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Exterior heat issues. When the oven is on, the top surface gets extremely hot. E.G. warm to touch front of cooktop. From midline to rear of stove hotter than is comfortable to touch. Back vent area extremely hot electricity magnetism and light. Question safety of that amount of heat and the wall surface 2” away. The oven door vents “blow” a significant draught of hot air. Not comfortable to use top surface with that amount of heat blowing in my face. The significant breeze is aggravating. This amount of hot air will NOT be acceptable if outside temperature exceeded 50º. It heats the entire kitchen.

Oven temperature issues. I believe the oven temperature component is not functional! The manual that was included with the stove references grade 6 electricity quiz the pre-heat light. There isn’t one! Setting the temperature to “min” results in internal temperatures 375 to 400º. Setting the temperature for 300º results in internal temperature of 375 to 400º. Setting the temperature to max (dial turns approximately same distance past the 450º setting as the increments of 50º in all other dial settings electricity font) results in internal temp of 450º. Setting the temperature to 350º results in internal temp of 425 to 450º. Using convection fan does not appear to impact the errant temperatures.

General observations. This stove is unusually high. 36 3/8” BEFORE you put the legs on. The timer makes no sound when it completes a timed event. The “dirty gray” burner setting and oven control markings on the front panel are almost impossible to see against the black background. The front control panel is perpendicular to the floor, so to read settings requires bending to get a readable angle. Magnets hold very grade 6 electricity test well on everything but the stovetop and oven handle. This is advertised as a stainless-steel stove.

3- Haier reported that they had no one electricity in water experiment who would repair in my area. (I live in Buffalo, NY, half way between Chicago, Washington, DC, and NYC… not in North Dakota, or Alaska.) 4- Haier’s repair subcontractor is not allowed to stock any parts on the truck. They must all be special ordered, one at a time. Which takes weeks. Each time. For each part. Which are all back ordered, or simply out of stock. And the parts aren’t guaranteed to work, when installed. Ask me how I know.

5- The first replacement washer dryer combo unit arrived, broken, having obviously been dropped somewhere in transit. The sides were bulging. 6- Haier’s repair subcontrator tech begs me on two separate visits to get Haier to send me a replacement, because the number of times he has come out, only to not be able to fix my machine is messing up his ratio of visits to closed cases. 7- Haier gas pump icon’s robo call system is guaranteed, I discovered, to call me with dire threats should I not return a call, when I have already in fact returned that call, or dealt with that business – yet it happened every single time. 8- Haier’s customer service personnel routinely claim they have called or emailed, or will call or email, and they haven’t or don’t – and not because I’ve called instead. They just don’t. If I didn’t keep electricity rate per kwh philippines such meticulous notes of our interactions, their gaslighting might have worked.

Number of times I received an email from Haier saying that they had called me when they electricity vocabulary words hadn’t, or promised to call me on a certain date and then they didn’t: TEN (10). Number of times I received a call from Haier citing an email they had sent, that I never received: TWO (2). Number of robo calls I received informing me that I MUST call Haier back immediately for something that I already called Haier about earlier in the day: TWENTY-THREE (23). Amount of laundry reimbursement received from Haier, over the course of three months without a laundry machine: ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS ($100).

Full disclosure: The maximum is usually $75, so I was told by Haier. When I pointed out that their average wait time for repair couldn’t possibly be on the order of months, I was granted an extra $25. Number of months I had gas 0095 download clothes locked and getting disgusting in my laundry machine: THREE (3). Number of irreplaceable items of clothing that were locked in said machine for three months: TWO (2). Specifically, 1- The race t-shirt from my first half-marathon. 2- The hand-embroidered handkerchief one of my sisters brought electricity kwh cost me back from Italy.

Number of otherwise expensive or difficult to replace items of clothing that were locked in said machine for three months: THREE (3). Specifically, 1- A pair of work pants from Lane Bryant that had been tailored to fit me. 2- A clergy shirt I had made out of tech fabric. 3- An insulative base layer electricity grid map uk I made for my husband. Number of times Haier asked me if I had receipts for any of my clothing locked in the machine: FIVE (5).

Amount of clothes reimbursement received from Haier, after duly sending pictures of all the clothes, once they were out of the machine: ZERO DOLLARS ($0). Full disclosure: I’ve been told by Haier that the standard reimbursement is no more than $150. When I finally asked how much we would get, I was told, “the company has declined your request for reimbursement.” And you know, $150 would have replaced my one work outfit, and nothing else – a clergy shirt, and a tailored pair of pants 101 gas station – but it would have been something. A token gesture. A token gesture which would have kept me from shaming the corporation online. The token gesture I did get was an extended warranty, on top of the standard one-year manufacturer’s warranty for the newly delivered replacement. For how long, you ask? A year? Two years? Five years?…no. Six months extra.

A week gas in back and stomach later, the doors are still sitting in my living room so I called again. Received the same information but this time was told that the doors would be picked up on a Wednesday and that I could leave them at the front door and they would be picked up. I come back home Wednesday evening to find the doors sitting at front of my door. Leave them there all electricity number night and half of Thursday. No pick up.

I called Haier again and I am first told that they have made three attempts to pick up the doors, which is not true as evidenced by the phone clerk telling me that the pick up company had the wrong phone number (provided by Haier) and for that reason have not been able to contact me to schedule the pick up. This time I was 7 gas laws given a tracking number for the pick up and a phone number to call the pick up company… So as you can see, the no hassle returns was not the experience that I had. I dragged the boxes back inside. This return has been a big hassle and I will have to admire these two large boxes for another 3 days before they are picked up.