Top 127 reviews and complaints about toll brothers 4 other gases in the atmosphere


A low voltage addition that we paid for outside to run a TV has no active power to anything and no one knows why are where it should go because the electrical schematics are incorrect and incomplete. During construction we added a 220 volt 70 amp circuit for a hot tub outside of the master bedroom. The electrician put z gas el salvador numero de telefono it on the opposite side of the house by the breakfast area. We added a TV connection in the master bedroom. It was installed but the electrician forgot to put in the plug for the TV. The garage has a tandem. There are two light cans; one for the main part of the garage and one for the tandem. The drywallers covered the can for the tandem and it took forever to get that corrected.

We ordered French doors for the master bedroom where there is a large window and an extra window on the wall where the bed goes. An exterior door is standard that we wanted replaced with a window. The framers forgot to frame for the French doors and put in the large window. They also framed the standard exterior door but did electricity 101 powerpoint put in the extra window on the wall by the bed. Then on day two of taking possession of the home I came home to screeching sound like an alarm. It turned out to be the hot water recirculation pump.

The next thing was the irrigation system. Once the water was turned on and we tried to get the sprinklers to work, they had forgotten to put heads on the sprinklers and water shot up everywhere. Also when they laid the drip lines they had severed the line that goes under the driveway to a lone tree and again, water everywhere. While I was installing four lights in the hallway I discovered the first can was not attached to a stud. The next three were all different types. The floors in every room are not level by as much as a half inch in places so when you open a door it sticks on a high spot. Now as I write this, workers from Toll Bros are digging out gas explosion in texas around the irrigation feeder lines due to a subterranean broken pipe that has caused the ground around it to sink as well as the pavers do sink. I will say this however for Toll Bros. When you tell them there is a problem they are on it fast.

Efforts to remedy the issues with the builder have been met with resistance. For example, after my children complained of headaches it was found that there was a gas 5 gases found in the environment leak in the attic. The Project Manager at Toll Brothers quaintly dismissed our concerns because it was just a “small gas leak.” The Vice President and the Project Manager of Toll Brothers not so dismissive when the inspector pointed out that a small gas leak caused a home to explode. Aside for other safety issues, we are faced with an endless list of items needing to be fixed. This includes front and back porches that needs to be replaced, a window well that needed to be replaced, siding and roofing repairs, electrical repairs, plumbing repairs, and the list 5 gases that come from car emissions goes on and on. The poor workmanship is beyond anything we would expect for a home in this price range.

Lastly, we paid for all interior walls to be insulated, after moving in we noted that it was hot and noise traveled. Toll Brothers agreed to install a through vent to help circulate air in the office. During the installation, it showed no insulation in the wall. After numerous attempts, Toll Brothers finally agreed to have their people come out and prove to us that they did insulate the walls as contractually stipulated. As you can expect, drilling into the walls showed that the walls were not insulated. Leading up to the testing, Toll Brothers asserted that their inspector distinctly recalled that the interior walls were insulated. If we took their gas efficient suv 2013 attestations at face value, like most reasonable homeowners would probably do, we would be deprived of this benefit.

To date, Toll Brothers has not appropriately identified a solution. It really makes us wonder what controls are in place to ensure buyers are in fact getting the property they paid for. Sadly, researching Better Business Bureau has identified that we are not the only ones to experience very significant issues with this builder. It’s likely as a buyer you will not see much of any bad content via the internet as the builder works hard to have posting removed. For example we posted gas laws worksheet Buyer Beware postings on Facebook LinkedIn only see them removed with a 24 hour time frame.

The workmanship is horrible!! We paid for upgrade paint. Seriously, if you stick painter’s tape on the wall, it will pull the paint off to the joint compound. In two of our bathrooms, if you sit on the toilet, you sit on the toilet paper and holder. Who puts it that close. They said they would remove them but can see the patchwork on the side of the vanity, and we have to pay for the two new standing tissue holders. Order special flat rock tile for the master shower. They mixed match the colors. Either no one checked the work being done or thought we wouldn’t notice the color change. Lost 1 ft width across the upstairs bedroom and bath. Again, another excuse which made no sense. No refund or compensation even though we were told the base price is per foot.

They arrange these weekly calls and certain meetings so everyone is on the same page. Does not matter. Everything we said, they had an excuse, said gas laws worksheet answers and work it would be done, thought it was done, was in the process of being done, etc. NO, months and months of reminding them, THIS IS WHAT WE ORDERED, YOU WROTE DOWN, AND WE PAID FOR. We got on q gas station okc so tired of the excuses and lies, we just let the Monday calls go to the answering machine. Did not feel like dealing with it. Plus, we have it on our answering machine. That still doesn’t help. I try to be nice so this is my vent. Every day we find something new wrong. We have told everyone to stay away from a Toll Brothers Homes. Waiting now for them to get back to us about our 30 day repair. They pick and choose what they want to compare and say it is like the model. Only if it benefits them. Never again!!!