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My husband came and we sat down and discussed with him our interest on their promotion. I asked him about their stipulation of early withdrawal. He stated electricity 2pm lyrics it is 6 months prepayment penalty from the principal if closed or early withdrawal is made. We were not sure if that is something we would like to do. We advised him losing 6 months of interest from the interest we are ok but from the principal is not something we would be interested. He also mention the rate might changed by January 2019 to higher or lower base on the market rate. So we stated we are ok on their stipulation however if the rate changed to higher rate that if they can move the funds to a better rate and not like we are withdrawing the funds but just changing the rate without prepayment penalty. He stated it can’t be done so we are ok with that at least we tried asking.

I have few cashier’s check under my name and he had a manager look at it and he stated it is ok to deposit it since as a third party since my husband is the one only on the CD account. He was not able to open the account the same day since he need more time to that day and we were asked to come back the next day to just make a deposit since he already had my husband signed the signature card. He also mentioned he will be at a different branch location the next day and will call me or text me and that his manager West will be able to assist us. I did not get a call or text so I call the branch. Lydia answered the call and stated she has been a banker for 11 years and they are not able to accept a third party check.

So I went to my bank, tried to make a payee changed but they were not able to so I deposit the cashier check to my husband’s account since he has the account with them yesterday. I called Travis back and stated we will come by the next day since there are no time left for the day and he said yes and will have his manager West take care of it. Today comes and my husband received a call from Union Bank Roseville branch and spoke to Lydia. She spoke to Lydia. She stated Travis is off today and that they are not able to move forward with what was promised to us. My husband electricity and magnetism study guide answers called West and stated he was sorry that last minute changes was made on their interest and that the promotion had expired and nothing they can do about it.

We informed him that the promotion had already expired on Friday the day we came in but yet they put us through a lot of footwork and troubles of me depositing my check to my husband’s account instead of me just keeping it on my name. We don’t have an account with Union Bank yet we already going through a bad service and untrustworthy kind of employee who tells you something they can keep. They dishonor a promised they can’t commit to. They should have told us from the beginning they can’t honor the rate anymore. They have poor customer service and no wonder their reviews are low. So I went to my local branch and they are able to match rate for the same term and less stipulation on prepayment penalty.

So I call customer service. That person tried to rationalize why my account would be in the red after depositing a check. I found that explanation nothing short of insane. They said they would check on it. Five hours later I called the branch… Someone again tried to rationalize why my checking account would be overdrafted by 11,000 after I made a deposit. Duh? I’m not in the finance industry, but I know that if you have a positive balance on your account and then deposit a check, you don’t end up with a negative balance. I was being told that the account wasn’t actually overdrawn… although there was a hold on my accounts and I couldn’t use my debit card at all. What?

After 3 increasingly assertive calls to the bank on my part gas prices going up in nj, my checking account now shows the $13,000 I had before this mess. Communication, responsiveness, accuracy of information, timeliness were all poor. By the way, I was also told that the banking staff had been busy helping other customers. Right. I find it frightening that a bank can make such an obvious error and yet attempt to explain it away as if it’s not an error. Gonna close my accounts and go elsewhere. I don’t recommend this bank for its errors and poor customer service.

I asked to see the video of our mutual counting session. They said it would take days to get it. I asked to see the manager, Jerry **, who gave me his card and has never ever ever returned ONE of my phone calls since the day of the theft. I made a Police Report. The policeman who took my report seemed genuinely concerned but no follow up. I’ve called their customer service number many many times. Left voicemails. NO Replies. What can I do? Who should I turn to. Let’s see that video and zoom in on the tedious careful count we made and gas in spanish the LIST the teller made of each addition to the total.

It’s in Japantown in San Francisco with an ALL Asian Staff. Their way of handling this is just to freeze me out with no replies to my complaints. I am not a Union Bank customer. My brother is who lives in Southern California and had begged me to lend him this money which is why I was there. I took all my cash and took it to his bank to deposit to his count which I did do but only after the teller stole $2000 cash from me without retribution or restitution. Advice on any next steps?

I immediately called Union Bank via the number on the receipt and a woman explained to me to wait until today’s transactions process for it will likely clear itself up. I asked at what time does that take place and she informed me at midnight. I said I am not waiting until midnight to find out if you are going to credit my account or not. She then stated to call my branch when they open at 9:00 a.m. which I did. To my surprise, the branch harry mileaf electricity 1 7 pdf representative stated that there is nothing they can do and I would have to call (the same number as before) and file a claim which I did. The UB rep who took my information made sure I understood that it could take up to 10 days for this to be resolved. I explained to her I had a car payment due to process that same day and I placed the cash in to ensure it was covered.

Now I am no rocket scientist, however it appears to me logically that if the ATM machine is down, they would find my cash still sitting there and after reconciling they would also find that it has an extra $450.00 that is not accounted for. Come on UB, get your act together, promptly take care of your customers for this is not a difficult exercise to clear up! Simply math, accounting and common sense will tell you that your machine took my money, did not credit my account, and that should be that. I spoke with a UB rep today gas and water mix and they stated they were still researching. Researching what?? Going to move my account to CBC Federal Credit Union. Bye bye Union Bank. Feel bad for the person who has this happen to them next.

Ten minutes later, I received a call from her, stating she spoke to her manager and I would have to contact the legal department in order to get access and close out. I call the number she gave me and spoke to the legal representative. I was told promptly, the information I was given was wrong. She told me to call the branch back and state this was not legal matter, since I had court documents. I did. I called back and spoke to the manager, she stated the legal department was wrong. I told her, I could give her the number and she could call them. She declined saying, Well, I would probably get a different answer. I asked her what was needed, since I live out of state. She said I would have to come in (physically) with the court documents, ID, box number and We can go from there. I asked what I thought was an reasonable question,is the box still there?

Before I spent $$$ on a plane ticket, I wanted to know if I physically came in will the box and its contents be there, since 2 years have passed. She stated I can’t tell you that over the phone, because I don’t know who you are… Okay, I asked What if you receive the court documents via email? as previous requested by her associate. She stated the answer was still NO, because how was she to know the documents were real? I asked, Well if I endure the law Spenser’s of flying down, getting a hotel, car, etc… I would like to know once there, am told the box was closed and the contents were sent to the state. Still she said NO. I then asked for the policy on safe deposit box. She stated, I can’t guarantee if we followed this, but if the box has been inactive for three years, the box would be drilled the contents sent to the state. Huuummmm?

Please do not do business with this bank. Lack of training, at the management level is appalling. There is NO Customer service, there is no proactive approach exhibited by this branch manager. Just a TOO bad for you attitude. Not even a Sorry to hear of your mother, our customer’s passing grade 9 static electricity quiz… I am so glad My mother had the mind to move her IRA, savings and checking to another bank before she passed. Too bad she forgot about the box. Don’t do business at UNION BANK, Vista Way, Calf.