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Fast forward to early 2015, when I purchased a new home, equipped with a Genie ReliaG 650 belt drive opener. I was initially impressed with how quiet it was, but was still wary of the brand and their quality. In very early 2018, the door flatly refused to open more than 8" at a time, and would no longer close with the opener button or remotes. I followed the troubleshooting guides in the manual as well as online. Repeatedly, the LED indicators either were solid red (indicating that the open/close limits needed to be programmed), or both purple (indicating ‘component failure’). Repeated attempts to program the closing limits were unsuccessful. gas bubble retinal detachment Since the motor, cogs/belts, traveler, and sensors were all functioning, I surmised that the circuit board was the ‘component failure’. I called Genie and because of the over 1 1/2 hour projected wait time, I opted to leave a number and get a callback – which never happened.

After two days of waiting for a callback, I opted to try again, but wait on hold for the next CSR. Quoted wait time was 60 minutes, I did not get to talk to someone for over 90 minutes. At the end of the call, and after 30 minutes of troubleshooting, they told me that the circuit board was malfunctioning and quoted me $100 for a new one (since it was not covered by any warranty). gas x strips directions Since this was nearly half the cost of a new opener, I opted to buy a Chamberlain this morning.

I strongly recommend that anyone buying a garage door opener consider ANYTHING other than the junk that this company produces. Their warranty covers ONLY the two parts (motor and belt) that almost NEVER fail, and then produce substandard components for everything else that are covered by a pathetic 1 year warranty. Judging by the background noise, the poor CSRs are dealing with their garbage breaking all day, every day. Not a good sign… and it’s clear that Genie has done nothing to improve quality in the last 10 years.

Sent a new circuit board. Circuit board replacement did not fix it. My father called back. (30 minutes with support) Sent him a decoder. 1 electricity unit is equal to how many kwh Did not fix it. All this is over a month. (This is still under warranty for parts… They don’t cover labor.) They expect a 79 year old man to do it. I call Genie today. I start at level one support (after waiting 25 minutes but as their relentless on-hold message says, "your call is very important to us".) Have to give them the entire sequence despite giving them an incident number and a source phone number.

Shifted to level two support after 20 minutes with level one support. (Wait 5 more minutes to get a human in level two support.) I then have to go through the sequence of events again. Level two tells me they will NOT send someone to fix it. I must pay for that. They want to continue to "troubleshoot" it. I blow a gasket saying "how much abuse is a customer to face?" I asked for a voucher to get a new product and I will install it myself. electricity 101 presentation I am told no and that we must continue to "troubleshoot" Blew a gasket. Hung up. Went to Home Depot. Bought a Chamberlain. The opener and install was $295. z gas cd juarez telefono Will do all I can to make sure no one buys a Genie. If anyone needs a good doorstop I have a Genie Garage Door Opener you can have. Side note Genie. gas vs diesel cars If you happen to see this and care. The incident number is **. Feel free to review and listen to my last call. If you are a rational human being you would also have blown a gasket.

I posted my review on several websites, including where I bought the opener. It quickly grabbed the attention of Genie. I received a call from a high-level manager at Genie asking about my review. When I discussed the situation with her, she immediately said she would send a replacement unit and discuss how it was handled by their customer support. Very pleased with her support. i electricity bill com Rating went up a bit. It is true report where the vendor will see it. If they care they will react. If they don’t the review sticks. Original review: Feb. 2, 2017

This morning I could not get the opener to work (only 2 years old). Saw the red flashing indicator ("component failure"). Called Genie. Waited over half hour before talking with support. I first explained what is happening and all the steps I already took. He went through this long process repeating the same steps over and over. When I questioned him he said "We need to follow procedures." At each step I repeated the gear on the opener is slamming. Finally after another half hour he said "the circuit board needs to be replaced". Guess what? Not under warranty, I have to pay. When I asked him why he was not addressing the gear box on the unit slamming he simply repeated "it’s the circuit board." He then explained the circuit board told the motor to start and stop. electricity symbols ks2 I added but "not to slam." He would not address.