Top 106 reviews and complaints about hitachi air conditioner gas 37 weeks pregnant


Hitachi Company tied up with a Servicing company named Temperature Control. Every time we call Hitachi they send technicians from Temperature Control. That company every time charging us like at the time of Installation took Rs. 2650/-, then gas refilling Rs. 2750/- instead of AMC done for Rs. 2124/-. The First problem arose within warranty period when the cooling system is totally down and the technician came before one month of ending warranty period. That time electricity freedom system he refilled Gas without anything charge. The time was Winter period, so we not using machine, then at the time of Summer when we use gas variables pogil extension questions only one month or less, the same problem arose again and now we paid for Gas Charging Rs. 2750/- (with the warranty of 3 months for gas charging).

We are not in Material AMC so we needed to pay that money and we thought the problem was solved, Technician also said that now there will be no problem. But within one month the same problem again arise. NO COOLING. We are suffering very much in this warm temperature and my parents who really needed AC in this high warm temperature, also suffering.

I have talked with their customer care executive repeatedly, escalated the matter to management level (Complain number is ** which I raised on 13th August 2018 and the escalation number is **), After that Technicians came twice, they both told that the problem (Minor Leakage which is not founded electricity experiments) should rectified at very first stage and told now I need to pay them Carrying cost of Rs. 750/- for carrying my machine to the workshop as well as another extra 750/- or 1500/- for leakage repairing, they are not sure about the exact cost.

My question is how can I trust that company who is already took money twice from us without solving the problem. If the problem is detected at very 1st stage we didn’t need to pay anything. So, what is the guarantee that They can solve the problem permanently this time. Why Hitachi company has not own servicing Center? Why they depend upon 3rd party servicing center who provide bad service intentionally, unprofessionally.

I request you to repair the air conditioner at the earliest as such the delay in the repair is causing inconvenience to my family and myself, any health issues suffered by my family and me, due to non-availability of the air conditioner considering the fact the weather is quite gas prices under a dollar unfriendly, you and your electricity physics khan academy company would be responsible for the same. Nothing more to say, only expecting quick response from your end.

After he messed up the Installation, I requested them to correct their own blunders, they first of all made me follow up for a month and then asked me to pay for some errors they made and otherwise denied to serve. The people who are allocated in the customer care center are extremely poor quality people who lack basic courtesy and they are just not equipped and trained to talk over a call also, forget about the service and information. Technicians are next level of useless people who are actually third party service centers with which Hitachi have tie ups. They are literally dumb people and have no sense of their brand gsa 2016 reputation, forget about the customer satisfaction.

Now note that my review is based on some great patience to see Hitachi guys performing, but now I realize it’s not some poor skill alone that makes me feel disgusted with Hitachi Air conditioner products and services, it’s at a high level of comfort in market and have lost all pulse of the customer and quality. Overall I would urge you not to buy any product and services from Hitachi!! They just don’t deserve it!!

Founded in 1910, Hitachi is a Japanese technological innovator specializing in information, telecommunications, electronic systems and more. Among its many product offerings, it has a Smart Life Ecofriendly Systems unit that manufactures high-tech air conditioning units that are available in some countries gas quality, primarily India. It also manufacturers HVAC systems for large industrial corporations.

Hitachi has made a reputation as a worldwide leader in technological innovation, ranging from semiconductor processing equipment to medical electronics and power tools. Its Smart Life Ecofriendly Systems unit, responsible for air conditioners, benefits from its many technological advances in efficiency, sleek design and system performance.

Hitachi air conditioners feature a variety of proprietary technological settings and modes gas prices going up, such as Cool Mode, which sets the room to the optimal cooling setting for outdoor temperatures of 22-46 degrees Celsius; Dry Mode, which reduces humidity in the air; Fan Mode, which circulates air while using less energy; Kaimin Mode, which cools the air without producing a chill, thus conserving energy and DigiLock, which allows you to control access to the unit with a password.