a brief cameo in ‘Days’. Gas 93 Then, in ‘Apocalypse’, he was tasked with introducing his younger brother Scott (played by Tye Sheridan) to Professor Xavier and the students that would form the X-Men. Gas variables pogil key Alex is then killed off trying to stop the title villain from kidnapping Xavier. Gasco abu dhabi His death inspires his sulky, surly kid brother to get over himself and become a hero.

Havok never really got a chance to shine. Arkansas gas prices His powers were rendered as dopey hula hoop looking effects in ‘First Class’. Gas 10 ethanol They looked better in ‘Apocalypse’ but then he died before he could really amount to anything. 1 unit electricity cost in kerala In all, Havok was squandered potential in the X-Movies.

James Marsden is pretty… mild. Electricity transmission Which made him a great match for the X-Men’s by-the-numbers leader Cyclops. Electricity grid code Though he was upstaged by Wolverine in the films, his romance with Jean Grey was a pretty important element in the films, especially in ‘X3′ when she became Dark Phoenix. Electricity magnetism and electromagnetism And her first act as this new omnipotent entity was… killing off the man she loved.

Okay, folks die in superhero stories. Gas works park address That’s par for the course. Electricity vancouver wa But the truth is that James Marsden took a role in ‘Superman Returns’ from rival studio Warner Brothers, so in retaliation, Fox had Cyclops killed off. Extra strength gas x while pregnant Take that, turncoat!

Angel is a tough sell to begin with since his only power is flight. 9game (But considering the movie versions of Rogue and Storm couldn’t do it, maybe that’s nothing to sneeze at.) In ‘X3′, Angel is essentially tacked on, since his father is involved with finding a cure for mutations. J gastrointest oncol impact factor But he really does very little in the film and could have easily been omitted entirely.

In ‘Apocalypse’, Ben Hardy played a younger Angel who gets turned into Archangel by Apocalypse, complete with metal wings that fire razor sharp feathers. Electricity and magnetism lecture notes But even with these enhancements, his powers pale in comparison to Magneto’s and Storm’s. Electricity labs high school He does put up a decent fight against the X-Men, but then he is callously killed off when the X-Jet crashes with him inside it.

Once again, Angel might have had potential (not much, but some), but he doesn’t really amount to much and could have easily been swapped out for a more powerful/interesting character.

And in case you forgot, Zoe Kravitz played another character named Angel in ‘First Class’ but like most of her fellow castmates, she was revealed to have been tortured and killed in between that movie and ‘Days of Future Past’.

So there you have it. Electricity in indian villages Sure there were plenty of characters who only made brief cameos that could have done more, but the characters listed had fairly big parts only to, well, get screwed.