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Hollywood, California About Blog Funny Or Die is a comedy video website that combines user-generated content with original, exclusive content. The site is a place where celebrities, established and up-and-coming comedians and regular users can all put up stuff they think is funny.

Chicago About Blog ClickHole is the latest and greatest online social experience filled with the most clickable, irresistibly shareable content anywhere on the internet. The site is meant to parody the likes of BuzzFeed, Upworthy and ViralNova.

About Blog GomerBlog is dedicated to bringing you funny medical satire news that people want to hear but didn’t happen. Features fake stories with medical humor and satire. Earth’s finest medical satire news for doctors, nurses, and all healthcare professionals.

California About Blog Lowering the Bar is a legal-humor website that provides and comments on weird news with some relationship to civil or criminal law. It also provides an archive of the many legal opinions, pleadings, and other legal documents that are funnier (intentionally or not) than they have any right to be.

About Blog is a place to write, laugh and think. It is the result of a brainstorming session between several humor writers who longed for a site that would allow them to push the envelope and spread their creative wings. On this site you will find humorists, stand-up comics, entertainers, cartoonists and writers of serious subject matter – all who believe in the power of humor.

Clarks Summit, PA About Blog Hi. My name is Jeff Kay, and this is my website and misguided obsession. Here, I publish humor articles I’ve written, and maintain a daily (give or take) journal that chronicles my ridiculous adventures in suburbia.

About Blog BarelyAdventist is a satire and humor blog on Adventist culture and issues. It is written by committed Adventists that have no interest in tearing down the church. The whole point is to help the Adventist faith community grow through conversation and humor in a way that does not involve over-earnest soap boxing or angry rants.

About Blog I’m Dr. Parrot. My medical studies in the field of psychiatry I did at Sorbonne, where I studied with the famous Professor Pangrue how to buy expensive and sell cheap. In this blog I propose to treat your stress and depression, so common diseases nowadays, with good and wise advices as well as presenting various cases from which you will have a lot to learn.

NYC About Blog CollegeHumor is teaming up with the funniest, freshest, and not too busy-est people on the internet for a new YouTube channel that’s… well THIS! Sketches, animation, music videos. Comedy, funny, hilarious, haha. Like CollegeHumor but weirder.

About Blog Humor in the Face of Eternal Unbeing. At the end of the day the only thing that is guaranteed in life is that the grim shadow of nothingness will eventually envelope all of us and hurl us into the void of eternal unbeing. Even if mankind manages to survive this event, there is no truly safe haven.

UK About Blog The Sleaze is a UK based satire and humour site. The Sleaze offers an uncompromising, off beat and savage view of our world with British Political Satire, News Satire, Pop Culture Satire, Religious Satire, Royal Satire, Crime Satire, Weird Satire News Parody and Surreal Humour

Austin, TX About Blog As a kid, I struggled with perfectionism, depression, anxiety, OCD, & undiagnosed ADHD all of which run in my family, and a few of which both my boys have unfortunately inherited. I write about ways I’ve overcome some of these hurdles, thanks to the God-blessed pharmaceuticals industry and some techniques I’ve acquired as an adult. I share stories about raising up these boys not to be a-holes, about marriage, hormones, dreams for my family and myself, & nostalgic trips back to the 80’s and 90’s.

About Blog A blog revolving all around the humorous side of Dir en grey. It’s supposed to be a happy place, so I hope the content on here will make you smile! You’ll find pictures, gifs, interviews, videos, stories, audios and sometimes some memes or macros here.

About Blog A literary breaking bad character is what I see in this blogger. He use to be a working common man, who after gaining tremendous knowledge by experience about the current world, has left the job to feel free enough to brag about it. This blog deals with topics which are related to politics, tragedy, daily news and on a plot base note humor.

Berkeley, CA About Blog Like most adults, Karen’s seen her fair share of joys and sadness. Through it all, she’s found the best response is humor. Now, she’s chronicling the many ups and downs of aging by sharing her observations, discoveries, and laugh-out-loud moments in the humor blog Muddling through Middle Age.

Wallingford, CT About Blog Chris Gaffney is an accomplished writer and award-winning public speaker living in Wallingford, CT with his wife, Jenny. Chris has a BA in Writing from Ithaca College, a Juris Doctorate from UCONN Law School, and currently works in marketing.

About Blog is a free "three minute vacation for your brain." It posts weekly humor columns on topics ranging from service animals to crayfish. Jack Edwards aims to amuse, is happy to create a smile and is thrilled with a laugh. Hunter-gatherer on the plains of the untamed humor frontier.

About Blog Don’t Panic! Diamond’s Dosage is a humorous blog about controversial issues that are discussed daily with your friends such as, career choices, social issues, relationships, astrology, sex, age, lifestyle, music, fashion with a dose of me each time!

Chennai, Tamilandu, India About Blog This humor blog is by Rajagopalan. He really craves for some happiness in his life. This blog has short light weighted Jokes best of which are about married couple. Someone facing a healthy marriage relationship maybe. All the posts are hilarious and will make you laugh. Good And parliamentary languages used with no vulgarity in any content.

Alkmaar , Netherlands About Blog Humour can be used in all kinds of situations, to relativize, make tense situations less tense or it can be used to make life more pleasant. If a nurse uses humour as an intervention in complimentary care, certain patients may complain less.

India About Blog Alternative source of all rumors and farzi news. We are not just for pure fun but also rip off on totally insane media reporting standards of some news channels. Maybe ,apart from giving good laughs we are able to knock some sense into them.

Gurgaon About Blog The blogger writes about the daily things that everyone faces. Because of her keen observation and take on life, she takes all her experiences and presents them in a humorous way. Even her angry ranting is able to make us laugh out loud.

Noida About Blog Teekhi Mirchi is a satire, parody, spoof and humor website. We provide best of political and social satire on current affairs. Teekhi Mirchi is a crowd-sourced portal and stories are mostly contributed by our readers. We fondly call them our “Spicy CJs”.

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