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I called back 5 days later. Nothing was done and was told that they couldn’t process the premium refund or surrender check until 10 days later because they were afraid my bank would take back the premium that they stole from me initially. I called back 11-12 days later. Surprise, Surprise – NOTHING was DONE. I started to get angry. I requested to speak to a supervisor. Of course she wasn’t anywhere to be found. Was promised a callback – Surprise, surprise no callback.

I call back the next day – was promised everything has been escalated and that the supervisor Danielle ** knew about the issue. I request the new check amount and of course they deducted the surrender charge on my premium k gas oroville that they took without my consent. But of course they can’t fix it. So I have to call yet again to get the difference in another check. I haven’t seen that check yet. But was told it would arrive 5-10 business days. I have worked in the financial industry for my entire career. This is the shadiest institution I have ever dealt with and I worked in the hedge fund industry for many years.

Their customer service leaves a lot to be desired as it took me 3 months to speak to someone because I was not named as authorized contact on the policy. Did not seem to matter to them that the policyholder had died! Their excuses for why they cannot pay out funds make zero sense. After fighting with this company for 3 months to pay out annuity claim they still will not pay money to a grieving widow without a court order. Now we have no other choice but to hire an attorney and spend thousands of $ to reclaim money that rightfully belongs to the spouse. Trust me this is the last company you would ever want to give your hard earned money to.

If there is an oversight years and years ago do not expect them to have any compassion and or any solutions to help a grieving family. THEY COULD CARE LESS. Although many other financial companies have solutions in these cases to default the beneficiary to the spouse first, and will work with you to come up with easy solutions to help solve the problem, this company does not!!!

Please do not do business with this company but if you do, be sure you are 1000% that all paperwork is complete down to the last detail. Because if it is not you can expect to spend thousands of $ in attorney and court fees just to collect your own family’s money at truly one of the worst possible times of your life. Not to mention the amount of time it takes to go through this entire process.

As the next several months passed, I would try to read the statements I was receiving on our wholesale electricity prices by state accounts. Being unable to decipher what I was seeing, I contacted the agent and asked for a meeting to discuss this. The arrangements were made and on the appoint date and time we met. I handed him my statement and asked him how to read it. He opened it, looked at it for only a few seconds, refolded it and handed it back to me. You have more money now that when you opened the account, which is what I told you would happen, he stated. I asked how that was determined, to which he responded, Let me take care of this. Okay? At that point I should have made some demands. But I didn’t. I thought our electric utility companies in arizona money was in good hands.

In June, 2018 the direct deposit which should have been made to our checking account on one of the Allianz accounts wasn’t made. Thinking probably a computer glitch, I waited until the next day. Again no deposit. I called Allianz. Imagine my chagrin when I was told my account did NOT contain enough money to make the deposit without drawing down to what they considered a closed account, which meant if I drew my monthly allotment the account would be reduced to less than $10,000. At that point, taxes would be taken out and the remainder deposited to our checking account! My 247,000 dollars was now a little over $11,000! The money that we were told would increase had been steadily decreasing!

So I called him last month and was shocked as he explained that I could only receive approximately 1300 a year for the rest of my life or receive 113 dollars a month. Now my wife and I are not complete idiots. We are both college graduates and have managed our other monies well over the years. To get back my full 34000 it would take me about 26 years. I am almost 60 so I would be 86 years old before I could actually get the investment return I was promised.

To make matters worse my initial 17000 dollars has lost value down to 14250 dollars. In the last ten years the agent never made any changes to the funds he originally invested my money. Doesn’t a good agent track things like that and make changes or at least call the investor to say, Hey I think we should do something different. Also the agent told me the company quit selling this product several years ago. Why didn’t the agent notify clients like myself when the company deemed this product of poor quality.

Today I have had no other recourse than to get another company to transfer these funds to a traditional IRA account. Also when I contacted Allianz to get a copy of my contract and a delivery ticket I found gas in oil pressure washer no signatures whatsoever on this contract. Also I received a separate letter telling me that a delivery ticket is not a legal requirement in the state I live in. I feel activities like this are fraudulent and people should be aware of scams to get your money. In my experience I could never recommend anyone to do business with Allianz. It is my hope that people who read this will learn from my mistakes despite the fact that my biggest mistake was doing business with this particular agent. I am now more mistrusting of other financial and embarrassed to even tell others what happened.

This obviously offended the girl and she said, What can I help you with? I asked her if there was a problem with me asking that, and told her I just didn’t want to have to wait in line again. This started us off on the wrong foot. After I explained why I was calling she informed me that in order to have it corrected that I needed to fill out a new form to make the change. I told her that I was not making a change, that they could use the form that I had already sent in as it had the correct information on it, they merely needed to correct the error that THEY had made.

The rep became very hard and insisted that nothing would be done until I sent in new forms. I asked for a manager, and she said that I would not get a different response. I did speak to another person who also told me the same thing. About a week later I received a copy of the form that I had sent into them letting me know the gas in oil briggs and stratton engine correction had been. Obviously it had gotten into the right hands of someone who made sense of what I was saying.

Next we had a problem with receiving a payment from them because of a detail that we had forgotten about that we were not qualified to receive more than 5 withdrawals and we chose to then annuitize the policy. (With this I felt that instead of waiting for snail mail they should also have tried to contact us by email in order to speed up the process. So, close to two weeks had gone by before we knew that there was even a problem.) After calling and finding out what the problem was and making the change to get it expedited, there was to be a wire transfer into the account within three days. This was on a Wednesday and because of the weekend we fully expected it not to be until Monday.

By Tuesday afternoon it had not arrived yet. So, I called my bank and told them that Allianz said it should have been there by now, so they encouraged me to call and get a tracking number so they could try to locate the payment. I called Allianz and was told that it had been done the day before and it should show up within 24 hours. When it didn’t, I called again on Wednesday. At this point I received the same stubborn attitude from the rep as I did with the first issue. It seemed as though there had been a note written on the account to alert them that this customer was difficult and not worthy of their respect. Either that, or I had the same rep as with the first issue and she remembered my determination from then.

This rep told me that it had not been sent until Tuesday, not Monday, and very emphatically insisted that it takes 24-48 hours. I asked for the tracking number so that I would not have p gasol to call back in again if it didn’t show up, so that I would not have to hold again for another 30 mins. Whew! This really caused her to bristle and she told me I could not have the tracking number because it had not been 48 hours… I needed to wait until then. I asked her electricity news australia why I couldn’t just have the tracking number so I wouldn’t have to call back in again. I asked what was wrong with me having the tracking number? (Maybe I’m wrong, but all of my experiences in having anything sent with a tracking number, you receive the number JUST IN CASE you need it).

So… to put it in a nutshell… the customer service department is HORRID!!! They know they have you over a barrel and flat out refuse to try to meet your need… and seemingly delight in knowing that they have frustrated you. Needless to say, if I COULD have, I would have removed every dollar that had been entrusted to them. What’s worse? I have no way of knowing how to contact someone higher up in their company to let them know the reputation that their customer service department gives them. I believe it’s only fair to any company to let them know what’s going on before walking away from them or giving them a bad review. But as far as I know I have no other alternative. Of all the institutions out there, the ones who hold another man’s money ought to treat them with respect… does a signed contract… having your hands tied mean it’s ok? I don’t think so… not if your reputation makes or breaks you.